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A Sacred Moment – A Call to Truth: The Words of a Lakota Elder | LIBERATION FROM THE LIE


HolyEagle James


I ask you to read this post in a spirit of reverence for those who came before.

When I was a teen, I read a book about the Plains Indian wars. I already knew that the Native people of North and South America were the victims of European conquest and genocide, but until I read this book, I had little idea how savage the destruction of Native cultures truly was.

After my sophomore year at college, I received an invitation to visit the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Busby, Montana.

Me with Randy Kills On Sight (N. Cheyenne) – The summer when this talk happened

As someone raised in a large Eastern city, the barren, high prairie of Eastern Montana was at once a place that was entirely foreign, but also oddly familiar to me. It felt both powerful and sacred. I was struck by the incredible silence of the infinitely spacious sky of Eastern Montana. However, beneath that sky was the glaring rural poverty and sadness of the Cheyenne communities. This once proud and independent buffalo hunting society of the high plains was now living in decrepit houses in a barren world. Reduced to eating processed meat sticks and endless quantities of Kool Aid. The reservation suffered from an unemployment rate approaching 90%, an average life expectancy of 39, and it was a place where suicide was the second leading cause of death. It was not unusual for old people to sit outside on freezing winter nights so that they might die of exposure by morning. My summer on the reservation changed me forever. My brief time in Montana suggested to me that Cheyennes dealt with emotional crisis differently than what I observed growing up in our primarily Jewish suburb outside of Philadelphia, but I could not put my finger on what it was.

As that summer was drawing to a close, I had a remarkable conversation with an old Lakota man at the Crow powwow. It was dusk, on a hill above the Little Big Horn River, right where Arapaho, Lakota, and Cheyenne warriors wiped out Custer and his men 94 years ago (at that time). He spoke to me in questions, which I later learned is a fairly common way of teaching in the “Indian” way. He had previously told me many “tall” tales and then would ask me if I believed them. I would politely reply that I didn’t and he would chuckle good-naturedly. On this day, he was more solemn and he said that he was going to tell me a different sort of story. He wondered if I would believe this tale.

He asked, “Do you know why we Indians view white people with pity and contempt?” His question confused me. I didn’t know what he was referring to, nor what he was trying to tell me. So I answered, “Is it our obsession with money, material things?”

He smiled and then asked me to look around and tell him what I saw. I told him that I saw hills, grasses, sky, and the river below us. He nodded in agreement. Then he said, “Where are the wolves Eric?”

“They are gone.” I answered. “Where are the bears? Where are the buffalo?” and he asked about many animals that are now gone. “Were they all here, before your people came to this land?” I hesitantly nodded yes.

“Did not the white people kill the wolves, the bears, the buffalo and all the other animals that once lived here? Is this a story you can believe Eric?” I said, “Yes, I can believe that story.”

Then he asked me to look down at the river and he asked me, “Eric, would you drink from that river?” I answered no. He then asked, where are the many fish that use to fill that river? Isn’t it true that the white man killed them all? Do you believe that to be so?” “Yes”, I said, “I believe that to be so.”

A deepening sadness now filled the air. I started to tremble with the power of that sadness.

Then he asked me to look at the all but empty sky. He said that before the white man there were many more birds. He asked if I knew why there were so many fewer birds now than then. I said that I didn’t know. He explained to me that birds feed on the grasses, but that the white man did away with the wild grasses and covered the land with grasses that need poisonous chemicals to live. The plows and chemicals of the white man destroyed the original vegetation, which killed off many of the birds.

“Poison and death everywhere.” He said softly.

He paused and then he looked at me sadly. “The white man kills anything that is wild. Do you believe that Eric?” He paused again and peered pensively into the darkening sky. He had become very serious, as if he was unsure how to present his next question.

He then sadly asked, “Where are the wild people that filled this land before the white man came?” I then eagerly pointed out all the Indians who were attending the powwow. “They are here,” I said trying to sound hopeful. But he responded with a quiet, “No, these are not the wild Indians, they are the reservation Indians, they are the conquered Indians.” He then asked again, “Eric, where are the wild Indians?”

I said very softly, “They are gone with all the rest.” I had to hold back tears.

“What has the white man killed?” he asked. I reluctantly uttered the long list we had now amassed … the animals, the grasses, the birds, the wild people, and even the earth itself. For each increasingly heavy category of life now destroyed, he would tirelessly repeat the question, “Do you believe this to be true Eric?” And for each point, I had to say “Yes, this is true.”

“Now I will ask you again, why do the Indians have pity on the white man?”

Confidently I replied, because of the killing. The white man is a heartless killer, I answered quite sure that I was definitely on the right track.

He said that was part of it, but not the whole story.

“What is it the white people kill?” he asked. I answered “Anything that stands in their way”.

He said, “Can you be a little clearer?”
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I became flustered and wasn’t sure what he was trying to get me to say. I was confused and didn’t know where he was taking this conversation.

He then answered his own question, “The white man kills anything that is wild. More than anything else, the white man fears anything that is wild.”

He paused, “The white man depends on control. Anything that he cannot control, he must kill or control in some extreme way. But that is not the answer to my first question.”

He then asked, “Do you know the answer now?”

I was frustrated with myself, because I just couldn’t figure out what he was getting at.

There was a long pause.

He then said the answer. “If it were only the killing, if that was the only issue, we would not pity the white man. We would think that he is crazy, but we would not pity him.”

“We pity the white man because this killing gives him pleasure. He loves to kill. The killing gives him a sense of accomplishment.”

“He looked out onto this land and saw it as useless the way the Great Spirit made it. He has to fashion it in a way that serves his interests. That meant that his pleasure became killing as the work of God. We Indians lived in peace with God. Your people have no peace with God.”

The old man let his head drop in silent contemplation. I began to weep and I truly wanted to die at that moment.

There was a long silence. I was so sad. He put his arm on my shoulder and said, “It’s okay Eric, this too will pass. Life is a much longer journey than we can possibly imagine and I have faith in you. You’ll be different.”

He smiled and we walked down to the river together. We walked down to the banks of the Little Big Horn River, the river the Lakota call the Greasy Grass as the sun fell beneath the horizon.

I never saw him again.

If you found inspiration in this post which is true in every word, you might want to read this post. It will raise your heart in the blaze of the beauty of this day.

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I am a Miracle Worder! And so you are:)

I am a miracle worker! And so are you 🙂

Every time I see this video, I feel love runs through my body, is so powerful to watch.
I wish every body have to opportunity to experience the love that he is giving and the precious lesson of gift of love.
Love be with you and around you

My Uni-verse and Me

June 10, 2009
My Universe and Me

Understanding the greatness of my own universe and without fantasying on picking in the other near universes, I bow to the vastness and unlimited grandiosity of what I think I know my very own: “My Uni-verse”.
After years and years of pounding my mind with information and disinformation sometimes realistic but most of the time unrealistic, with ideas, formulas and calculations that our scientist keep developing, fantasies and legends from our heroes and villains, stories and his-story, her-story,their-story and much more, I have no other choice but to reach to the conclusion that all I know is a just a tiny little bit , an “almost” invisible speckle of something in this hologram that my universe is, and does not matter how much I study or how many books I read I will only know what I limit myself to know, I will only discover what I dare to explore, and my mind will be as immense and unlimited and mysterious as the universe I try to know and understand.
Sometimes I wonder;
Where the idea of knowledge comes from?
Who was the first to introduce the idea of knowing?
Was a curiosity of exploring the unknown?
Was the rationalization of ignorance that lead others to want to know more?
Or, was the duality of the mind trapped between the thoughts of known and unknown? that make us to keep wanting more.
Why we want to know more?
Do we need to know everything that it is?
Or, do we need to understand everything that we know?
What is the answer? …I do not know,..but I want to know?
It is maybe that we never stop being that child that need to explore the world that it is offered to him, you see, as are our body grows older the mind stays younger and the thoughts keeps flowing into the ethers, just flowing without stopping at nothing or anything. It is the eternal child the inner child that keeps us in wonder?
As we grow older we seem to start a race because we are running out of time, the body decrepit, but the mind resist to surrender.
How bad it is this insatiable curiosity of ours? Do you ever ask yourself that maybe is what keeps us in the journey, In this journey called Life.
Is a wonder that we have came this far in humanity’s journey and still looking for more knowledge, does it never ends?does it us tells the answer that there is no more knowledge, “that there is all that it is”,
Or it tells us that we will never be satisfied with what we know because is the natural growing process of the mind, the ever wondering mind.
These thoughts still keep me wanting more of what there is,
What will stop us from knowing?
What will stop us from wanting?
The Buddha teachings emphases on the idea that is “desire”, that emotion that keep us from being satisfied, Buddha teaches us that we must need to stop the wanting to achieve peace, but I must disagree with Buddha.
How can we achieve inner peace?
How can we humans can stop thinking?
Just imagine for a moment if 6 billion souls just there meditating trying to achieve inner peace, not thinking, not inventing, not striving for excellence, not counting, or studying the stars, does it make sense?… Not…not for me, I do love to follow the Buddha’s discipline and somehow achieve the 7 principles and achieve my inner peace…but only temporally because I am a wondering soul, I have an immense curiosity to know more, I have the immense necessity to discover more, how can I blame myself from wanting to be a traveler in time and space?, how can I blame myself to try to discover the beauty of the world that I do not know, to discover other cultures, others places or spaces, planes or dimensions, to try to discover old stories, all will be just there an innert world.
You see More I think, more I wonder, more my universe expanse, and then I see clearly, that as long as I keep wondering, exploring my mind, my universe will grow in me, with me, the energy that I am generating with my thoughts will travel to other universes and I will connect my thoughts with that of others just like me, other light beings that want to know me, that want to know my universe.

When I close my eyes I see energy flowing inside my head, I see millions of dots of all colors colliding each another, they want to get out of my mind, those are my thoughts, when I beam them to an idea those dots of energy transmit my thoughts to others that are thinking the same idea, I think this is how telepathic messages transmit out of the mind, if we synchronize our minds we will make it happen.
My thoughts make my universe, my thoughts generate energy, my wonders make it bigger and more interesting to keep my curiosity from wanting more.
What about yours?
Because all there is, ………. is My Universe and Me…Connected with your Uni-verse…….Our Uni-verse as ONE.

Love be with you and around you

My Land

My Land

I love my Land with all my heart, I can not fight in her name
I can not go and kill people with the pretext that I am protecting her,
I can not put soldiers on the borders of the country that confine her,
I can not name her,
I can not buy her,
I can not give her to others,… but there is something I can do:

I can work with her with my bare hands I can plant a seed,  and see her create a beautiful plant that will bear fruits,
I can protect her from harm,
I can nurture her and let her rest as it was prescribed by the creator….. that…. I CAN DO.

The Land belongs to all of us, do not allow to be destroyed or genetically manipulated, is not Natural…

Please Protect her is not My Land is OURS and …. is the only one we have


Love be with you and around you


To all my Brothers and Sisters- And The Truth Shall Set you Free

Posted on March 14, 2009 by Marivel Guzman
The light is shinning in my face, I was blind but now I can see, I feel the urgency to tell you how much I love everybody in this earth.

I love my brothers animals, my sisters plants, and brothers rocks, and sisters waters.

I love you the same way I love me.My ideal of love is more than just an isolated sentiment reciprocated.
My love is a great energy that moves with me, and within the world that I want to live IN.

I am very sad that I have not been able to accomplish more sooner my task.  It is monumental, but one soul at the time.

I am ashamed, I’m sorry brothers and sisters, I got selfishly busy raising my family, but I am ready now to help.

I worry for everybody in this earth, I feel pain for Mother Earth and all her creatures and vegetation. War is a terrible cancer that have infected our world. Why can not we live in peace? We born free.

I can hear the cry of the mountains, of the water, the oceans and her guardians, The Whales and the Dolphins. The continuous destruction of our environment it should be a priority for all of us. We can not be expectators of the destruction of our world.
Why nobody is worry for the depletion of the water in our rivers, the constructions of dams in the last 100 years had completely destroyed the ability of earth to richly recycle the minerals and nutrients that suppose to run around earth freely. Dams are destroying Earth. Staying Alive by Vandana Shiva“Over-exploitation for a few decades or even a few years can destroy sources that have supported life over centuries.Violence to the water cycle is probably the worst but most invisible form of violence because it simultaneously threatens the survival of all.”

The Whales have a story to tell, I’ve had dream their plight.  We have to stop killing them to help them because their journey is not over yet, the dolphins also are in the middle with unfinished business. Do you think that the curiosity that science have to discern the songs of the whales and dolphin is just coincidence? I don’t think so, is more than just curiosity.”The wildlife of the north Pacific has been devastated by a remarkable 50-year chain reaction set off by commercial whaling, scientists claimed yesterday. Numbers of sea lions, sea otters and several species of seals have crashed in recent years, because of the mass slaughter of more than 500,000 whales in the Pacific between 1949 and 1969, the researchers believe.” Slaughter of great whales leads to ecosystem decline – CYBER DIVER News Network
Do Whales only serve the marine life? …..

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Meade

What You Can Do

A link to the Natural Resources Defense Council article on LFA sonar has a pre-written e-mail note that can be sent to Acting Navy Secretary Pirie (this was probably before Pres. Bush appointed the new Secretary). Though the effect of such an e-mail is surely negligible, there’s the slightest possibility that by monitoring the numbers of individual e-mails they get, the Navy will at least know people are paying attention and won’t let them easily get away with doing this under-the-table, so to speak.

Our brown brothers, the native of the lands, the wise men, they have the secret for the future and the past,  they know it can’t be written down, because the written word is manipulated, they have done well in passing along the secret to the children with their ceremonies full of visions.The Hopi ProphesyThe war will be “a spiritual conflict with material matters. Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator.”
The Emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. It is being made by the humble people of little nations, tribes, and racial minorities. “You can read this in the earth itself. Plant forms from previous worlds are beginning to spring up as seeds [as described in SW-II, Effects and Coming Events # 1]. This could start a new study of botany if people were wise enough to read them. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in the sky as stars. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in our hearts. All these are the same, depending how you look at them. That is what makes the Emergence to the next, Fifth World.

“Follow your path, my child,

Follow your path, my child, and you will become a nation.”

Song sung by survivors of the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890.

Lakota People-First Nations

“We were hunted like animals by those that lacked the knowledge and reason to understand the greatness that they had stumbled upon. At the point of contact, there were millions of our people all across turtle island with thriving metropolises. By the time the Invading Europeans were done satisfying their lust for blood and death there were only a couple of million at best among ruins of our cities. Although we may be able to forgive let us never forget. Let us reclaim what is ours…our land.”The Massacre of Wounded Knee

My stars brothers and sister know that truth to a certain degree, but all they can do is be spectators, they can not intervene in the earth’s affairs, but they can advise if ask. Remember they are far advance than we are, but they are not superheros.

All this words might sound crazy for many people, but the people that is already awake understand, they know what I am talking about. At least they have a better idea, they are open minded and if they keep looking a complete understanding will be soon.

You will very soon, don’t get discourage with words that now you don’t’ understand, they will be clear like water in the river. If you are reading this words is a reason for that. Remember there are no coincidences, everything happen for a reason. Keep looking you are near.

The stars have a story to tell also, for the ones that know how to read them,  the secret was reveled long ago.

The Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world. It has its headquarters at the papal summer cg-cirilliW2residence in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, outside Rome.

Astrology is not a hobby is a science well based, the oldest of all, as Old as “time”.  Why do you think the “Bible” says don not study the stars, don’t believe in mediums or sorceress…. Why the Vatican has the oldest Observatory in the World?..Vatican Inc. The City of the Pope, the richest man on earth….knows why? you should also.

Remember Creation and Evolution go hand with hand, very soon you will have the revelation of the truth.

The truth that can not be hidden anymore.

In his 1990 book Astrology, the Evidence of Science, Dr. Percy Seymour propounded a new theory on the ancient science of astrology. His scientific credentials are impressive. Seymour holds a doctoral degree in astrophysics, was senior lecturer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, the principal lecturer on astronomy at Plymouth Polytechnic Institute and director of its planetarium. Seymour himself looked askance at astrology until 1984 when a BBC crew interviewed him briefly on his opinion of astrology. Why Astrology Works: A Modern Theory on an Ancient Science

Ignorance is not a bliss. But a con phrase to make the ignorant person comfortable in their dark side, without asking himself questions that answers could be uncomfortable to face.

There we have our leaders or better say, the one that position themselves as pawns of the dark powers to keep you without rebelling against the status quo that is not a beautiful site for you but you are kept in that dark corner, without you realizing. Why? “they” have investing enormous resources and energy in keeping you “blind”? they have used any disposable means for their purpose. At the beginning you did not raise your voice and they were fine with that, you were busy working and surviving, but evolution is irremediably necessary, and we evolved, physically and mentally and we started seeing the light on the other side. So did they. And we become a nuisance and they started their campaign to apace us.

Force against us was used but they realized that is easy to keep us busy and ignorant, so they started another methods to control us.
They have run few Hoax against humanity and they were very successful in that, psychological control only work in some not everybody is easy pray, but we are too many and they have to take extreme measures without raising a flag. So they started poising our waters.

Fluoride is know, and the sun is not your enemy..” the solar filters and Sun Glasses” are, they interfere with the pineal gland and the retina to absorb the mighty sun’s rays which will feed your brain. “Pineal Gland” “Third Eye”..

Chem trails are being used by Pharmaceuticals Companies with the government blessing to sell the hoax of “Flu Shot”
“Every aspect of our physical environment is now being manipulated for war games. Discolored skies are continuously polluted by jets spraying chemical aerosols. Bizarre and unpredictable weather is often military-made. Electromagnetic abnormalities — including artificial lightning — are generated by HAARP-like installations in sundry places. People are becoming increasingly ill and immune-compromised from such ecological tampering. ”

Chem Trails are being used by Monsanto to spread the earth with chemicals that modify the DNA of the plants, so they can sell their products. Round Up,Fertilizers,Insecticides,Modified Seeds,Bactericides and some other 200 more products around the world.

Chem Trails are being used by the Military to conduct field operations in third world countries. “To ignore is to pretend that the DOD(Department of Defense) would never test its chemical and biological weapons on unsuspecting people. Most people living on earth want only life, liberty, peace and the pursuit of happiness. In grisly contrast, America’s military-industrial complex harbors an introverted and pathological fixation with war games and death technology”. By Amy Worthington

Chem Trails are being used by the NOAA-National oceanic And Admospheric Administration to control the Weather.

Chem Trails are being used by the the Department of Defense as Weather Weapon Defense-Offense  System, with the help of HAARP.

There are so many questions that have comes to the surface lately that they can not seems to explain, why they make obligation the shots, isn’t we are inoculate when our mother gives us the first colostrum..It is the obligation of our governments to keep us safe, healthy, happy and in peace.

Why there is so much chaos in the world, and yet there is so much control but not of the malignancies that our world suffer.

Why there are so many wars and regional conflicts and yet there is so much control? Why there is tremendous advances in science in the last 50 years and yet we are not healthy….Do you ever wonder why?
Why there is so much money invested in War Technology and yet there is so much control and they can not control violence? Do they push us for violence and then they try to stop us.

Do they get us sick and then they try to cure us?,
Why? there are so many questions than can not be sincerely answer by our leaders?…Do you ever wonder why? of so many things, that for a compassionate being is simple, yet for our leaders is a big deal..Like…

Why there are so many homeless in United States? being United States one of the riches countries in the world?…..
Why there are so many sick people? when we in US have the best hospitals in the world?…..Do you ever ask yourself these questions?…

I always have, except that lately I m demanding answers and I try to raise awareness for all the people to demand the answers and band together with others like me that have been asking these for long time.

this is some of the issues that we need to let the people know.

Revolution is roaming, is time to awake. The Revolution of truth is near, open your door when comes knocking to your door,be ready.

We need to help ourselves, nobody have the obligation, is our Earth.

Ask and will be given

Peace and Love for All

Love be with you and around you


Fifth Dimensional Dreams

Last night I was carving a stone that did not has any shape at all at the beginning, as I worked on the stone I see myself adding more material, the material is rose quartz scales, they look so bright, a soft pink color with silvery strikes of light, when I touch them with my  tool the looks like of a skinny long knife as I pass the scales over the stone they attached to it. giving form to a miniature statue, when I finished it, I am holding it in the palm, of my hand on a concave shape, with a warrior like face carved in the center, you can see every detail in his face, with feather of all colors, is an Aztec chief, as I look deeply into the face of my sculpture to admire the warrior, different dimensions developed in front of my eyes, with split of seconds apart from one vision to the next one, forming a multidimensional movie. I see myself as going back in time by frames. The sensation that I experiment in that vision is almost indescribable, unimaginable, is a wholeness that I achieved in that moment  like virtual back reality.
At the end of that vision, I see mixed scenes of a house with many windows, where I am peaking in each on to see inside and ask for my son, then I get this sensation of pain in my heart when nobody knows where my son is.
(In those days my 17 years old son was going through turbulent times.)
I want to share my dream with all of you, is a way to give you my gift.

I m very certain that those dreams are prophetic, I had have them now for more than a year, and I’m learning to interpret them with more accuracy, they are coming more clear now.

I can see in that vision how our past-present-future is entangle together, there for us to look like in a window.
I dream in color you know, is being two often lately. Since that day is being a year since that vision, I can’t wait to go to sleep to start having visions, is a beautiful sensation, I usually write down my travels. Sometimes those visions are not to pleasant. Either way I write them down. I will share some more in this blog.



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