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Google Truth Predictor 5 years later

Posted on March 12, 2013 by Akashma Online News

by Marivel Guzman

Image credit AFP/Getty Images via @daylife

Image credit AFP/Getty Images via @daylife

On October 2006 the words “truth predictors” were all over the internet, after Google said that they will have truth predictor software, according to Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman of Google.

He forecast that, within five years, “truth predictor” software would “hold politicians to account”. Voters would be able to check the probability that apparently factual statements by politicians were actually correct, using programmes that automatically compared claims with historic data, he said.

Politicians “don’t in general understand the implications” of the internet, Mr Schmidt argued. “One of my messages to them is to think about having every one of your voters online all the time, then inputting ‘is this true or false?’. We [at Google] are not in charge of truth but we might be able to give a probability.”

That was back then, the same Eric Schmidt that sold 2.5 Billion of stock or 42 percent of his Google shares on February, the 8-k filed on Friday. Last year Eric Schmidt sold another bulk of his shares; 153,193 shares  with value of $103.5 million. Last year Google Inc shares were trading at $688.01, now after the sell of 3.2 million shares the share-market-price is $785.37, roughly 120 dollars higher than last year. Very ODD, GOOG price went up to 834.82 after the notice of the sale was published.

This sale comes after Google Inc. had split its shares, meaning that people can buy 1 share for half the price. This maneuvers on high value shares are done with the purpose to attract naive buyers, that will become temporally-imaginary-part-business-owners.
Public companies CEO’s use this trick to cash out the real money(capital money), cheap out the company’s shares to lure buyers into the market, but they’ll keep the Class B shares, which are the ones with more voter power(10 to 1).

In the past companies had done exactly this maneuver only to unload the super-fake-valued shares, then sell to the public the cheaper  ones, to later on, the same executives would buy more shares at cheaper prices, then super-fake- value-inflate the shares and sell it again.  A cycle of deceit to the outsiders that think in owing a piece of the pie of the richer companies in the planet. (CEOs control millions of shares, valued in billions of dollars, they have an army of “brokers” -anonymously working for them-doing the buying -selling game-inflating the price of the shares), only a blind can not see.

When money of this magnitude is shuffle around something is cooking. Google Inc. worth net is approximately  $200 billion, but that net worth is fluctuating all the time, because Google’s price depends on its direct advertisement, addsense google Adds and public shares. I call this sucking-up dry the public’s money. The only people that makes the big money are the executives that keep taking up the real money out of the company’s capital, while the little people delusion to “own” big company’s shares keeps buying faked-valued-shares,  the CEOs keep the good shares until they render them worthless.  No company is king forever!.

Going back to the original story, where is the truth predictor software Eric Schmidt predicted will be ready in 5 years? Cheap Talk!, or Bullish Talk? what ever it was, the software was not developed, and politicians still  running campaigns with lies.

Same politicians that are pushing for censoring the internet; just in case that Google remember their 5 years old prediction and make the truth predictor come to life. Then we do not have to worry for Aaron Swuartzs committing suicide, Bradley Mannings stealing “truths” to be shared with the public, and Julian Assange wouldn’t need to be hiding in an Ecuadorian Embassy because is sharing the truth.
The American could then be able to trust the politicians again, because we will be resting assured that everything promised will be for real, and not a stunt propaganda to win “the chair”.

I see that some people needs to work in his/her super-inflated-patriotism feed by lies and excused secrecy. There is no reason any government should work under secrecy. There is no reason, the governments will punish a real patriot, a hero that risking his life, to unmask criminals embedded inside our Defense Forces. There is no reason the government should be protecting criminals instead is persecuting truth seekers.
When there is no transparency in the government, there is shadow government, and a shadow government does not work for the regular American, which is to close to 300 million. The Generals in our Defense Forces, current and formers(and their families) live like kings. They reserve for themselves the most expensive gourmet dishes, they travel in chartered private planes, they play in the super luxury golf courses built specially for them, all this extravagance paid by American Tax Dollars. These are the real criminals, the ones Bradley Manning is exposing.
While the real heroes, the brave men and women are killed in the ground, all brainwashed by well structured lies, that only serve the Corporations that our Defense Forces are protecting, corporations that are amazing billions of dollars, while we Americans are struggling to survive.

While all this game is taking place, the U.S. unemployment rate, currently at 8.1 percent. That’s more than 1.5 million jobs. Reading these numbers means nothing, but there are more than 2 million families struggling to live another day. That 1.5 million number published by the Unemployment Department is the steady number of current unemployed people, but does not reflect the reality. The people that runs out of employment benefits are taken out of the current statistic sheets.

The health of the Nation is not with the numbers published every day by the financial markets. The health of the nation is reflected by the low debt acquired by credit cards holders every month.
The Google, Yahoo, Wall mart, British Petroleoum and others CEOs are riding the American debt by the horns on the American’s back.

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