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The Word – Akashma Poetry

Published on: May 23, 2010, at 09:13


by Marivel Guzman

First was the Word!
That Master Creator,
The original thought,

The Artist, the Craftsman
The Voices… The Inside!
The Inner creator!

The Word! It’s the source;
Of all inspirations,
The Word is creation?
The Word is the Source!

The Magic sculptor of thoughts,

and Ideas!

The craft maker of poems,
The inventor of thoughts

The source that you feel;
We all call it Love…
The magical power
That we all have inside,

The spiritual force that uplifts us…
And keep us from falling…
But strong as an oak

The Word is spirit!

A ghost?

The Word is the magical scepter
That guide us and feed us,
spiritual force, invincible!
Indivisible, God!. It’s The Word!

Marivel R Guzman © 2010

By: Marivel Guzman

Akashma Poetry

Marivel Guzman is an American poet and fiction writer.
(photo and graphics by Marivel Guzman)

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