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Monk U Wirathu Denies Role in Anti-Muslim Unrest

Monk U Wirathu Denies Role in Anti-Muslim Unrest

By | Tuesday, April 2, 2013 |

Nationalist Buddhist monk U Wirathu inspects the injuries of a farmer who was injured during a land dispute in Maupin Township, Irrawaddy Delta last month. (Photo: Jpaing / The Irrawaddy)

U Wirathu is a 45-year-old Buddhist monk from Mandalay’s Masoeyein Monastery who has acquired notoriety for spreading anti-Muslim sentiments under his nationalist “969” campaign. It encourages Burmese Buddhists to shun Muslim businesses and communities.

U Wirathu was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2003 for inciting religious conflicts, but was released in January 2012. In October, he organized protests against the international Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s plan to open a Burma office.

In a recent interview with The Irrawaddy’s Thalun Zaung Htet he blames some of the communal violence in Meikhtila on March 20-22 on the Islamic community, and claims his campaign played no role in the anti-Islamic unrest.

QUESTION: According to government figures, the death toll of the conflict in Meikhtila is 42. You went there to stop the rioters, why have there been so many deaths?

ANSWER: The death toll was highest on the second day of the unrest and most victims were Muslims who were stuck inside a mosque, mainly Muslim students from the madrassa and some civilians. Local village officials had hid them there to protect them.

After that, at 4 am early morning when the police guards were gone, the hidden Muslims became agitated and shouted slogans in unison. So the townspeople found out the Muslims are there and then they were surrounded. To the left of the group was a mosque and at the right side there was a burned area and in front there was a field, so there was no place for them to run. Then, one of the Muslims shot a slingshot at one of the Buddhist monks and the crowd became angry. Then they [the Muslims] threw bags containing acid at the crowd, which had just stood and watched the situation. The Muslims stayed inside but continued to throw things. I was there on the night of 20th March and [88 Generation Student leader] Min Ko Naing and [dissident monk] Shwe Nya Wah Sayadaw, were also there. Then, 20 Muslim people came out and fought with the Burmese crowd outside. Then people died there, almost 10, 11 deaths occurred. Security personnel saved the rest of the persons in hiding. These were the most deaths that occurred at one spot in Meikhtila. Other casualties were burned in fires. The only group killing was this case, the other deadly incidents involved just one or two people.

Q: The UN secretary-general’s special rapporteur on Burma Vijay Nambiar and international media outlets have said the Meikhtila riots were acts of planned violence. What do you think of these allegations?

A: On the first and second day, there was no systematic violence. Actually, on first day, people living in the kalar [derogatory term for Muslim] quarter were systematically [attacking]. They were carrying knives, sticks and other weapons and attacked the Burmese. When the crowd heard that one monk was killed during the unrest, they went to the kalar quarter without weapons. Only one Burmese person out of ten carried a stick from the ruined houses, and no other weapons. When they clashed Muslims used knives and many were hurt. Two died and 16 were injured. The injuries were from severe knife cuts. So, the planned attacks came from the Muslim quarters. Until the second day nothing was planned.

Q: Currently, international media report that “Buddhist extremists” are leading the “969” campaign. Can you tell us more about your campaign?

A: Sure. The first 9 stands for the nine special attributes of the Lord Buddha and the 6 for the six special attributes of his Dhamma, or Buddhist Teachings, and the last 9 represents the nine special attributes of Buddhist Sanga [monks]. Those special attributes are the three Gems of the Buddha. In the past, the Buddha, Sangha, Dhamma and the wheel of Dhamma were Buddhists’ sign. And the same goes for 969; it is another Buddhist sign.

Now people blame 969, saying it is involved in the atrocities because they cannot find the real culprits. [But] the 969 leaflets were not found and no one distributed it in Meikthila. When I came and made a sermon there, I shared 25 stickers and it says “Save Our Future”. The 969 campaign was made the culprit, but actually it is innocent as it only represents the special attributes of the Buddha.

Q: Houses, shops and mosques were destroyed in Pegu Division and the 969 was spray-painted on damaged cars and Muslim buildings in Gyobingauk Township. What can you say about the fact that your symbol was painted there?

A: I don’t have any contacts in Pegu. So I have no idea. There was no problem in the place where I have formed and organized my campaign and it goes in accordance with my rules. And, I have been told about many cases, such as cases of fighting between Burmese and Muslims and rape cases of 4 and 7-grade girls. Most rape victims are students. Other cases are physically attacks and insulting to Buddhism—to tell you the truth, there was a case of verbal abuse of monks. Other cases include illegal mosques; mosques and Muslim graveyards constructed without government permission. I’m received over 50 such cases and I provided suggestions in over 100 cases. I told them to solve the cases in accordance with the law and most take my advice, even the senior monks. Everything is fine as I deal with the cases within the law. In our community, the real 969 [campaigners] do not use violence.

Q: The Ministry of Religion in Naypyidaw said 969 is not officially recognized as a Buddhist symbol. Can I ask for your views on this matter?

A: Sure. We share it in ways that we can. We don’t register it to distribute it legally. For example, some prepare the symbol, and others donate and distribute it. We don’t register it as our official trademark symbol for our movement.

Q: In your sermon “Don’t take nationalism lightly”, you preached that Min Ko Naing and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi could not achieve much [for Burmese Buddhists] and that the National League for Democracy is not a real fighting peacock [the NLD’s symbol],  but it is a peacock fighting for Muslims. Can you comment on this sermon?

A: I have been supporting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi through the years, but she was not a reliable leader during the Arakan State [sectarian] unrest. I think it is because of the people around her. And also, nearly every NLD township office is operated by Muslims. Because of them, Burmese coming there are turned back. In some towns, as the NLD offices are rented from Muslim house owners, the NLD members don’t offer meals to monks on the day of General Aung San [Burma’s Martyr’s Day] as it is prohibited by the house owners.

So I said the symbol of the NLD peacock is becoming a symbol for Muslims. I rely so much on the [88 Generation Students] group of Min Ko Naing as the second biggest opposition force and I have much hope for them in the future. But they are not very reliable in supporting the public in the case of the Arakan State riots. They don’t stand on the side of the public. After helping refugees in Arakan they made a press conference on the issues. That’s all. They don’t issue a specific statement to say that Rohingyas [Muslims] are not a recognized national minority [in Burma] and they should condemn the killing of Arakanese [Buddhists] by Bengalis [Muslims]. So as a man who is supposed to stand for justice and against injustice, Min Ko Naing was not standing up for justice in the Arakan unrest. This is what I said in my sermon.

Q: In your sermons, you said that people must not support Muslim business marked with the sign “786” (a numeral used by Muslims on the Indian subcontinent representing a phrase in the Quran). Does it create discrimination, hatred and mistrust between communities?

A: Well, it is not the Burmese way, but a Muslim way and do they practice this [marking their shops with “786”]. So go around the town and see how many Muslims are visiting Burmese shops. If they support their own shops, why won’t we Buddhist [Burmese] do the same? If we support our Burmese shops, we will not have problems and it cannot be that bad. Look what happened in Meikhtila, if people support the Burmese gold shops then there would not have been an argument. [The unrest in Meikthila supposedly began as a fight between a Muslim gold shop owner and a Buddhist customer.] This kind of buying behavior doesn’t mean its discrimination. It can protect our people’s interests.

Q: Now conflict and fear is spreading in the communities. How can it be stopped?

A: After I was released from prison I always suggested to Muslim communities that we all should work and solve things together. Muslim communities should form their own groups and Burmese communities should form their own too. Those two communities must take actions for their own people when there are problems.

Q: President Thein Sein said in his recent speech that the government will take effective actions against those who exploit the noble teachings of these religions and have tried to plant hatred among people of different faiths for their own self-interest. What do you think of his words?

A: Of course, the government has to do it. But it would be more effective to take action against those who are behind the riots than just taking action on the ground. For example, like [taking actions against] imams. They brainwash children with hate speech against Buddhism. Their children look at Buddhist monks as if we were their enemy. They look at the Burmese people in the same way. That’s what’s really happening. So, the authorities have to try to take action against these instigators.

More on Burma

“Burmese monks have taken part in protests in the past, against British colonial rule and against a half-century of rule by military dictatorship. The most notable recent occasion was in 1990.

Their militant resistance to the British produced the most prominent political martyr of Burmese Buddhism, U Wisara, who died in prison in 1929 after a 166-day hunger strike.

The silence of the United Nations, EU, US and the elite keep a complete silence for more than 50 years.
The question is why?.
Now, US parade Aung San Suu Yi. Why?.
The world ignores the sacrifice of the Buddhist Monks. Now, is no different than 50 years ago. What’s had changed?. Why the Elite insists on dividing Burma in slices of religious blocks. They always had fought together as an oppressed nation, during the 1962, 1988, 2005, 2007 uprising was never a sectarian divide.
Ask yourself Burma, ask yourself peace activists, ask yourself political activist in Burma, in whose interest is served when the Media feeds a war between Muslims and Buddhists. Why Aung San Suu Yi sided with the dividers? These questions need to be ask before we make any judgements.
In 1988 Aung San Suu Yi asked for unity of the Nation against the Military Boot, because of her standing against the Junta she become an instant hero, remember her words:
“Reverend monks and people! This public rally is aimed at informing the whole world of the will of the people. Therefore at this mass rally the people should be disciplined and united to demonstrate the very fact that they are a people who can be disciplined and united. Our purpose is to show that the entire people entertain the keenest desire for a multi-party democratic system of government.”

Check every picture, search the stories. Misinformation is the best way to create chaos. At the end of the end, the community, the regular citizens, they are the ones going to bed without bread. They are the ones crowded in infested “Refugee Camps”.  Starvation is part of their reality. The United Nations had failed the people. The UN and the government are leaving the job to the NGOs, which most of them are notorious to be driven by greed.
They collect the grants from the governments and they use the funds and trips and advertisement, leaving little for the real cause.
The respective governments had been waging political campaign against their opposition using the people as pawns. Buddhists vs Muslims in Burma, Shiites vs Shias in Iraq, Kurds vs Arabs, all leaders using peoples religions to stir their own fights to position themselves in power.

Social Media networks are platforms to share news, but also has been used to spread lies.  Muslims are being scapegoated lately, not only since Bush wars but when it is convenient to stir the people’s emotions. Passions run wild and are used against the people.

People always lose, government leaders and the elite always win. Had this clear in your mind.
We the people are not apart for the ruling elite, and it is not in our best interest to be divided by sectarians and/or religion violence.

The United Nations it is a body that suppose to help the people, to help the countries to avert wars, but had failed in its role of peace maker, on the other hand, since it is was founded we had seen more wars and conflicts financed by the countries that formed the Security Council of the United Nations, the countries that had the power of veto.

Never underestimate the power of information, but also, never underestimate the power of misinformation.

In Between! Religion As a Tool of Division

Posted on March 28, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

Islam a Thread to the Western Powers

I think all of us got mistaken their goal. They do not want to destroy Muslims because of their Religion, No! We all got into their game and because we went into their game is that they started controlling us.They want to destroy any movement, any religion that unite humanity.
It is not because Religion itself. Remember already happened in the past, it has happened many times before.
The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Witch Hunt, Pagans Slaughter, Native Indians Holocaust, in every one of those events people got exterminated, murdered, oppressed, always using  Religion  to excuse the slaughter.

They want the control of the people and Religion it is the best weapon they have.
People get passionate about their religion. Religion Itself is to blame because it is wrongly prescribed, I have my arguments to explain and without any sentiment to disrespect any Religion or Belief; In the Holy Books we read horrible stories of  massacres ordered by God Order, they teach us to Kill for our religion,They teach us To defend Our God,they Teach us to Defend our religious ideas. And there is always the argument that those people were slaughtered because they were Away from God.

Some will do “NO MATTER WHAT”! and those are the ones being USED for their Agenda. Those are the ones Called Extremist, Fundamentalists. They are not Too religious per say, but weak minds that let themselves be victims of a doctrine or credo that will work against his own well being, and that of the community.
I do not see it wrong to tell the world my religion, but when I do so, I take the risk to open a susceptibility against me, and this goes for every one on earth that publicly subscribe to a Certain religion. And it is not wrong, not that they should be ashamed, but we must learn and be smarter than them, the Controllers of Earth (Elite-Globalists-NWO)  and not allow them to make us players in their game.
This time on Time, Islam is the fastest Religion in the Planet, and because of that, it is a threat to them; There is important for them because Islam it is thought to be a way of life, with their civil rules, and Official Regulations making with this a Secular Government Obsolete, so it is a threat to them that Islam grows as a Governmental Entity. And Why?

“Their Banking System” does not allow Interest to be charged, Does not allow usury. And that it is in the Heart of this “Islamophobia” War on Terror.

Libya Invasion is the best example of their “War in Terror”, when you have a Political Figure such as Moamar Gadhafee that prays 5 times a day, that stands against to the Stronger Country of the world, and works against her spoil brat, Israel and in top of that, do everything for his people, and want to help all Africa to shake out the grip of the west and is planing to Institute a Muslim African Central Bank, for the people of Africa (No interest Bank)

When we have famous and important scholars preaching that Islam is not a Religion but a Way of life, that constitute a danger for the Western Powers, the Colonialist/European powers, that lives out of the sweat of the people and out of ravaging the land that they conquer.

Why we have to be between the two alternatives If Islam is a way of life and Politics are the way to control life why not make a cocktail of the two and Make One. But in a way to not to hurt sensitives leave the name Islam out of the equation. Do your duties as Muslim, respect your neighbors as Christian, respect nature as Buddhist,  love humanity as Human.

If only the people of the world understand Islam in its core; is not a Religion per say, Is not a controlling government wing, is not just spiritual realization or human manifestation. Islam is all that we will need if we would only understand the deep meaning of its inception in human conscientiousness.

For Centuries humanity has been being used as a labor hand, as a slavery group on Earth.
Various Religions tried in the pass to enlighten humanity and liberate us from the chains, but time and time again the Religious Strong Heads of the Churches in power oversaw the danger on letting all humanity being enlighten, and united, and with this to be lost as fervent followers or working hands. So All the religions of the Past had felt victims of their own control.

When Islam came to humanity 1400 years ago, it was shown as a great force to unify all humanity, but again the controllers of Earth radicalized the ideas of Islam and converted it by propaganda in a Religion of Violence. And here we are trying to converge the two powers in one. The power of Islam Vs the Power of Politics.

Merciful God, You made all of the people of the world in Your own image and placed before us the pathway of salvation through different Preachers who claimed to have been Your Saints and Prophets. But, the contradictions in their teachings and interpretations of them have resulted in creating divisions, hatreds and bloodshed in the world community. Millions of innocent men, women and children have so far been brutally killed by the militants of several religions who have been committing horrifying crimes against humanity, and millions more would be butchered by them in the future, if You do not help us find ways to reunite peacefully.

IN THE NAME OF GOD, THE COMPASSIONATE, THE MERCIFUL, look with compassion on the whole human family; take away the controversial teachings of arrogance, divisions and hatreds which have badly infected our hearts; break down the walls that separate us; reunite us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish Your purposes on earth; that, in Your good time, all nations and races may jointly serve You in justice, peace and harmony. (Amen) Movement for Reforming Society

I want to understand the true meaning under all the published and twisted baggage of all religions. The real meaning of the message so trilled, cropped, changed, misunderstood.

I read the Bible and find beautiful examples of harmony, peace and love, but also find terrible stories of massacres, hate and intolerance.
I read the Qur’an and find more examples of good will, love and compassion, but also find the same stories rehearsed of hate, massacre and intolerance.
I read the Buddha  teachings and also has wonderful recipes for a life, and  love between men, and love for nature.
So I wonder!

Why doctrines keep changing with the time. We seen that none of the religions had unify humanity in its entirely, they had divided us greatly. Divided so much, that now we have entire encyclopedias written explaining why X religion is better than Y, but in reality we see that humanity has not changed. We still have the same economic problems of the past, political games play. Religion has not fix none of our problems.
Earth still ravaged by greed, people still dying under the bombs of powerful nations, millions living under the line of poverty, thousands dying every day by starvation and diseases.
What religions do to alleviate our problematic?

Do religions make the situation worse fighting each other trying to force the other religions to recognized them as the “true religion” ?

Analyze what happened after 911?  Think twice,  See how the Elite in the power sold this idea to the world; every time that Bush came to the cameras he will make sure to say; “GOD BLESS AMERICA”,  and the world bought his doctrine, The Africans leaders, the Asians, the Middle Eastern leaders, they all went  into The Globalist Game. So! What religion do? As a political card was very convenient for Christian America Elite. They use the religion card and they completely change the perception of the war against Islam.
How is that Bush telling the world that God is in America Side, all went full support for the Monster War Machine, and in the way, they “Divide us more with the Conquer Rule”.
The Elite went into war apply for their advantage and they getting richer, selling their Gadgets of war.  They do not care who live or die, they sell their war weapons to the two sides of the conflict. And there is no US, Britain, Israel or UN countries against Muslims, No!,  the men behind the curtain are the ones plotting this war in Terror Scheme, and Bush and Company are the Pawns in their Game.
Think for Instance the Most Islamic Country in the World “Saudi Arabia”??? The best Ally and Friend of the Makers of War. GO FIGURE THAT OUT. SO I say, stay out of their game, just STAY HUMAN OUR HEART WILL DICTATE THE BEST FOR HUMANITY
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