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My library is a time machine

My library is a very impressive time machine treasure. My 1897 Collection of John L. Stoddard’s Lectures is full of fascinating photographs of fascinating places, forgotten events and full of stupid statements.

I found the following statements describing two men in a photo on page 117, in Volume II, Constantinople Jerusalem Egypt.

“The two men who were grinding corn between flat stones looked more like anthropoid apes than human beings.”

In another paragraph, he described two other men he encountered in Jerusalem

“Two other characteristics specimens of humanity were lounging on the steps of the “Twelve Tribes Hotel, ‘”

“At one place in our walk about the Holy City we saw some wretched men and women crouching in the sun….They held out for our inspection fingerless hands and toeless feet…We started back, regarding them with mingled horror and compassion, for these knew must be the hideous lepers of Jerusalem.
Not far from the Jafa Gate, the hospital erected in 1867 for these pitiable creatures. They should be all secluded there; but liberty is still allowed them, and they often marry, this propagating the disease since this unfortunate evil is hereditary”

In the previous page, Stoddard acknowledged that “Physicians claim that leprosy is not infectious, ” and still he writes his despicable opinion.

That statement reflects a deep degree of racism and disregard of human sentiment. His demeanor for other races is sickening and heartbreaking. How, can a man that has traveled so much, has not learned to embrace the richness of humanity?

According to Google, Wikipedia, Library of Congress, WorldCat libraries and other researched sites, Stoddard is considered a writer.

Because of publications as such, I have made my duty to revise history. I research and highlight; the wrongs, the idiotic, stupid and racist statements I find.

This photo was included in his passage through Jerusalem. The depiction Stroddard made about of these two men is despicable.
Read the heading of the post to learn more about Stroddard vision of races.
Church of Mater Dolorosa
Jaffa Gate
Palestine Olive Orchards

Life magazine treasures: Palestine 1948

Deep cleaning my library! I found my old collection of LIFE magazines. The attached photos belong to March 1948 edition.
The small snap photo is the beginning of the Editorial piece.

“Since Britain issued the controversial Balfour Declaration……Of these about 1,700 fell in the 100 days after the “evil and unworkable “partition” decision was recommended by the U.N. General Assembly.”

Life Magazine editorial board was aware that the Balfour Declaration and the “evil partition” were to blame for the deaths already on record. Unfortunately, the massacres of Palestinians were omitted in this piece.

University of Central Arkansas, Political Sciences, British Palestine, 1917-1947 has the numbers as follows.
4177 Palestinian Jews
4657 Palestinian Arabs
216 British soldiers and British personal.

Of course Life numbers don’t reflect the real numbers. The Israeli historian Benny Morris put 12,000 Arab deaths only in the 1948 partition war. And even his numbers are below the numbers recorded by Palestinian historians.

I reserve for Palestinian historians a more deep and complete research for a different post.

I attach the link to the Arkansas University study. Gail Bakeraker

A snapshot I took of the edutorial page in Life Mafazine of the 1948 Edition
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