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At least 20 killed in southern Lebanon mosque complex

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Akashma Online News

Shared from Al-Arabiya

Lebanese Army soldiers advance during clashes in Sidon, southern Lebanon, June 24, 2013. (Reuters)

At least 12 soldiers have been killed in less than 24 hours of fighting between the Lebanese military and Sunni radicals in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, an army spokesman told AFP on Monday.

“An armed group loyal to Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir attacked, for no reason, a Lebanese Army checkpoint in the village of Abra” on the outskirts of Sidon on Sunday, a statement from the army said late Sunday, according to local Lebanese press.

The army was reported to have said it will not stop its fight in Sidon until Assir is detained.

The fighting began on Sunday when Assir loyalists flared up volence, the army said in a statement.

The controversial Sunni sheikh called on his supporters last week to fire on apartments in Abra that he says house Hezbollah members.

Lebanese soldiers attempt to quell unrest caused by the Syrian civil war

Abra is home to a mosque where Assir leads the main weekly prayers on Fridays. The sheikh believes Hezbollah uses the Abra apartments to keep him under surveillance.

His supporters clashed with Hezbollah in Abra last week in fighting that left one man dead.

Sectarian tensions in Lebanon have risen since the country’s Shia movement Hezbollah backed Syria’s government in the civil war there.
Witnesses said machine gun and rocket fire shook Sidon, 40km (28 miles) south of Beirut, causing panic among residents.
The army blamed the violence on supporters of hard-line Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir.
Correspondents say Sidon has been on edge since violence erupted last week between Sunni and Shia fighters who have taken different sides in the Syrian conflict.

Lebanese officials have since been trying to quell the unrest.
However, fresh clashes broke out on Sunday after police arrested a follower of Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir at a checkpoint, sources told Reuters.
Other supporters of the cleric then attacked security forces in retaliation and called on their supporters to take to the streets nationwide, the sources said.    Ammon Voice of the Silence Majority

Lebanese army tanks enter the Bilal Bin Rabah complex in Abra, Monday, June 24, 2013. (The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari) Read more: (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

Assir was unknown until around two years ago, when he rose to prominence over his radical opposition to Hezbollah and its ally, the Damascus regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria-related tensions have soared in Lebanon, deepening sectarian rifts between Sunnis and Shiites.

Shiite Hezbollah supports Assad’s regime, while the Sunni-dominated opposition backs the rebels fighting it.

During Sunday’s fighting, Assir distributed a video message via mobile phone addressed to his supporters.

“We are being attacked by the Lebanese army,” Assir said, describing the military as “sectarian” and accusing it of supporting Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

“I call on everyone… to cut off roads and to all honorable soldiers, Sunni and non-Sunni, to quit the army immediately,” Assir said in the message.

He urged supporters across Lebanon to flock to Abra “to help defend our religion, our honor and our women.”

Lebanese Army seizes militant preacher’s complex in Abra

The sources said despite having taken control of the complex, soldiers were still exchanging gunfire with snipers located on the rooftops of nearby buildings.

Bashar Al-Assad provided Gaddafi Telephone Number?

Posted on October 02, 2012 by Akashma Online News
By Marivel Guzman
Bashar al-Assad ‘betrayed Col Gaddafi to save his Syrian regime’, was as a heading all over the news few days ago as a bait to change the mood of the world against Syria. Since the conflict started last January Syria has been victim of barbarism according to people in Syria is mostly paid by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, US its allies but knowing the economic situation of the West economies is safe to say that these wars are being paid with Middle Eastern Oil Money.
Never forget the lessons of 1991 and 2003 when all the Middle Eastern Countries allied themselves with the US collision to attack Iraq.
We must remember the blood shed in Libya by the NATO forces, and the army of mercenaries that get infiltrated in the internal fight. While the Media was showing fake imagines of tortures by Gadaffe forces. Some of the videos were certified to be forgery, they were circulating in youtube as real, until the truth came out and those videos were exposed of events that happened in Iraq.

“The Assad regime in Syria brought about Muammar Gaddafi’s death by providing France with the key intelligence which led to the operation that killed him, sources in Libya have claimed.”

The Center Media plays it’s role as paid by it’s masters, the tactics have not changed. The propagation of scripted stories run wild until someone spots the truth and the truth surfaces and the commotion dies down.

We must be careful where we take our news or what we believe because our mind is so eager of new information that everything we feed it get processed but most of the time it is toxic media that we see in the big channels of TV.

Bashar al-Assad 'betrayed Col Gaddafi to save his Syrian regime'

Col Gaddafi, killed almost exactly a year ago Photo: AFP/GETTY
All the pictures that Big Media portrayed of Col Muammar Gaddafe were carefully chosen to give you an Ugly face, “The Face of the Dictator” as they repeated over and over.
The subliminal messages sent on the news are powerful tools of propaganda that few notice when they turn on their Silver Screen. Mind Control is being perfected over the years, billions of dollars invested studying the mind, and now is being paying off for the powerful Elites.

The Next article published 2 days ago, supposedly exposed Bashar Al-Alssad the President of Syria as traitor to Gaddafee. Some of  the “information” they included in this article can not be verified, so as News goes, this  could just be a gossip thrown around for the people to chew on something while Syria is being destroyed by the thugs.

Mr El Obeidi the same source named in this article according to telegraph, it is saying in its twitter that he would have say if he witnessed french agents killing Gaddafe! but apparently he did not.
Read it and be your own opinion maker.

Updated Source

By , Nick Squires, Henry Samuel and Ruth Sherlock

8:00PM BST 30 Sep 2012

French spies operating in Sirte, Gaddafi’s last refuge, were able to set a trap for the Libyan President Muammar Gaddafe after obtaining his satellite telephone number from the Syrian government, they said.

So why now the big fuss, this was a news published on October 23, 2011, The telegraph is even using the same picture of that article. Now they make headlines!?

It is obvious that they want to change the mood of the readers against Assad, now that all the blogs and independent media outlets are discounting the “Big Media News” as propaganda. They try to infuse interest back to their outlets.

The end of Gaddafi perhaps began with a phone call to Damascus by his apparatus satellite intercepted by NATO in Sirte, the last stronghold. And ended with a summary execution, preceded by a lynching, including sodomy of Colonel. An outrage In just a few seconds of video shot by a mobile phone immediately after capture and announced last night on YouTube.  Il Gionale Italy

In what would amount to an extraordinary betrayal of one Middle East strongman by another, President Bashar al-Assad sold out his fellow friend in an act of self-preservation, a former senior intelligence official in Tripoli told the Daily Telegraph.

With international attention switching from Libya to Syria, Mr Assad offered Paris the telephone number in exchange for an easing of French pressure on Damascus, according to Rami El Obeidi.

Rami El Obeidi Twitter: I’m a revolutionary, former NTC Official, and a firm believer in justice fighting for a free, pluralist, sovereign, and democratic Libya – @ramielobeidi

@SultanAlQassemi trying to figure out why @ramielobeidi spilled the beans only now…this been around since Oct/2011 …

@septimius_sever @SultanAlQassemi Some were not willing to listen then and others more willing to listen now. Timing was important too

Don@Papakila @ramielobeidi Did you personally witness French agents killing Gaddafi ?

1 Oct Rami EL OBEIDI Rami EL OBEIDI@ramielobeidi@Papakila I would have said so if I did.

“In exchange for this information, Assad had obtained a promise of a grace period from the French and less political pressure on the regime – which is what happened,” Mr El Obeidi said.

A National Transitional Council (NTC) fighter holds a picture of the Libyan fallen leader Muammar Al Gaddafi

While it was not possible independently to verify his allegation, Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, played a leading role in both the NATO salvage intervention to bomb Libya and in bringing international pressure to bear on the Assad regime. Libya from one side was ready to free the African Union from the wrath of the International Monetary Fund, when he will have announced the opening of the first Muslim African Bank using billions of petro dollars backed up by Gold. On the other hand the Government of Syria is the last bastion of Arab power in the Middle East. Besides to be an Ally of Iran, China and Russia which players has been a continuous headache for Washington. Specially for its pet pariah state Israel,for Syria supports of Hezbollah and for being the HQ of Hamas the party that won the elections in Gaza in 2007

The claims by Mr El Obeidi, the former head of foreign intelligence for the movement that overthrew Gaddafi, followed comments by Mahmoud Jibril, who served as prime minister in the transitional government and now leads one of Libya’s largest political parties. He confirmed over the weekend that a foreign “agent” was involved in the operation that killed Gaddafi.

He did not identify his nationality. However the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera quoted Western diplomats in Tripoli as saying that if a foreign agent was involved “he was almost certainly French”.

The news of the Syria deal could potentially embarrass NATO, which initially claimed that it did “not target individuals”.

According to the alliance’s official version, an RAF reconnaissance plane spotted a large convoy of vehicles trying to flee Sirte on Oct 20th last year, two months after Gaddafi fled Tripoli.

NATO warplanes then bombed the convoy, apparently unaware of who was travelling in it, before militia fighters later found Gaddafi hiding in a drainpipe. He is believed to have been killed by his captors en route to the city of Misurata, west of Sirte.

But Mr El Obeidi said that France had essentially masterminded the operation by directing Libyan militiamen to an ambush spot where they could intercept Gaddafi’s convoy.

He also suggested that France had little interest in how Gaddafi was treated once captured, although the fighters were encouraged to try to take him alive.

“French intelligence played a direct role in the death of Gaddafi, including his killing,” Mr El Obeidi said.

“They gave directions that he was to be apprehended, but they didn’t care if he was bloodied or beaten up as long as he was delivered alive.”

Bashar al-Assad, right, and his brother Maher
These picture of the two brothers, showing two perfect faces, clean shaved and probably wearing expensive Italian Sun Glasses, goes along with the propaganda. In the past the Media “exposed” email from Bashar’s wife online shopping while the country is in fire. Nothing that you see in the Main Media it is coincidence. Every photo and every article is perfectly studied and chosen to serve a purpose.

According to Mr El Obeidi, French intelligence began to monitor Gaddafi’s Iridium satellite telephone and made a vital breakthrough when he rang a senior loyalist, Yusuf Shakir and Ahmed Jibril, a Palestinian militant leader, in Syria.

As a result, they were able to pinpoint his location and monitor his movements. Although Turkish and British military intelligence officers – including the SAS – who were in Sirte at the time were informed of the ambush plans in advance they played no role in what was “an exclusive French operation”, Mr El Obeidi said.

At the time of Gaddafi’s death, Mr El Obeidi had fallen out of favour with the most powerful faction in Libya’s transitional government because of his links with Gen Abdul Fatah Younes, a senior rebel commander killed by his own side in July last year.

Even so, he continued in his intelligence role in a semi-official but senior capacity.

Sources quoted by Corriere della Sera said one reason for the French lead in the operation was that then President Nicolas Sarkozy wanted Gaddafi dead after the Libyan leader openly threatened to reveal details of the large amounts of money he had donated to Sarkozy for his 2007 election campaign.

“Sarkozy had every reason to want to get rid of the colonel as quickly as possible,” Western diplomats said, according to the newspaper.

A spokesman at the French foreign ministry refused to confirm or deny the claims.

Palestinians Refugees In Lebanon

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

I m Humanity Lebanon, Palestine the same people

Before Hezbollah came to be, there were grounds of discontent in Lebanon, thanks to the colonizers and invaders inflicted pain into the land and the Lebanese population.
Do we civilians purposely engage in the killing of each other? I doubt that any Lebanese will answer yes. Militias are trained, and used to curtail civilian discontent and in the case of Hezbollah that was founded to fight the Israel occupation in Southern Lebanon.
Who breed and fuel the violence and  division? Honestly speaking, I think every human being have this desire for peace inside his heart, and that desire will transcend out to live peacefully between his neighbors. There is always the latent danger to fall into the clash of classes, and religion division, but it takes a hand to stir the mood the people and to make them angry. Usually this hand will be, the hand that will benefit on creating chaos and division inside society.
Do you wonder as a human being, with weakness, compassion, love, pains, struggles and awakened conscience, how can we  each other?
How can we desensitized our hearts, blind our eyes,  and deaf our ears,  to the cry of other people suffering?
Does my blood and your blood isn’t red and warm?
Does my heart and your heart beats to live another instance with the same rhythm?
I wonder what does makes us hate one another and  spill the blood of my brothers and sisters that wish the same as I do: To Live and raise a family, to help my land to flourish with the same colors that the flowers in Spring paint.
Don’t we all respect our elders, and teach our children to respect them as well?.
Does the mother rise in the morning with the same thought in her minds?: to feed, protect and raise her children.
Why the father teach his children to Respect God? Isn’t the same God for all Humanity? The same God that is almighty and omnipotent, and can bring a deluge to kill us all if we grow selfish, inattentive of nature, and destroy his creation?
Who has the best interest in making us fight one another?
Is my next door neighbor wishing me dead for not having the same religious rites that he does?
We worship the same God,  but our roads went apart some time in time, a time that we did not control but some evil minds used the divergence on ideas to act against our differences and make us enemies.
We do not know why?  My God is not better that his God….It can not be better, it is the Same God.
Who is thriving with our fights? Wonder Please.
You do not win, you only lose.
I do not win, I only lose. No one win in this fight, we all lose.
You need to go back to principals and values and love humanity and love your land.
There are no better humans.
We all are humans, the same flesh and blood.
The future of men is not in fighting to death, or proving who is the stronger.
No!..The future of humanity is in the understanding that we all are part of the same holographic universe.
We are just one little speckle of this great Universe that surround us with all its mighty. Men are just part of Humanity. The union of the ONE that formed that WHOLE.
Lebanon it is a beautiful spot on Earth, so precious as Mexico, Palestine, France or any other spot on Earth. Do not allow the racial, ethic, and religious differences to destroy your Land. Do not allow the profiteers of War to divide you, using the oldest trick in the book of history. Religion!.

The inert bodies lie on the dirt, lifeless, no expression in their faces, no nationality to be told, or religion can be prove from their mouths shut by the murders hands. Can you tell by their position on the grown what God they worship before they were killed?

Your neighbors are victims of the same evil that are destroying your land, and killing your brothers. Palestinians have been suffering persecution, and extermination, they seek refugee in your beautiful land, not because they wanted to take it away from you, they were forced out of their lands, they are being forced out to make space for the foreign settlers.

It is not necessarily one ending to it. Every story has different ending, do not allow the division structured by the profiteers of war to make you enemy of your brother.

The oppression suffered by the Lebanese masses at the hands of Israel, and the fact that they live in the same impoverished regions as half-a-million Palestinian refugees, has given rise to strong feelings of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, as well as the view that the Palestine “peace process” will not be complete without solving the problem of the refugees in Lebanese neighborhoods.

Speaking at the event, Minister Faour, a Druze and member of Walid Jumblatt’s  Progressive Socialist Party,  called on his fellow politicians to follow his lead and experience firsthand conditions in Lebanon’s 12 Refugee camps.  “Whoever wants to rediscover his humanity has to see the living conditions in Palestinian camps in Lebanon” Minister Faour told Lebanon’s Parliament.  “We are used to bringing Palestinians to discussions in fancy hotels and then sending them back to the misery in the camps. We decided to invert these traditions by coming to the camps.”Minister Faour  Opinion Maker

Israel creation has been the root of all evil. The Palestinian Refugee problem it is perpetuated to Israel advantage, that have used the Biblical stories to shaped the present and to distort humanity thought and social behavior to serve their plans.
We can change the ending stand up in solidarity with your brothers and sisters. Help us all to end War.
Israel is strong entity, in appearance only, the propaganda machine have made of Israel an untouchable power, but we all have the solution in our hands. Unite for the betterment of Humanity as a whole.

The Union Makes the Force, The People United, Will Never be Defeated. The people chant in the streets, the people gather in the plazas, with the common interest in mind: PEACE IN THE LAND, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY FOR ALL
I m Palestinian, I m Lebanon, I M humanity. Peace, Light and love to All.

Grand Theater: A Tale of Beirut is a half hour documentary film produced and directed by Omar Naim. It examines the Lebanese civil war through the microcosm of the Grand Theater, a historic structure which found itself on the green line between East and West Beirut. Featuring interviews with various witnesses, from actors to soldiers, the film mixes pathos and humor with striking archival footage.

Life in Lebanon before and after destruction, violence, hate, and division is not the same. Listen to the stories.

Human perseverance is amazing, as a miracle in the making. The hope of better tomorrow have keep alive the flame of resistance, resistance against internal corruption, and foreign intrusion.

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