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Winter warm

By Marivel Guzman

There was a time, when I wondered in the timeless silence of solitude, when my books and my pen were my companions, my life was dull, bored and sad,

I was alone,

There was a time, when I flew in all the directions without compass, where the winds of the East were stronger than the West, I wanted to come back, but there was no place to call home, I felt alone,

I was lost.

There was a time, when meaning lost its true sense, where living was a painfull task, eating was no choice, writing was my secret refuge and sleeping my escape, but even in my dreams I felt lost,  

I was exhausted.

There was a time,
When the air was hard to breath, my chest refused to expand, my eyelids weighted a ton, and my heart was cold as ice, living seemed to waste my time, to exhausted to be tired,

I was sad

There was a time,
When spring lost its colors, the birds chirped no more, the swelling buds collapsed, the seeds refused to germinate, my garden lost its essence with no birds or butterflies to feed,

I was dying

Time kept running out of my timeline, my space become confined, and it felt small to breath or move, but with courage, I stretched my might, and survived the loneliness of my sleepless nights.

I’m living again

I stepped out from the edge of death, and saw a world full of life, I amazed myself with wonders, I saw  mountains blooming with majestic colors, I waved goodbyes to birds migrating North and South, my garden is again a eden to the bees, the insects and the butterflies, I breath deep and calm, refreshing cool air awakes my conscience to receive a welcoming Winter warm.

I’m fresh like a morning Rose, my heart is joyful once more, it reminds me with its loyal beats, that I was never lonely, lost or sad, it was always there for me, to comfort me with its warming pumps. But Winter warm it’s my companion, light that shines my journey, it’s an anchor to keep me straight, to keep me dreaming for more tomorrows to come, and a paradise and refugee in case I need to escape.

Marivel Guzman is writer from the cyber world, a lady of strong commitments and devotion whose heart burns for those who are distressed and are in pain. She is a fighter on moral grounds, her convictions and truth are her only weapons. Guzman is a freelance journalist, a blogger, and a poet. (Photo:self portray by Marivel Guzman)

June 06, 2022 by Marivel Guzman

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