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Palestine State New Kid in the Block

Posted on November 29, 2012 by Akashma Online News

by Marivel Guzman
Today by almost unanimous decision the General Assembly of the UN approved Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Bid to Upgraded Palestine Non member observant status To Non State Observant, many Palestinians around the world are not happy with this transition thinking that Mahmoud Abbas has betrayed the Palestinian cause.

In Gaza streets the celebration started as soon as the news were announced, “Now I hear shooting in the streets expression of this news today,You know, when the joy of the Palestinian people firing in the air” Shady Alassar, Gaza, Palestine.

Personally I m completely against the Two State solution, I more like the Final Solution for Israel LOL…but at these moments Palestine needs this. It is the moment to grab the attention of the world. So I m pushing very hard, like I did Last year when Mahmoud Abbas submitted the Draft for Statehood.  Off course I named the article “Palestine Bid Member State hijacked”, because the stream media made all this chaos on the news on the “Non State Member” instead of full Member Statehood as Mahmoud Abbas drafted their Bid last November, but  the rumors rolled with all the pressure from the country leaders,  and the misinformation started growing this campaign pressing with this Mahmoud Abbas to change his decision to bid for “Non State Member”.

The Palestinians Council was pressured to re evaluated this opportunity that according to few Pro Israel analysts a gift to Palestinians.
Palestine has never been in position to chose an advantage offer from Israel, and 65 years ago when the Palestinians Arab Population were expelled from their lands, and ignore the “UN offers” to declared a Palestinian state side by side with their “Jews Neighbors” it has always been a wound hard to heal for Palestinians. The Palestinian resistance had always seen  two state solution as a betrayal and it is, because accepting a Palestinian State on the land that Israel has left for Palestinians it is legitimizing the illegal State of Israel.

Many could see this as give away of the lands stolen in 1948, when UN resolution 181 partition Palestinian, creating an exodus of expelled Palestinians the greatest of political issues afterwards. Every political move over the years has been impeded by the right of return. A right that it has to been respected, but the conditions on the ground, set up by the unconditional support of the word leaders and the Arab puppets of the middle east.
The overwhelmet majority had showed their support for Palestine, the people in their majority believe that this should have been an opportunity to claim full  Statehood Membership for Palestine, but this is just the strategy of Palestinians leaders to win the heart and minds of the people of the world then keep pushing for the next stage that it is Full Member Statehood.
Then the touchy subject comes to the mind of Palestinians that have opposed the creation of Israel in the first place, because then the UN, the world in general , and the Palestinians will be legitimizing Israel. The Two State solution those magic words bring mixing emotions to the Political spectrum.
Will give a triumph to Israel, but will be temporal,  I m almost sure, very sure that Israel is in decline.
Israel can not support their bloody campaign of Victim hood any longer.
The Reality and the truth i in the faces of the leaders and the people.  We the people are making this possible. S o, this is what I think.

Mexico vote YES for Palestine. Mexico declared against  violence and any type of provocation.
Georgia aligned with Justice and vote Yes for the implementation of the measure. We are sympathetic with the people in the region. Both are crucial elements for lasting peace and stability. We urge the parties to resume negotiations.
Jamaica, the government of Jamaica vote YES based in peace in the middle east. Jamaica fullest respect the principals of International Law.
Russian Federation, Voted for the resolution to increase the status of Statehood for Palestine, that’s why we have a Palestinian Embassy in Russia. We advocate for an free and independent Palestine State . In support of the resolution we got assurances that Palestine will not act against Israel . Russia as continue to do utmost effort to return to the  party talks based in International Law .
Guinnea recognized Palestine and Israel, had abstain many times, regrettably too many lives have been lost, and destroy of property in the two sides.
Papua New Guinea, we continue to strongly support the two state solutions. It is from this perspective that Papua New Guinna Abstain today.
Korea Federation, is deeply concern that this resolution has bring about, our delegation has decided to abstain.
My delegation want to advocate for the two states solutions. We regret the lost of lives. Dialogue with the sense of urgency.
Romania, allies itself with the statement of the European Union, Romanian abstain today as principal.
Portugal, long defended the right of the Palestinian people to self determination. The agreement reached between the parties.
Voted yes. We urged the parties to resumed negotiations without pre conditions. Credible negotiations. Overseeing viable State of Palestine 1967 border.
Mauritius  full support the resolution and the enhancement of the State of Palestine, we support a independent and sovereign  State inside the  1967 borders, Mauritius and the Palestinian solidarity ties. Believe in the two state solution, it is unfortunately that has been ….settlements are in the way of peace. Settlements undermine the peace process. Unconditional support the move to upgrade Palestine.
Egypt derise to congratulation the Palestinian people ..more than 2 thirds shows the recognition of the State of Palestine. And its attempt to swamp colonization or settlement and other actions which violate the pricnipal of concensus and peaceful actions.
This is historical event to enjoy their indevible right as Jerusalem as its capital, in order to respidn to the occupation with all the tools of the International Law. Near future the Security council accept it srespinsability and accept Palestine as full State so Palestine explote its natural resources.
It is clear that Israel is not serious when it comes to achieving peace. 1979 assential elements for 2 state solution. The occupain power peace talks no where. Blaming the other party.
Egypt reaffirm the importance of returning to negociations. Resolutions of the General Assembly to put a halt to the settlements . Clear mechanism for future negotiations. The negociations to lead to the cease of fire in Gaza. we encourage
Islamic Republic of Iran. In behalf of the non align movement. on agenda item 37 question of Palestine. Gven the time constrain I present and excerpt my statementn in behand of Iran . It is importan devate the Intenational day of the solidarity for the Palestinians people. Self determinatin adn free themselves from oppresation. This day Iran affirm it continue and support to the long suffering people of Palesitne. Peace and Justice. To the resilance of th National Aspiraton that had been for too long unjustly denied. dear coleagues notn align mvoentn the critical situation of Jerusalem illegal policies and practices. We condemnd the raids settler,ents coloniztion camoaon land confiscation construction of setltlemnet transfer of thosudnad wall demoliton and severe on movement check points of thisnad fonce the palestinsi the oth eother mesauere of the Palestinian people. The internationa lae and human rilae. violatomg collectible measures of Israel the occupatina power, breaches of Inteanional law. particulat th efour geneva ocnvention aimpose a serious thread to regional stability. in this regard not alignd accountability for th eperpertation by th eoccupatina power.

against Gaza Israle impunity of crimes. Israel occuping power pursee illegal settlements and practice sin the occuping territories inclusei Jordan vallery, Jerusalem are are risk of displacement illegal colonizations East Jerusalem where the occupian pwer continue con th eindigenondts Paletijniasn ..ensuring majority of Jews in the cities. Halt the settlements activity. near Arama fharif and ;close we condemen the terror against Palestinian and prope;rty land, agricultural lands , religions sites. and must be brougn to inmediat ened by the ocucpatie power. Israel use of torture and phsycological mistreamnet of prisoners, not visiting of familire and solitarim confiment. 16 summit of the tehran Agugust 2012 prisoner political shiuld be free. Refudal to committ to the two state solutions cast a shadow of doubt underscore merly for the sake to manage crisis. Inthis regard non align movemnt commintte in Palestine all effort to the two state solution. and justice for the Palestinian People and stressses to accord the observer state for Palestine, Peaceful initiative. including with regard to self determination and salvaging the process for peace. the moveement rafirmmed to
Not align movemnt in themiddle east process due to Israel illegal policies that continue to undermine the peace talks.

unfortunelyt today the occupaian people its campagn of Gaza the strike in Gaza

moral support of Iran,that without the exercise of self discrimantion and occupaiton against the the dignity render to them will be impossible to find solutuion to the crisis.

free and fare elections including Muslim, Christian and Jews …and the UN can resolve the issue of Palestinian and end the conflict..

…………..European Union Statement. Comprehensive ………express the two state solution..EU wants the full membership of Palestine as State with all the benefits.

the Eu reiterate to recognize Palestine as State when it is appropriate…call on all parties to peace talks…and to refrain from actions to bring violence…welcome the positive statements of Abbas and Natayanhu and reaffirm the position.

Diju budi Islamic Organizations OIC Mohamad Al ousee. Full State for Palestine. They condenm Israel violence specially the fundamental settlers supported by the IDF.

Support the resolution, althought they have preffer full membership.

China, thanks the permanent Sudan draft resolutions observer status of the UN. China Co sponsor this resolution..

The GA resolution that was this fully show the standing of the International Community  the solidarity woith the Palestine , chine express their warm congratulations to the Palestinian People. gaining their independent statehood it its their justice right.

China support statehood for Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital 1967…recognize PLO and Palestine State.

can last and peace and statbility in the middle east can be reliaze. china hopes that all parties resolve the issues diplomaticlly. and the road map for peace in the mIddle to stablish a State of Palestine with Israel side by side. The internatoional community should proact a more efective move to remove obstacles to resume negociations. Israel as the strong party should push for diplomatic solution.

Kuwait …The action taken by the UN today and adopted the resolution as non member it is historical achieveent and a landmark for the Palestinian people.  it is an extremelyimportant stage to right to self determiantion. independet state as the 1967 border. it is a clear message to the firm support of the International commiunity of its rights. the majority call for this measure ..as the quarter to the final solution for the conflict in the middle east. Refugees, Jerusalem and water. Kuwait congratulate the Palestinian People. International Day of Solidarity we reaffir our solidarity and our strong comminment for govenrment adn people…Israel as occuping power should end. Jerusalem as it  capital..

The actions by Israel in term in its military aggression in Gaza for 8 days had kille 172 people and clear show of its brutality.  bring Israel to its International occupations.  Expansion policies. there is no better prove of this that the 900 unites of settlement in Satum mountain
United States, The same old rhetoric of the US. The same lies, the same propaganda. So United States Vote its obsolete.

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