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Worldwide protests did not kill millions

Something to reflect on!
According to Faucci, CDC, WHO, and every politician and world government head of state that pushed and maintained the #lockdown, because of the spreading of the #COVID19, it might actually be scare of what follows.
There are millions of ex-abiding-stay-home citizens protesting George Floyd public lynching. The protests are happening all around the world.

If COVID-19 is such a dangerous virus and warranted the lockdown and destruction of the world economy, then the whole world is infected, and according to “mainstream scientists’s narrative and advice,” millions would die if there wasn’t a lockdown and social distancing and masks.

I wonder, what will they come out with to excuse the past few months’ lockdown when millions won’t die because of the COVID-19 after these worldwide protests?

It’s going to be very interesting to see what is next.
Stay tuned.
Disclaimer: I used the attached video only for the arguments he exposed at the beginning of the clip, not for the religious content.
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