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Mohammad Assaf United Palestine-from Jerusalem, Gaza to the West Bank

Posted on June 23, 2013 by Akashma Online News

Assaf United Palestine

A beautiful voice from Gaza, Palestine have conquered the heart of the world, Mohammad Assaf, a 23 years old from Khan Younis, had won the 2013 Arab Idol. He had united Palestine from Jerusalem, Gaza to the West Bank. Not Fatah, not Hamas or any Palestinian politician had united every one under the Palestinian Flag. 🙂 .
Mohammad Assad had put the name of Palestine again in the International Stage, we hope that his triumph bring the attention of the world to the Palestine’s struggles.
Palestinians are relishing some good news for a change: Mohammed Assaf, a 23-year-old singer from Palestine, has become a hero after winning the Arab Idol TV talent contest.

Thousands turned out onto the streets to celebrate as Mr Assaf prevailed over contestants from across the Middle East during the show, watched by millions in the region. His win is seen as a triumph for the Palestinian cause because, in addition to his vocals, he also projected nationalist consciousness while competing. His signature songs stressed Palestinian history and the struggles of his people against Israeli occupation.

“People love him because he chooses such wonderful songs related to the Palestinian revolution,” said Riyad Saleh, a local English teacher. The joy in this camp of 13,000 refugees, which was established after Israel’s formation in 1948, was even greater than when the UN General Assembly recognised Palestinian statehood earlier this year, Mr Saleh said.

Mr Assaf is from a refugee family living in Khan Younis in the southern part of Gaza Strip. He made a name for himself performing at weddings there, but his big break came three months ago when he made his way to Cairo for the Arab Idol audition, reportedly arriving late and having to climb over a hotel wall to get his chance.

After his victory, Mr Assaf said: “Spreading the words of young people and watching them achieve their dreams – this is much better than the sounds of gunfire.”

Mr Assaf performed his final song before judges in Beirut on Friday. “Raise Your Keffiyeh” refers to the head scarf that is also a nationalist symbol. The song, which dates back to the 1990s honours prisoners in Israeli jails and those killed in the conflict with Israel.

Firas Iziyah, a barber, said Mr Assaf’s triumph meant so much to Palestinians because it was a bright moment within a bleak situation.

“It shows that a Palestinian can succeed in this world,” he said. “I think this shows we love peace and is a message of peace to the world.”

President Mohamud Abbas gave diplomatic passport to the young Palestinian star Mahommad Assaf. It is not every day that a celebrity from Khan Younis shine in the International arena, this time the young Mohammad had done what Hamas and Fatah have not been able to do in years of reconciliation deals. Mohammad Assaf united the whole Palestine and the Palestinians in the exile in a national celebration.


“Mohammed Assaf didn’t free Palestine,” wrote one blogger on Twitter. “But he brought joy to people who didn’t smile for the past 66 years of occupation.”
Some people said is not a big deal to win a contest, but for someone living in Gaza that have to sneak out to go to the auditions, it is a great and risky deal. Gaza had been besieged by Israel since 2007, the movement of persons and goods between Egypt and Palestine at times it is almost impossible.

Assaf Mohammed Palestinian winner of the 2013 Arab Idol. He has united the world with his triumph. Palestine sings again under one flag. From Jerusalem, Gaza to West Bank, all are Palestine

April 22, 20`3

Arab Idol Audition

Audition for New Star 2010

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