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My Uni-verse and Me

June 10, 2009
My Universe and Me

Understanding the greatness of my own universe and without fantasying on picking in the other near universes, I bow to the vastness and unlimited grandiosity of what I think I know my very own: “My Uni-verse”.
After years and years of pounding my mind with information and disinformation sometimes realistic but most of the time unrealistic, with ideas, formulas and calculations that our scientist keep developing, fantasies and legends from our heroes and villains, stories and his-story, her-story,their-story and much more, I have no other choice but to reach to the conclusion that all I know is a just a tiny little bit , an “almost” invisible speckle of something in this hologram that my universe is, and does not matter how much I study or how many books I read I will only know what I limit myself to know, I will only discover what I dare to explore, and my mind will be as immense and unlimited and mysterious as the universe I try to know and understand.
Sometimes I wonder;
Where the idea of knowledge comes from?
Who was the first to introduce the idea of knowing?
Was a curiosity of exploring the unknown?
Was the rationalization of ignorance that lead others to want to know more?
Or, was the duality of the mind trapped between the thoughts of known and unknown? that make us to keep wanting more.
Why we want to know more?
Do we need to know everything that it is?
Or, do we need to understand everything that we know?
What is the answer? …I do not know,..but I want to know?
It is maybe that we never stop being that child that need to explore the world that it is offered to him, you see, as are our body grows older the mind stays younger and the thoughts keeps flowing into the ethers, just flowing without stopping at nothing or anything. It is the eternal child the inner child that keeps us in wonder?
As we grow older we seem to start a race because we are running out of time, the body decrepit, but the mind resist to surrender.
How bad it is this insatiable curiosity of ours? Do you ever ask yourself that maybe is what keeps us in the journey, In this journey called Life.
Is a wonder that we have came this far in humanity’s journey and still looking for more knowledge, does it never ends?does it us tells the answer that there is no more knowledge, “that there is all that it is”,
Or it tells us that we will never be satisfied with what we know because is the natural growing process of the mind, the ever wondering mind.
These thoughts still keep me wanting more of what there is,
What will stop us from knowing?
What will stop us from wanting?
The Buddha teachings emphases on the idea that is “desire”, that emotion that keep us from being satisfied, Buddha teaches us that we must need to stop the wanting to achieve peace, but I must disagree with Buddha.
How can we achieve inner peace?
How can we humans can stop thinking?
Just imagine for a moment if 6 billion souls just there meditating trying to achieve inner peace, not thinking, not inventing, not striving for excellence, not counting, or studying the stars, does it make sense?… Not…not for me, I do love to follow the Buddha’s discipline and somehow achieve the 7 principles and achieve my inner peace…but only temporally because I am a wondering soul, I have an immense curiosity to know more, I have the immense necessity to discover more, how can I blame myself from wanting to be a traveler in time and space?, how can I blame myself to try to discover the beauty of the world that I do not know, to discover other cultures, others places or spaces, planes or dimensions, to try to discover old stories, all will be just there an innert world.
You see More I think, more I wonder, more my universe expanse, and then I see clearly, that as long as I keep wondering, exploring my mind, my universe will grow in me, with me, the energy that I am generating with my thoughts will travel to other universes and I will connect my thoughts with that of others just like me, other light beings that want to know me, that want to know my universe.

When I close my eyes I see energy flowing inside my head, I see millions of dots of all colors colliding each another, they want to get out of my mind, those are my thoughts, when I beam them to an idea those dots of energy transmit my thoughts to others that are thinking the same idea, I think this is how telepathic messages transmit out of the mind, if we synchronize our minds we will make it happen.
My thoughts make my universe, my thoughts generate energy, my wonders make it bigger and more interesting to keep my curiosity from wanting more.
What about yours?
Because all there is, ………. is My Universe and Me…Connected with your Uni-verse…….Our Uni-verse as ONE.

Love be with you and around you

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