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Dear Mr. Brenner Debunking Zionists Lies

Posted on June 17, 2012 by Akashma Online News

MacKenzie Paine
April 11, 2001

Dear Mr. Brenner,

My two sons were working outside the other day, helping a neighbor in his yard. It was cold and blustery so one of my sons had tied a scarf around his face and had his parka hood up, so all one could see were his eyes. Another neighbor passed by and jokingly told him that he looked like a terrorist. The neighbor meant Arab, of course, but for most Americans the two terms have now become melded into one — thanks to Zionist propaganda. The same Zionist media pressure has caused the same distortion of the realities of historical revisionist works. Mention historical revisionists and Americans think of Nazis. Terrorists and Nazis — labels that strike fear and loathing in the hearts of millions.

You have posted to this list a message which discredits and maligns historical revisionists without providing a single verifiable detail or pointing out any error of fact published by a revisionist scholar, thereby unwittingly promoting the same Zionist propaganda. Once and for all, dear sir, historical revisionists in general and the Institute for Historical Review in particular, are not “Nazi-nutsies.” After all, neo-Nazis are the ones who espouse censorship and it’s the revisionists who are being censored. Revisionists are specialists in their respective scientific and scholarly fields and their works HAVE been reviewed by their peers, much to the dismay of Zionists around the world. Just as the only political defense for genocide against the Palestinians must be supported by terrorist propaganda, the only defense of the holocaust story must be supported by censoring, libeling, maligning, persecuting, prosecuting and even assassinating historical revisionists. If their works do not, as you say, rise above the level of “whale sh_t,” why are the Zionists so busy trying to keep world opinion from exploring the ocean floor? Surely the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, the United States Congress, international ambassadors and sovereign governments need not be pressured into preventing the world’s intellectuals from mucking around in “whale sh_t.” These same intellectuals wouldn’t be defying their own governments for such a worthless enterprise.

As the Jordanian Writers Association pointed out in their statement On the Cancellation of the Conference on Zionism and Historical Revisionism, forty-five million people died during WWII. You accuse the revisionists of attempting to “hijack” the Palestinian revolution, when in fact the Zionists have hijacked an entire world war, have put Jewish suffering at front and center and have done so without physical evidence, historical proof or allowance of discussion of either or both. They have shaped a world war into the finest Zionist weapon of mass brainwashing, resulting in the collective guilt of hundreds of millions of Americans and Europeans who feel the need to support Israel at all cost. In today’s world the holocaust serves only the Zionists. Making it into a Sacred Cow with no room for discussion or debate can serve only Zionist interests.

You mention the need for some to develop “fantasy solutions to real problems.” Here I couldn’t agree with you more. While the Allies needed to be able to justify the mass destruction and wholesale slaughter of German and Japanese civilians to their citizens, it became necessary to promote the fantasy that the Nazis had been even more despicable than the British, US and Soviet military forces. Allow me to quote the first eyewitness account of Auschwitz after its liberation by the Red Army. The article “The Factory of Death at Auschwitz” was written by Boris Polevoi and published in Pravda on February 2, 1945. It contains the following quote:

“Last year, when the Red Army revealed to the world the terrible and abominable secrets of Majdanek, the Germans in Auschwitz began to wipe out the traces of their crimes. They leveled the mounds of the so-called “old” graves in the Eastern part of the camp, tore up and destroyed the traces of the electric conveyor belt, on which hundreds of people were simultaneously electrocuted, their bodies falling onto the slow moving conveyor belt which carried them to the top of the blast furnace where they fell in, were completely burned, their bones converted to meal in the rolling mills, and then sent to the surrounding fields. In retreat were taken the special transportable apparatuses for killing children. The stationary gas chambers in the eastern part of the camp were restructured, even little turrets and other architectural embellishments were added so that they would look like innocent garages.”

This little bit of fantasy suggests quite clearly that upon first inspection of Auschwitz there was no homicidal weapon, there was no evidence that anyone was gassed and there were no mass graves. Neither the “weapon” nor the “scene of the crime” were thoroughly and knowledgeably investigated until historical revisionists visited the site — and found nothing to support Zionist claims of mass murder with any weapon. There was, and still remains, only wild rumor and vicious wartime propaganda. It has only been through the due diligence and sacrifice of historical revisionists that most of these fantasies have been brought to light. At the Nuremberg Trials German officers and German civilians were tortured, assassinated, falsely imprisoned, denied defense witnesses or cross examination of prosecution witnesses, and some were executed based on accusations of the following: Killing Jews with portable brain-bashing machines, by electrocution, steaming, roasting, burning and gassing, by having them climb trees and then having the tree cut down, gassing children in “gas vans,” etc., etc., etc. As for the Nazi gassings, according to affidavits produced in court, this was carried out in gas chambers and shower rooms with both diesel exhaust and Zyklon-B. If you are curious enough to read the other fanciful undocumented, unsupported claims they are all in the Court records of the Nuremberg Trials.

Please, dear sir, do not dissuade anyone who abhors Zionism and racism from researching for themselves the works of historical revisionists. They do not deny the holocaust — they define it — using scientific evidence, proven facts, demographic data, the latest technology and sound reason. Historical revisionists could free the Palestinians. By providing the proof that Jewish suffering was real, but not unique, during WWII they might induce the Western world to rise up and denounce Zionism in all its horrific glory. Mr. Brenner, you need to cast your nets much closer to the surface, where the light still penetrates, and you will find the truth about historical revisionists.

I look forward to your reply, should you be so inclined.

Kind regards,

MacKenzie Paine

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