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My nauseated Imagination that it’s sick of Zionism

Posted on July 25, 2012 on Akashma Online News

by Marivel Guzman

Zionism and NWO

Could be just my nauseated imagination that it’s  sick of so much Zionism, or,  I’m exhausted of witness so much death, destruction and misery caused by their hand. “The chosen Ones” , and please forgive me to use those words in a sarcastic way. I am not trying to insult Judaism , that believes that the 12 tribes were chosen by God. I’m simply stating my state of mind.

Watch “London Olympics 2012 ‘ Zion’ Logo” on YouTube, all you have to do is type Olympic Logo or London Olympic Games and you find by yourself. (Olympic logo images could not be used-they intent to sell 2 billions euros out of that image)

One Monday, 4 June 2007 the logo of the London Olympic Games was unveiled in a star-studded ceremony in London, funny thing is that few people paid attention of the logo back then. We were too busy probably getting duped with the First Black President that will take the white house – Not trying to be racist or anything, but in the US just until few months before Obama even run for President, America was still one of the most racist societies in the world. The media played that black card for many years, when it came to Black Presidents.- so Obama running for President and winning the elections was prime time event in US history

Soon after the 2012 London Olympic logo was released to the press, Iran- the country led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad- protested and announced they may boycott the Games. Why? According to representatives of Ahmadinejad’s circle, the scrambled, jagged figures within the logo don’t form ‘2012’, but rather the word ‘Zion’. The man who first unscrambled the logo’s ‘numbers’ and determined they are actually letters spelling the word ‘Zion’ did so in 2008, soon after the 2012 symbol was announced and provided to the public.

He was a young (25 years old or so) British man named Rik Clay, and he was a student of secret societies and their symbolism in everyday logos, on the U.S. dollar bill, etc. Clay, who seemed in good spirits during interviews just subsequent to his logo revelation, allegedly committed suicide soon after coming out with his discovery. Check out the YouTube video Rik Clay & 2012- RIP 1/9.

Choosing the logo of the Olympics Games is a lengthy process, hundreds or probably thousands of designs are submitted to the Olympic committee to choose one for this mighty global event. So we wonder what are the chances that this logo symbolizing the year London Olympics games 2012, could be move around and spell the word Z I O N, right?
Don’t forget that Israel was asking the London Olympic Committee to hold a minute of silence during the ceremony of aperture of the games as a tribute to the 11 Israeli athletes sacrificed on September 6, 1972.  Munich 72 left a scores of hate and spilled blood without purpose, other that satisfy the arrogance of the Apartheid State of Israel. Their unwillingness to the fulfill the demands of the captors, ended the life of the 11 members of the Israel Olympic Team. After all they had promised to do so, the life of the athletes was hanging out on the promise that Israel government did to the captors. There is plenty evidence and witness testimonies that the police opened fire first without regards of the life of the Israeli Athletes.

Who ever picked the Olympic logo did it with the well acknowledgement of the Israel request to hold a minute of silence, now there is not just a moment of silence but the whole event will be a remembrance of the Zionist State.

The logo was designed by Wolff Ollins at the ticket price of 400,000 Euros.  According to International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge the logo will inspire the youth. Really? how  4 letters with a dot that switch around spelling Zion will inspire the youth?.  On his words

“This is a truly innovative brand logo that graphically captures the essence of the London 2012 Olympic Games – namely to inspire young people around the world through sport and the Olympic values” 

If they want to inspire the youth, they should have invited the youth of United Kingdom to summit their designs, that,  could have been a truly inspiration for them,  second with the world entrenched in violence; the occupy movement, the Arab springs,  the European Union coming to pieces, the miners fighters for rights around the world, the teachers demanding decent salaries, the workers unions asking better conditions for their workers. And in top of everything Israel and the US mingling in the business of everyone on Earth, what inspiration that logo spelling ZION will give to the youth?

The designer of the Olympic logo is a multi billion dollars company, whose parent company Omnicom Group, it is in charge of the propaganda industry on almost the whole world.

Companies such Omnicom shape our reality. It is easy to create a wonderland where we all can be controlled. Once Zbigniew Brzezinski, said in an interview with CBS it is easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. But I think that they can still control 6 billion people, using the Media Propaganda Machine.

“You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” -Morpheus in the Matrix

The Relation between TV, News Agencies and Adverting Companies

All the three companies form the real axis of evil, they are in charge of the creation of propaganda, which it is the best weapon to defeat the masses.

They all go hand and hand together, after all in 2003 they sold to the world the Iraq War which had killed more than one million Iraqis and counting. They did not spare lives to recreate the perfect scenario for a war of that magnitude. Even the 911 tragedy which evidence suggest to be staged by no other than the American Government was an event well sold, which case was solidified by the well advertised News and movies and documentaries purposely and conveniently made to convinced the most skeptic minds. Remember the movie Wag the Dog, where a fake war was constructed and distributed in the news to distract the electorate from a sex scandal in election time. When we see the reality and make comparative analysis of what the Media has giving us and what really had happened in Real life, we see clearly the deception where our own government is the culprit, planer and executioner of every staged event in our history.

Over the history of these 3 Machines, they have killed more than a billion people. They are as guilty as the bullets that kill the innocents they target. The governments develops strategic alliances with them to sell anything they want to portray in the theater of the world. Let’s take as example Omnicom: The company oversees a global network of more than 175 marketing services companies, as well as Omnicom Media Group, and provides services for over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. As a strategic holding company, Omnicom manages a portfolio of global market leaders; Omnicom’s agencies provide marketing and communications services in the disciplines of advertising, customer relationship management (CRM), strategic media planning and buying, digital and interactive marketing, direct and promotional marketing, public relations (PR) and other specialty communications.

Omnicom, which Revenue  $13.9 billion (2011), where all this money coming from? Presidential Campaigners, Arms Manufactures, Energy and Pharmaceutical Lobbyist firms and off course the Governments of the world that sell wars and protection to the world, using UN and NATO as a front.

Munich 72, 11 Israeli Olympic Players Sacrificed

Posted on May 17, 2012 by Akashma Online News

by Marivel Guzman

There are always 2 sides to the story, On September 6, 1972 in the quarters of the Israeli Olympic Team  another story was being played out. In an attempt to pressure Israel to release 200 Palestinians prisoners held in Israel jails, Palestinian Resistance Movement known as Black September have planned to exchange the Olympic hostages for their Nationals in Israeli Jails.
The German Government felt that was their duty to resolve the kidnapping issue, there were two points that needs to be noted:

  • First -For years Germany was being made feel guilty after a long “Guilty PR campaign”, the actions of Adolph Hitler have followed every German until now to feel guilty of what is known as the Nazi Holocaust during the Second World War, where millions of European Civilians died, in one of the worse massacres that humanity know of.
  • Second– Germany was the host country of the Munich Olympic Games 72.

After two days of negotiations, where the Palestinian Group have refused the offers of money or security for their persons, their only goal was the liberation of 200 Palestinians Resistance Fighters, and nothing else, finally on September 6 and after arduous negotiations, The German Government agreed to provide an airplane to take them to a friendly country and 3 helicopters to transport them to the air field of Furstenfeldbruck military airbase,  and the Promise form the Israel Government to release the prisoners.

Now that the world knows, the way Israel operates, its deceitful practices, it’s lack of seriousness on negotiations, with unfulfilled promises and it’s complete neglect of Palestinians rights, we can get to the conclusion that Israel in Munich 72, never intended to liberate the prisoners, the fact that the German police start shooting at the Palestinians and hostages on Israel Orders tell us that the operation and negotiations to liberate the hostages, was a false flag operation of PR campaign from part of Israel to demonize more the Palestinian Resistance Movement in an attempt to steal more land with impunity and to kill Palestinians with the complete assurance that the world will hate the “Palestinians as terrorists”…

Witnesses at the airport said the shooting began when police snipers opened fire on the militants. You have to recreate in your mind the situation in the airport, the militants and hostages were in the same cabin of the helicopters, meaning that the police was not ensuring the lives of the hostages.
According to witnesses, the police started shooting at the helicopters as soon as they touch ground, and “the news were already circulating in the Press that the Terrorists have blown up the Helicopter with the hostages inside, which was dismissed later on.

News of the deaths was confirmed at 0310 pm German Time, contradicting an earlier announcement by a Munich police officer that all the hostages had been released and four of the kidnappers captured. All the Israeli PR machine was working full time, disseminating debunking information on the events.

German authorities agreed to demands by the Palestinians to supply them with an airplane, and  provided three helicopters to take them to the airport.

The gun battle started almost immediately after the helicopters landed at the airport.

Bavarian Minister of the Interior Bruno Merk confirmed Munich’s police chief had given the order to open fire.  BBC, September 6, Munich 72

After the events of September 1972, Golda Meir authorized the formation of Mossad directed covert action teams to find and assassinate those individuals responsible for the attack on the Israeli athletes in Munich.

Israel  for more than 20 years used the events of Munich 72 as excuse, to assassinate Palestinians Political Adversaries, Potential Palestinians leaders, and/or Important Palestinians supporters around the world.

Since Israel creation, the use of terrorism against Palestinians to justify Israel forced existence in stolen lands, have became the worse nightmare for Palestinians in the occupied territories living in West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and Palestinians scattered around the world that live as refugees without any rights.

The the world also feels the insecurity with a Psychopath Pariah  State that have used Apartheid System to segregate the native Palestinian Population to humiliate and maintain a position of subjugation and fear, and that with the support of other terrorists powerful allies from the West  have financed Israel Nuclear programs and have stayed  mouth shout on this issue pretending that Nuclear Israel does not exist. The middle east have become a tickling bomb.

Israel making use of its eternal victim hood and trying to perpetuate that image, recently requested to the International Olympic Committee in London to hold a minute of silence for the victims of the assault on Munich 72, trying to initiate an Olympic Tribute for Israel victims only, as if there are not other victims on violence on every spot on Earth and Israeli deaths are the only ones that matter. They themselves are the Number 1 suspects and perpetrators in numerous campaigns of terror in Occupy Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and in many places in the world, where they are known to create false flags operations, do not forget the King David Hotel Bombing, that for many years was blamed on Palestinian.

the International Olympic Committee will not hold a moment of silence to honor the victims, despite a request from Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon. The decision, handed down Thursday, left Israeli officials fuming.
Some Radical Jews groups in London have called for boycott on the the London Olympic Games 2012,  while the conscience world has been asking to boycott Israel and ban it from participating in the Olympics.

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