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Stop being a hater, respect our choices

Vaccinated people are haters, what are they so proud of?

Even if you are vaccinated, you still get infected, you still will spread SARS-CoV-2, you still will die if unluckyly to catch a variant of the virus, you still have to wear a mask, still have social distance yourself in public places, still need PCR negative test to fly, and on top of all that, you still need a booster or two each year.

Why are you so reluctant to accept our choice, we unvaccinated still have to do the same things you have to do, except for catching the variants, and take boosters.

By now science has proven by several studies that natural inmunity is 13 times more robust than the parcial inmunity conferred by the vaccine. The fooling study concluded that fact: Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural inmunity: infections versus breakthrough infections

Also in another widely published study by Israel scientists found that COVID-19 recovery gave Israelis longer-lasting Delta defense than vaccines

Why can’t you accept that we chose freedom of body autonomy over mandates. We chose to boots our inmune system and let our body to protect us, rather than inject chemicals in our body.

We have been working during the most critical times of the Pandemic, just like you had. Once hailed as heroes: health care workers, police officers and firefighters managed just fine with masks during 18 months of the Pandemic. Essential workers, and I add essential consumers did their work under health official guidelines, and they survived as far as we know. Why now health officials and governments want to force them to take a vaccine when the worse is over.

What is different now? I tell you what, because governments had made billionaire deals with vaccine manufactures?

Countries were enticed to get International Monetary Fund Relief Covi loans, many at very unfair terms. But now population of the world are footing the bill.

It’s coming out of our taxes, nothing is free. Look at the pump prices, look at the food prices, the vaccine you took for “free” is coming out from our paychecks vaccinated or not vaccinated.

How distreful (only momentarily,) I was banned (permanently) from r/coronavirus community for posting my blog. They don’t want to hear anything that contradict their ideas.

Live and learn! but don’t worry, be happy. My life still beautiful, my garden is blooming.

Love not hate eventually will united us all. God bless you r/coronavirus community, I don’t hate, but actually I pity you, I love you as part of my family on earth.

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