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Palestinians Refugees In Lebanon

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

I m Humanity Lebanon, Palestine the same people

Before Hezbollah came to be, there were grounds of discontent in Lebanon, thanks to the colonizers and invaders inflicted pain into the land and the Lebanese population.
Do we civilians purposely engage in the killing of each other? I doubt that any Lebanese will answer yes. Militias are trained, and used to curtail civilian discontent and in the case of Hezbollah that was founded to fight the Israel occupation in Southern Lebanon.
Who breed and fuel the violence and  division? Honestly speaking, I think every human being have this desire for peace inside his heart, and that desire will transcend out to live peacefully between his neighbors. There is always the latent danger to fall into the clash of classes, and religion division, but it takes a hand to stir the mood the people and to make them angry. Usually this hand will be, the hand that will benefit on creating chaos and division inside society.
Do you wonder as a human being, with weakness, compassion, love, pains, struggles and awakened conscience, how can we  each other?
How can we desensitized our hearts, blind our eyes,  and deaf our ears,  to the cry of other people suffering?
Does my blood and your blood isn’t red and warm?
Does my heart and your heart beats to live another instance with the same rhythm?
I wonder what does makes us hate one another and  spill the blood of my brothers and sisters that wish the same as I do: To Live and raise a family, to help my land to flourish with the same colors that the flowers in Spring paint.
Don’t we all respect our elders, and teach our children to respect them as well?.
Does the mother rise in the morning with the same thought in her minds?: to feed, protect and raise her children.
Why the father teach his children to Respect God? Isn’t the same God for all Humanity? The same God that is almighty and omnipotent, and can bring a deluge to kill us all if we grow selfish, inattentive of nature, and destroy his creation?
Who has the best interest in making us fight one another?
Is my next door neighbor wishing me dead for not having the same religious rites that he does?
We worship the same God,  but our roads went apart some time in time, a time that we did not control but some evil minds used the divergence on ideas to act against our differences and make us enemies.
We do not know why?  My God is not better that his God….It can not be better, it is the Same God.
Who is thriving with our fights? Wonder Please.
You do not win, you only lose.
I do not win, I only lose. No one win in this fight, we all lose.
You need to go back to principals and values and love humanity and love your land.
There are no better humans.
We all are humans, the same flesh and blood.
The future of men is not in fighting to death, or proving who is the stronger.
No!..The future of humanity is in the understanding that we all are part of the same holographic universe.
We are just one little speckle of this great Universe that surround us with all its mighty. Men are just part of Humanity. The union of the ONE that formed that WHOLE.
Lebanon it is a beautiful spot on Earth, so precious as Mexico, Palestine, France or any other spot on Earth. Do not allow the racial, ethic, and religious differences to destroy your Land. Do not allow the profiteers of War to divide you, using the oldest trick in the book of history. Religion!.

The inert bodies lie on the dirt, lifeless, no expression in their faces, no nationality to be told, or religion can be prove from their mouths shut by the murders hands. Can you tell by their position on the grown what God they worship before they were killed?

Your neighbors are victims of the same evil that are destroying your land, and killing your brothers. Palestinians have been suffering persecution, and extermination, they seek refugee in your beautiful land, not because they wanted to take it away from you, they were forced out of their lands, they are being forced out to make space for the foreign settlers.

It is not necessarily one ending to it. Every story has different ending, do not allow the division structured by the profiteers of war to make you enemy of your brother.

The oppression suffered by the Lebanese masses at the hands of Israel, and the fact that they live in the same impoverished regions as half-a-million Palestinian refugees, has given rise to strong feelings of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, as well as the view that the Palestine “peace process” will not be complete without solving the problem of the refugees in Lebanese neighborhoods.

Speaking at the event, Minister Faour, a Druze and member of Walid Jumblatt’s  Progressive Socialist Party,  called on his fellow politicians to follow his lead and experience firsthand conditions in Lebanon’s 12 Refugee camps.  “Whoever wants to rediscover his humanity has to see the living conditions in Palestinian camps in Lebanon” Minister Faour told Lebanon’s Parliament.  “We are used to bringing Palestinians to discussions in fancy hotels and then sending them back to the misery in the camps. We decided to invert these traditions by coming to the camps.”Minister Faour  Opinion Maker

Israel creation has been the root of all evil. The Palestinian Refugee problem it is perpetuated to Israel advantage, that have used the Biblical stories to shaped the present and to distort humanity thought and social behavior to serve their plans.
We can change the ending stand up in solidarity with your brothers and sisters. Help us all to end War.
Israel is strong entity, in appearance only, the propaganda machine have made of Israel an untouchable power, but we all have the solution in our hands. Unite for the betterment of Humanity as a whole.

The Union Makes the Force, The People United, Will Never be Defeated. The people chant in the streets, the people gather in the plazas, with the common interest in mind: PEACE IN THE LAND, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY FOR ALL
I m Palestinian, I m Lebanon, I M humanity. Peace, Light and love to All.

Grand Theater: A Tale of Beirut is a half hour documentary film produced and directed by Omar Naim. It examines the Lebanese civil war through the microcosm of the Grand Theater, a historic structure which found itself on the green line between East and West Beirut. Featuring interviews with various witnesses, from actors to soldiers, the film mixes pathos and humor with striking archival footage.

Life in Lebanon before and after destruction, violence, hate, and division is not the same. Listen to the stories.

Human perseverance is amazing, as a miracle in the making. The hope of better tomorrow have keep alive the flame of resistance, resistance against internal corruption, and foreign intrusion.

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