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By Marivel Guzman

Poison in the skies is a crime against humanity, against fauna, flora and overall an ecological catastrophe.

Frankenskies was released on June 20, 2017 in yourtube. The documentary is a compilation of government projects and private

enterprises using clouds seedings.
This film gives you the story of chemtrails, which have been used since the late 40s. Chemtrails are man-made clouds part of the geo engeenering program to control the weather. Also, is used a weather modification weapon able to cause droughts, huracans floods and other weather anomalies.
Support the film, watch it, digest its content and share it. Then think flu vaccine, virus(s) diseases outbreaks. Monsanto, war industrial complex and pharmaceutical industry.
Everything is possible, nothing should be left out of the conversation.
One note to clarify. Youtube has a note under the video about contrails, but this documentary is about chemtrails, a two completely different phenomenon(s), contrail is a natural condecoración, chemtrail is a chemical agent spread in the skies.

Chemtrails is not the same as contrails

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