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Hugo Chavez declared cerebral death on December 30 2013

Posted on March 05, 2013 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

Controversy surrounds Chavez death

Hugo Chavez UN photo press

Hugo Chavez UN photo press

The news of the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez broke today, March 05, 2013 will be recorded as the official date of death. But in fact, he was declared brain death on December 30, 2013, said Guillermo Cochez, Former Panamanian Ambassador for OEA.
He went on to say that Chavez was disconnected from the machines that kept him alive on February 23, by order of his daughters.

“The information that I have is that December 30 or 31 Hugo Chavez was declared death, that’s why nobody was able to see him or talk to him. It was a lie that Fidel Castro was visiting Chavez every day, or that Raul Castro talked to him every day. Also I know that Chavez was transported to Venezuela, because Cuban representatives did not want that Chavez  be disconnected from the machines that kept him alive in Cuba, for that reason was taken to Venezuela and disconnected by order of his daughters, for respect to their father and tired to see the body of their father being manipulated,” said Guillermo Cochez.

Why Hugo Chavez’s death was kept hidden for four days?
The rumors said that the government  of Maduro, -who was left in place in Hugo’s place- was preparing a plan for the succession to power. Afraid of the opposition.

When Chavez announced that his cancer had returned, he addressed Venezuelans and appointed Vice President Madure as president, as the Venezuela constitution specifies.

If the president dies, Venezuela’s constitution specifies that the vice president assumes the presidency until new elections can be held.

At the beginning of December, Chavez announced that his cancer had returned and said he wanted Maduro to replace him;  if “something were to happen that would incapacitate me.” Chavez said in a press conference before  leaving to Cuba for treatment, for fourth time in.

“My firm opinion, as clear as the full moon irrevocable, absolute, total; is that you elect Nicolas Maduro as president,” Chavez said, waving a copy of the Venezuelan Constitution as he spoke in front of cameras.
Now is up to the people of Venezuela to upheld Chavez last wish. To elect Nicolas Maduro as president. Time will tell

Before Chavez underwent his latest operation in December, he explained why he had chosen Maduro:

“He’s one of the young leaders with the greatest ability to continue, if I’m unable to — God knows what he does — if I’m unable to, to continue with his firm hand, with his gaze, with his heart of a man of the people, with his gift for people, with his intelligence, with the international recognition he’s earned, with his leadership, leading the presidency.”

It could result in a rebellion of the forces of “Chavismo”, the name given to the left-wing political ideology based on the ideas, programs and government style associated with the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. Chavista is a term to describe strong supporters of Chavez, which is closely associated with support for Chavismo.

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s interim president who is likely to stand for elections within 30 days, said Tuesday: “In the immense pain of this historic tragedy that has affected our fatherland, we call on all the compatriots to be vigilant for peace, love, respect and tranquility.” Maduro announced the military and police would be deployed to maintain order in Chavez’s immediate absence, while Venezuela announced it’s expelling two U.S. military officials accused of plotting against the government.

On January 10, Venezuela started a new electoral process but it is not necessary a new swearing in relation of the president Hugo Rafael Chavez, because there is not a interruption in the exercise of his job, said Luisa Estela Morales, President of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in Venezuela.

Luisa Estella Morales, has backed the Government’s argument of “administrative continuity” to the already official absence of the president. With this the Tribunal set the precedent that Chavez is still president even if he is absent. Now after the announcement of his death, the tribunal will have to swear the vice president Nicolas Maduro, until Venezuela is ready for new elections. El Pais And again we ask the question; why hide to Venezuela that Chavez is death. Unless the chavistas were working overtime, under the shadows preparing for the elections, with this having the upper hand of a few days.

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