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Jazz Concert For Gazans

Article by Omar Karem Gaza
Posted by Marivel Guzman

Gaza this beautiful port in the Mediterranean Sea does not lose his hope to be a normal city, the German Jazz Orchestra was performing in Gaza while Israel was shelling the North and Central side of Gaza. Their spirit is amazingly optimist. They do not know if the next missile will drop in their heads, all they know is that life goes on and they live it the best they can.

The stage in a simple medium-sized cafe shop, where all-women German jazz orchestra performed live music. This kinds of events are rare in Gaza, specially for the restrictions place in the Rafah border that recently has been open for more traffic after the Egyptian Revolution, some easiness at the crossing is been felt. This is a great example of the cooperation of the New Egyptian Government that is little by little getting more flexible at the border.

It is the first time ever in the history of the Gaza Strip that a jazz band plays western-style music. The colorful laser disco lights dancing around the stage added more western flavor to the concert.
The concert had been unexpectedly widely attended by hundreds of Gazans who seek some solace out of the post-war traumatic conditions they have been suffering from.

The place where the concert was held only has dim lights and humid weather conditions. However, the happy faces of the audience showed excitement for this unique show in Gaza, during Israel assault in the other part of the city, where more than 4 people were reportedly being killed.

For many this type of entertainment might sound extravagant as the reports in the Western News deliberately disperse rumors that the Government of Hamas does not allow music to be play. Another of the false News about Gaza, Gazans are just regular ordinary people that love music and they show their enthusiasm in the one-hour long performance that drew a burst of applause as the orchestra began playing. For audience, such music is a healer of the war wound and alleviator of the siege pains they have been suffering on daily basis.

They have enjoyed the very special atmosphere of the party where music composed by the band leader Angelika Niescier was played professionally.

“This is really fantastic. It has been a long time since such a concert took place in Gaza and I find it great to have such a group coming to Gaza and to have such a great performance,” said Suhail Tarazi, who came with his family to watch the performance.

The Gaza concert was held under the auspices of the German Goethe-Institute in cooperation with Deutsche Welle and the Heinrich Boll Foundation.

George Schumacher, director of Goethe-Institut, said basically the concert is to render the message that it is possible to have a female jazz orchestra and a female jazz concert in Gaza.

“This is the message and we are very happy to be here. We did not know if we have audience in Gaza who appreciate music like this and when you look around you will see hundreds of people who came and were happy about it.”

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