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The rest is hysteria and implanted fear

The rest is hysteria and “implanted fear.”

The strategy to let the “SARS-CoV-2,” to run free isn’t really new. The fact of this pseudo pandemic is that most of the 7.8 billion people in planet earth have been living an almost normal life.
Almost half of the population never stopped their routine of surviving. The other half, the ” essential” workers never stopped working. And “essential” consumers never stopped going out to buy food and services.

In other words, the SARS-CoV-2 has been widely running into the population of the world for 10 months (or more) and if scientists and politicians were honest they will tell “you” the truth, that COVID-19 only affects, affected, and will affect a tiny tiny percentage of the population, as the real numbers show. And unfortunately that tiny percentage are gone already. The elderly and the sick were killed. Killed by neglect, killed by the lack of medical services, killed by doctors’s cowardice to stand against politicians. Those doctors who didn’t follow the Hipocrates oath are cowards and murderers.

Hospitals are and always been places where people are healed , but also, hospitals are places where people die everyday. They die by the thousands, they always have. Why now their deaths are subject of countless articles?

Doctors and nurses are not heroes, they are just workers, they chose that profession. The slogan, that they are “the frontine workers,” it is a marketing campaign to sell you the pandemia.
Besides that not all doctors and nurses work with COVID-19 patients. Do they?

When there is a train crash in a community, all local hospitals are overwhelmed. That fact does not make doctors and nurses heroes. Everyone of them does their job, they work faster, yes, but they are no heroes. They have two hands and a brain. Doctors and nurses don’t leave a patient half open during a surgery, only because there are more patients to intervene. The same with COVID-19 patients, doctors and nurses work at the best of their abilities.

Now, the doctors and nurses that died, they knew they were dealing with a “virus, ” a new respiratory virus. If they were old, overweight, with coronary diseases, diabetic, why did they stay? They wanted to be heroes? Bullshit, they neglected their duty and expose themselves. A soldier does not go to war without a weapon. That is suicide.

Herd inmunity is a natural process, and if you are a believer of any faith, you should believe that herd inmunity is God’s vaccine. Christians, Catholics and others embrace your faith and God’s designs.

For you Muslims, If Islam is the fast growing religion with billions, then Muslims should put the faith in Allah and stop being cowards. Be the example, show the way. Stop “their” Truman Show. Stop Melinda Gates Foundation, UN one world order, stop the mad scientist death in their tracks, rebel against the transgressors.

Do not allow “A brave New World,” book to be our reality
Take back your lives and spread truth. If Allah want us dead, we will die

On “The flu vaccine,” It is not a vaccine. Why? A vaccine grants you inmunity, if you take a shot every year, it means the shot you are getting is not a vaccine. It is a yearly doses of viruses. And again, isn’t Allah all knowing and mighty? Could you hide from Allah behind a vaccine, or a mask? when Allah calls you, means is your time to go.

Remember this, media is a lucrative business. More alarming the news are, the more audience they attract, and more paid advertisements they generate. Because people like drama. People love sensationalism.

Turn the news off and “game over.” Turn pandemia off.
Louisa Livingstone, Gail Baker, Rosa Tomsic, Mike Chickey, Fred Burks Zafar Khan,

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