Posted on February 28, 2011 by Omar Karem

Barred from travel to Egypt, Gazans abroad stranded

MR.BR / Marshal Tantawi

Commanding General of the Egyptian Armed Forces – May God protect him

Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God

Subject: your brothers, your Palestinians son stuck abroad

We hope that you will be the beginning of good health and wellness, and God bless Egypt and its people and its army.

You, the army of Egypt … O best forces of the Earth … O hemispheres Umar ibn al-Aas may Allah be pleased with him … O compelling goats, oh heroes of the Tenth of Ramadan …

His Excellency Commander … Nkelmkm from the reality of history, culture and common destiny, the reality of love for Egypt and its people and its army, and Egypt, which has always stood, without any hesitation as well as Palestine, and provided for the martyrs and the wounded.

We are your sons and brothers trapped in the Arab and Islamic countries, our patients and those with special needs, who are being persecuted by bullets and shells the Israeli occupation, and some of us students who are prevented conditions between them and their families.

We have cut our ways, and we do not have enough money, and now we stay abroad onerous in terms of physical and psychological, this case is a difference between father and son, husband and wife, and the eyes of our children shed tears day and night, and with every tear from the heart asking you to end this suffering, and allow us to return to Palestine.

You have stood with us throughout history, and we are confident that you Sttakermwa allow us to go to our beloved Egypt, so that we can return to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing.

His Excellency Field Marshal … You know, we suffer from death and destruction, displacement and deprivation of medical treatment, study and work, not hesitate to Israeli occupation for tightening the noose around our necks to kill us, love of life, and you helped in after God _ Almighty _, so we hope that you will not Trdona frustrated; because we know your generosity, which takes place between people , just like the flow of the Nile Egypt’s great.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) expresses grave concern over the continued suffering of thousands of Gazans who have been stranded in various countries abroad for more than one month due to emergency measures that prevent their entry onto Egyptian territory through Cairo Airport, currently the only available route for return to Gaza.

According to PCHR information, Palestinians have been denied access to Egypt since the eruption of the uprising in Egypt. On 30 January 2011, Rafah International Crossing Point was closed in both directions and Palestinians flying to Cairo Airport were denied access to Egyptian territory. On 17 February 2011, Rafah crossing was opened in one direction, allowing Palestinians stranded in Egypt to return to Gaza. On 22 February 2011, the crossing was reopened in both directions and hundreds of Gazans permitted to travel via the crossing managed to leave or return to Gaza. On the other hand, Palestinians in different countries of the world wishing to return to Gaza via Egypt are still denied access to Cairo Airport. Airlines received instructions not to transfer Palestinians wishing to return to Gaza via Egypt to Cairo Airport. This has resulted in the suffering of thousands of Palestinians, including dozens of families who travelled abroad and who urgently need to return to Gaza so their children can attend school. Other travelers denied return are patients who underwent surgery or received treatment abroad as well as employees and workers who are in danger of losing their positions of employment.

In view of the above, PCHR:

1. Calls upon President Mahmoud Abbas to intervene promptly and take serious action in order to put an end to the hardship facing Palestinians unable to return to Gaza, instruct Palestinian embassies abroad to assume their responsibilities towards stranded Palestinians, and exert best efforts to ensure their immediate return.
2. Calls upon the Egyptian government to permit the return of Palestinians to Gaza as soon as possible, facilitate their return to Gaza via Egypt and allow freedom of movement of Palestinians travelling to and from the Gaza Strip, especially through Rafah crossing and Cairo International Airport.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

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