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The Truth From Inside Out

Posted on June 04, 2012 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

The Inside Out Truth.
If you have been long time Peace Activist you know that the Truth it is impossible to prove because that truth “It is”. On the other hand lies are continuously being “Proven” in the News, Radio, Movies, Magazines, Books, and Social Networks and the people is easily  mislead to believe what it is in “Vogue” –  the Propaganda Machine it is a tool of war but also, it works the other way around if we know how to attack it, how to debunk it, how to untangle every lie that surface.

It is not an easy task, but remember humanity has been fighting the “evil doers”. More than 2300 years ago wise men and their followers were already in this task.

In the Trial and Death of Socrates, in his dialogue with Euthyphro you can elucidate how the Elite it is always trying to protect themselves from wise people, that can make the others understand their reality and perhaps revolt against the arbitrary rules and the Rulers.

“Euthyphro: I understand Socrates. It is because you say that you always have a divine guide. So he (Meletious) is prosecuting you for introducing religious reforms; and he is going into court to arouse prejudice against you, knowing that the multitude are easily prejudiced about such matters. Why, they laugh even at me, as if I were out of my mind, when I talk about divine things in the assembly and tell them what is going to happen; and yet I have never foretold anything which has not come true. But they are resentful of all people like us. We must not worry about them; we must meet them Boldly

Socrates: My Dear Euthyphro, their ridicule is not very serious matter. The Athenians, it seems to me, may think a man to be clever without paying him much attention, so long as they do not think that he teaches his wisdom to others. But as soon as they think that he makes other people clever, they get angry, whether it be from resentment, as you say, or for some other reason.”

As you can see religious card was already being used to people subjugate people’  ideas and their ability to perform freely in society. And using ridicule and dishonest arguments was the way that the Elite have been controlling society.
“In most moral disputes it’s impossible to declare a line between those who willfully deceive and those who chronically fail to understand. It’s hard to say who is an intentional Zionist mole and who simply remains confused- but such moral distinctions and judgments are not our business. Those who don’t operate by ordinary logic and courtesy are, no offense to them, simply out of place in political discussions, just as they would be in a corporate boardroom. My first belief is in the spirit of truth itself; less rational, less courteous approaches are not ok on behalf of a good cause; they can only harm it. The only Good Cause is kind reason itself. If Zionism is the main current political problem, it’s only because it incorporates and orchestrates the largest accumulation of deceptions and dodges, bringing them to bear on Palestine and banking. That mass of evil includes, at one pole of the spectrum, the internal moral deceptions and dodges required to pull triggers and fire rockets at innocent people. At the other end of the spectrum are those who repetitiously – almost innocently – fail to understand the need to stop Zionism. I have watched for long time. I have seen that most discussion dissipate into endless finicky nonsense. We know that the Zionist are spending quite a few millions of dollars to train internet Zionist. It’s safe to say that very small percentage of that training is the old kind – teaching the standard lies – all of which are easily debunked nowadays and (more important) overruled by an elementary rejection of racism. Surely, the bulk of the training is toward posting as anti-Zionists or newly-interested people, yet endlessly failing to be satisfied with crystal-clear and repeated explanations- creating a false impression of complexity, wasting our time, and exploiting and dishonoring the sincerity found in genuine activists for peace and human equality”. Dave Kersting

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