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Spend 30 minutes on the ground of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Denny Cormier reporting from Al Shifa, Gaza:
This little girl said to me that she was going to buy some grocery when ...suddenly a Zionist missile hit the market and wounded her .Her parents tell her that she will be okay

This little girl said to me that she was going to buy some grocery when
…suddenly a Zionist missile hit the market and wounded her
.Her parents tell her that she will be okay

Spend 30 minutes on the grounds of Al Shifa Hospital, and I believe that you will have a life changing experience.

This is no ordinary place.

One Norwegian doctor recommends that Obama spend the night here. – that it might change the course of western history. Frankly, I think that he should – and it could..

My soul has become accustomed to a view of the world that just four weeks ago was foreign, but I still began to weep as I walked the grounds of Al Shifa just now. I could not help myself.

Certainly there are similar places throughout our world, and many are much, much worse – but Gaza is a place of epiphanies for me – Al Shifa is a place of awakening.

But today was a challenge.

It was challenging to witness three burial parties within five minutes carrying the dead to the nearby mosque.

Challenging to see two ambulances arrive with passengers whose faces were shrouded.

Challenging to see a dozen children and their mother crowded inside of a makeshift structure that was smaller than my bath in Santa Fe.

Challenging to see hundreds and hundreds of refugees stuffed into every corner – in parks, under staircases – lean-twos against every wall – foam mattresses with people sleeping everywhere – trucks and cars crammed with families,

Challenging to see children whose heads or limbs are wrapped in bandages – a young man in total shock with arms in casts – supported by his friends.

And among them walked men carrying the dead – Allahu Akbar – Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar

This is a place of life and death, my friends, laughter mingling with intense grief.

Six boys carrying bags of bread and skipping along – six men carrying a body whose soul has been transported to Jannah.

Allahu Akbar

A screaming tribe of children using a broken wheelchair for roller coaster rides down the short hill beside the hospital.

An old woman sitting expressionless.

A young boy alone and broken in the ICU – his entire family murdered.

In spite of all, Al Shifa is a particularly peaceful place today as people sit and wait…. perhaps there is a level of peace that is reached when you have only the belongings that you could carry as you ran from attacks on your home – on your street – on your city. The makeshift structures were filled with people and little else. This is a city of people and not of things.

This is a city for the living

Allahu Akbar

and a city for the dead.

Allahu Akbar

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My Land

My Land

I love my Land with all my heart, I can not fight in her name
I can not go and kill people with the pretext that I am protecting her,
I can not put soldiers on the borders of the country that confine her,
I can not name her,
I can not buy her,
I can not give her to others,… but there is something I can do:

I can work with her with my bare hands I can plant a seed,  and see her create a beautiful plant that will bear fruits,
I can protect her from harm,
I can nurture her and let her rest as it was prescribed by the creator….. that…. I CAN DO.

The Land belongs to all of us, do not allow to be destroyed or genetically manipulated, is not Natural…

Please Protect her is not My Land is OURS and …. is the only one we have


Love be with you and around you


Fifth Dimensional Dreams

Last night I was carving a stone that did not has any shape at all at the beginning, as I worked on the stone I see myself adding more material, the material is rose quartz scales, they look so bright, a soft pink color with silvery strikes of light, when I touch them with my  tool the looks like of a skinny long knife as I pass the scales over the stone they attached to it. giving form to a miniature statue, when I finished it, I am holding it in the palm, of my hand on a concave shape, with a warrior like face carved in the center, you can see every detail in his face, with feather of all colors, is an Aztec chief, as I look deeply into the face of my sculpture to admire the warrior, different dimensions developed in front of my eyes, with split of seconds apart from one vision to the next one, forming a multidimensional movie. I see myself as going back in time by frames. The sensation that I experiment in that vision is almost indescribable, unimaginable, is a wholeness that I achieved in that moment  like virtual back reality.
At the end of that vision, I see mixed scenes of a house with many windows, where I am peaking in each on to see inside and ask for my son, then I get this sensation of pain in my heart when nobody knows where my son is.
(In those days my 17 years old son was going through turbulent times.)
I want to share my dream with all of you, is a way to give you my gift.

I m very certain that those dreams are prophetic, I had have them now for more than a year, and I’m learning to interpret them with more accuracy, they are coming more clear now.

I can see in that vision how our past-present-future is entangle together, there for us to look like in a window.
I dream in color you know, is being two often lately. Since that day is being a year since that vision, I can’t wait to go to sleep to start having visions, is a beautiful sensation, I usually write down my travels. Sometimes those visions are not to pleasant. Either way I write them down. I will share some more in this blog.



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