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Support of European Parliament proposal

Posted on October 4, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

This letter is to be send to the email address below the letter
To the United Nations
The European Parliament
The Iraqi Government
From the Residents of the Refugee Camp of Ashraf

Ashraf Refugee Camp Residents Plight to Stop the Massacres from the Iraqi Forces

To The World That is Awakening Now

To the US Government and Its Allies that Invaded Iraq

Support of European Parliament proposal

‏‫Peaceful  and permanent solution for political refugees in Camp Ashraf‏ ‫ Pursuant to a long and inhuman siege on Camp Ashraf and in an effort fully coordinated with the terrorist Quds Force, on the 8 April 2011 the Iraqi government embarked on a vicious attack against Ashraf with 2500 armed forces and various types of armored vehicles and lethal weapons. This attack resulted in the death of 35 residents along with 350 others severely wounded

This killing spree is not the first of its kind. Despite the fact the Iraqi government had made commitments to the US government regarding the protection and respect of the residents as political refugees under the full framework of the Fourth Geneva Conventions, another massacre had taken place back in 2009.

The current situation remains critical, with prospects of an even bloodier attack looming on the horizon. In hope of preventing yet another massacre and protecting the lives of Ashraf residents and their material and spiritual rights, we welcome the solution proposed by the European Parliament, and especially the proposal of a peaceful and long-term solution for Camp Ashraf residents in Iraq under the supervision of the EU, US and UN for relocation of all Ashraf residents to EU countries. We also back the stance taken by EU Foreign Policy Chief Lady Catherine Ashton who is providing positive and supporting efforts in this regard.

We also emphasize on the need for the siege imposed on Ashraf residents to be lifted, their protection be guaranteed, Ashraf’s patients and wounded residents to be transferred to special hospitals and the rights of the residents be respected as outlined by the 4th Geneva convention. While stressing on the implementation of this proposal, we demand the evacuation of all Iraqi forces stationed in and around the camp. We also urge all judicial restrictions imposed on the residents be annulled, and their confiscated property be returned to its rightful owners. In addition, reporters and human rights activists must be allowed to visit the camp, and a comprehensive investigation on the events of April 8th must be carried out.

‫Finally, we urge the US, EU, UN, the Iraqi government and parliament., and the Arab League to support this logical solution

‫Parties Involved

‏General Secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon………… ‫


‫ecu@un.org ‫gillet@un.org

‏‏Mr James Jeffrey Ambassador of the US in Iraq.. ‫Baghdadpressoffice@state.gov

‏His Excellency Dr Nabil General Secretary of the League of Arab States…   cofs@las.int

‏Department of the People of Ashraf…….ag.satar@idoa-sw.com

CC for the People of Ashraf Iraq

CC to all The Social Networks

CC To All Humanity






Events Occurred on April 8, 2011 Considered Crimes Against Humanity

Camp Ashraf or Ashraf City is situated northeast of the Iraqi town of Khalis, about 120 kilometers west of the Iranian border and 60 kilometers north of Baghdad, and is the seat of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran in Iraq. The city of Ashraf was named in commemoration of Ashraf Rajavi, a famous political prisoner at the time of the Shah. Camp Ashraf is currently an Iranian refugee camp in Iraq. On January 1, 2009 its control was formally transferred from the U.S. military to the Iraqi government. The Camp has been attacked several times the last being on April 8, 2011 when Iraqi security forces stormed the camp and killed as many as 31 and wounded 320 residents and also on 17 October 2010 on the eve of Maliki’s visit to Tehran.

UN Secretary General in his quarterly report to the Security Council of 14 May 2010 pursuant to Resolution 1883, Ban Ki-moon, stressed the rights of residents of Camp Ashraf, Iraq, for protection against arbitrary displacement in Iraq or forced extradition to Iran. On April 8, 2011, Iraqi security forces in bulldozers and Humvees stormed Camp Ashraf. 34 residents were killed and scores wounded in what RFERL called “circumstances that are not clear. MKO says camp residents were killed by Iraqi forces. The Iraqi government, however, says it believes about 30 people were shot dead by guards at the camp.” However according to Amnesty International video clips of the April 8 clashes uploaded to YouTube by the MKO “appear to show Iraqi soldiers indiscriminately firing into the crowds and using vehicles to try and run others down.


The Iraqi Forces attacks in the Ashraf Refugee Camp in Iraq, events occurred on April 8, this is considered crimes against humanity. A general call to stop the massacres, the suppression, restriction of movements on the residents of Ashraf Refugee Camp, and the return of the stolen property.
A call to international community, specially the US and the Allies that helped to Invaded and Ransacked Iraq, to return all the money stolen from Iraqi Society, Retributions on the loss of the infrastructure, the monetary compensation from homes and livelihood destroyed during and after Iraqi Invasion direct result of Military Occupation from US and its Allies.
Ashraf is just one tiny example of the suffering in Iraq, the whole country is under the wraps of destruction.
Iraq was a wealthy nation, her Vast Oils Fields been dried Up  by the greed of the invasion forces.
Democracy is only a word in the Stages of Propaganda, Death and destruction is the Reality in Iraq.

It is a  Moral Obligation of the US, EU, Arab League and any Other African County that lend their  military support, air space, ground bases, and territorial waters to the Invading Forces to help now to alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi Population. The same way that they support the invasion to make their responsibility to help on the reconstruction of the Infrastructure of Iraq, her Educational Buildings, The Reconstructions of her Antique Monuments, and the recoup of all the stolen antiques from Iraqi Museum. All the Foreign Oil Companies that helped to extract Oil from the Iraqi Soil, they have the same responsibility to help in the reconstruction of Iraq. All the revenues that were generated from the oil fields is money that belongs to every Iraqi Civilian.

We can not just, pick our bags and leave the country in disarray. We have the Moral Obligation to help them to bring their Country Back from the Ashes that we left. The Iraqi Society is one of the most antique civilizations human history can account off, Iraqi Society was an advance society Educationally and Technologically, and economically self sufficient.

The US is a new Nation with less than 300 years of history, new to this world to try to teach lessons to a well established political, social and economically structured Nation such Iraq. Now we have destroyed her society, her buildings, her wells, we usurped their culture trying to give values that were not well received, values than are only good for us in the west, being a new society this values don’t even have roots to be strong enough, we have borrowed tehm from Europe, from Africa, From the American and with all the mix, we don’t make a good strong society to try to bridge gaps or to export them to another Nation that has a long history, thousands of years old culture, antique civilization that we can not even imagine, we can try and pretend to know because we have read about it, we have PH’s doctors studying Iraq history but all that we learn from books is only a fraction of what really is the Great Nation of Iraq.
The Iraqi People Needs our help, the help of the the International community to speak up for them.   THANKS TO ALL . STAY HUMAN

Please Watch this video, it is grotesque yes, but it is happening to our brothers in Iraq, they are humans, fathers, mothers, sister, brothers they are not crazy people running, they are people running for their life, the Iraqi soldiers are using live ammunition, this is happening in Iraq in every town of Iraq, we the US and the Allies brought the civil unrest, but not because they have a Religious Differences or because they do not want the army, they did in a desperate attempt to safeguard their integrity as a society, as a human nucleus in Iraq. They were and are trying to defend themselves, what it left of their towns, of their homes, of their families.

Ashraf Petition to Support Ashraf Refugee Status and protection from the UN, and ultimately the US and its allies

Where is the World? When we are killed, harassed. Where is the International Community to protect our rights?….Here we have a lots of people talking, giving their opinions, pretending some of them that they care, they are speaking in this international forums, Well! Do something you have the stage, you have the word. Where is Bush and Company? Where is Obama that inherited this inhumane and illegal war. Where is the Club of 5 that have the power with a NO or Veto Voice to Stop this carnage. Show your faces and show your humanity.

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Support Ashraf – Ashraf residents are protected persons who signed an agreement with the US government according to which the US assumed their protection.
However, the agreement was violated by transferring this responsibility to the Iraqi government. This initiated a humanitarian catastrophe against the residents.

What media does’t inform you– Ashraf Refugee Camp – In late July 2009 conflict erupted when Iraqi forces attempted to enter the camp to establish a police station without the consent of the MEK. Accounts of the conflict differed. Residents claimed that Iraqi forces used violence, including gunfire, water cannons and batons, killing eleven people and injuring about 400. Videos taken by Ashraf residents show these scenes. Iraqi authorities denied using violent methods, but said unarmed residents used stones, knives and sharp tools to protect themselves and to fight security forces that tried to enter the camp. Journalists were excluded from the area.

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    February 15, 2012 at 9:08 am

    يجب ان يتم احترام حقوق الانسان في مخيم اشرف و يجب منحهم كامل حقوقهم المعيشية و الحياتية …


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