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Legalizing Drugs Will End ‘War in Drugs’

Posted on November 09, 2012 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

After All Pharmaceutical Giants are not the big losers on Legalization Drugs

War in Drugs-Guns and Money

Politicians are the front men for  the War Complex Industry, and the laundry money machine for drugs. Drugs and Corruption run side by side. War and Money run side by side. Corruption and Money run side by side. So on this equation, Politicians run side by side with corruption, money, drugs and wars.

This war on drugs does not need the CIA anymore pushing for conflicts, anybody that wants money can be used to create chaos anywhere in the world. Once they finish their job, they are killed. They do not need no more red tape or classified documents or spies/personal to run their operations. The mercenary is easier to find and easier to killed.
They do not need loyalty swearing, or nationalist that love their country to do the dirty job.  They need people that it is need, people willing to risk their life for few thousands of dollars now, run later. The whistle-blowers are dangerous operatives.

The money behind the “War in Drugs” it is in the billions, you talking about Tanks, helicopters, machine guns, paid politicians, the drug itself. The machine that is behind Drugs is not other than the War Complex industry. Their propaganda run around the world to show the terrible violence that sweep the world because of Drugs. Drugs that they push with the help of politicians inside key positions in every government of the world. The media run their campaigns as if they are “Headline News”, they show you blood and guns and the people buy the story.

At the time of policy making, they infuse millions of dollars into the pockets of the politicians so they do not pass any law that goes against the war on drugs. Why will they care for the dead, for the suffering of the people? They all care is in keep making weapons that are going to be paid by Tax payer money.

The best can happen to Mexico, the US and any other country that have a “War in Drugs” will be legalizing drugs. The black market ends, the Cartels ends, Money laundering ends, Official corruption ends, Prisons Business, violence ends, War on Drugs End. Period.

That is a hard one, to tackle. In Mexico corruption is ingrained into the population itself.
The corruption runs wild in the government; from small offices to the Presidencia (Los Pinos Official Residence) ..You have no idea the corrupted mentality of the Mexican people. I m talking from the Mexican perspective, of someone that lived the corruption in all levels.

In Mexico you need to corrupt yourself to survive.

War in Drugs-Guns and Control

They bride police, school officials, doctors,  just name it, they bride everybody. If you get stop by a police for an infraction you know well that you just need to offer some money and you will be out in your way. If you need to enroll your child in a public school, well you know that if you know someone somewhere in the school, you do not have to make line and your child guarantee to enter the school.

Supplemental Bill to provide millions of dollars to corrupt Mexican security forces  engaged in an un-winnable drug war. Disguised as a way of “helping” our beleaguered  neighbor, the measure will push Mexico closer to a Colombia scenario and create a new  quagmire to suck up scarce public resources.

The controversial unmanned drone program used by the U.S. government to combat overseas terrorists and search for undocumented immigrants along the U.S. Mexico border will soon be scanning the blue waters of the Caribbean to search for drug traffickers, according to U.S. officials.

Has been the way to move in Mexican society for decades of PRI (partido revolucionario institucional) the official Party the ruled Mexico for 77 years, they corrupted Mexico. When the PAN won with his Fox guy the situation did not change a bit, actually got worse. Not because the PAN was worse, but because the situation in Mexico was unsustainable from the political point of view, from the economic situation, Mexico was a bomb ready to explode.

Theory Of Knowledge is a product of doubt. When we have asked ourselves seriously whether we really know anything at all, we are naturally led into an examination of knowing, in the hope of being able to distinguish trustworthy beliefs from such as are untrustworthy. Thus Kant, the founder of modern theory of knowledge, represents a natural reaction against Hume’s skepticism. Few philosophers nowadays would assign to this subject quite such a fundamental importance as it had in Kant’s “critical” system; nevertheless it remains an essential part of philosophy. It is perhaps unwise Bertrand Russell (1926)

Drugs is just another big problem, and is not about drug addicts like here in the US, in Mexico the cartels are inside the government protected by DEA (US-Drug Enforcing Administration), by the High ranking military officials, and the US laundry money machine of the high ranking officials.

There is a mess in Mexico. Fox the ex president is talking legalization to stop the violence in Mexico.

“We might have an answer there because we have to separate the health problem (caused) by consuming drugs, and the crime and violence associated with it to distribute in the black market,” he said.

His comments on drug violence and legalization were first published in the Mexican media a couple of months ago. Now Fox said he’s eager to debate it with American audiences.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is against current drug-war policies, including militarization. Speaking in San Diego, Fox insisted that the U.S. and Mexico need to find a way out of the violence.  KNPS 04/11/2011

Why now, why he did not push for legalization when he was President. We know that legalizing drugs all together the Mafia ends, the violence ends, the money laundering ends, the bribe of officials end, we end the corruption. So we have to worry only for the health issue, that will be easier to tackle, once we stop wasting billions and billions a year fighting a “War on Drug”….

In April 2011, former Mexican President Vicente Fox sat before an audience at the University of Colorado at Boulder and in his baritone voice and frank tone urged Americans to legalize marijuana. His thrust: it could help enervate Mexico’s violent drug cartels. “The drug consumer in the U.S. yields billions of dollars, money that goes back to Mexico to bribe police and money that buys guns,” Fox said. “So when you question yourselves about what is going on in Mexico, it depends very much on what happens in this nation.”

Now things seems to look different the legalization of Marijuana in Washington and Colorado had changed the colors of the rhetoric, now more and more people will look into the possibility of speaking out for the legalization of drugs, not just marijuana.

The violence it is out of control in many countries, the Cartels are running the show, the laundered money is running corrupt governments.

There was an article published on Veteran Today on November 01, 2011 by Gordon Duff, the article at the beginning does not talk about drugs, but about spying, you follow the article and you get to the drugs part.

“The information below is the result of years of investigation including two years undercover, inside of one of Mexico’s biggest drug cartels.  Files include wire taps, documents, photographs, including documents from Cuban intelligence which include photos and recordings, secured at extreme risk.

Romney, spying for Cuba and Russia, Romney running terrorism in Africa, this is what the FBI, CIA and the files state. Documents outline several meetings between Romney and Castro.  FBI officials now indicate that Romney’s travels were done under diplomatic passport supplied by the KGB.”

The story begins at Harvard and ends in South Africa, drug money, blood diamonds, spying for Cuba and Russia, a story offered to ABC News, a story documented to Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers and Harold Simmons, warning them, a warning they chose to ignore.  They were told they were supporting an organized crime figure, told by unimpeachable sources.  Veterans Today

So why is that politicians resist to entertain the idea of legalizing drugs, the money behind is obscene we are talking more money than war’s generated money. They exchange money like peanuts. They insure protection, they run policy with laundered money.

Who does not remember Gary Webb; Cocaine pipeline financed rebels
Evidence points to CIA knowing of high-volume drug network

For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to an arm of the contra guerrillas of Nicaragua run by the Central Intelligence Agency, the San Jose Mercury News has found.

This drug network opened the first pipeline between Colombia’s cocaine cartels and the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, a city now known as the “crack” capital of the world. The cocaine that flooded in helped spark a crack explosion in urban America – and provided the cash and connections needed for L.A.’s gangs to buy weapons…….Gary Webb-originally published San Jose Mercury News, republished on Settle Times after the San Jose Mercury News pull down Gary Webb investigative reports.

We do not have a problem with Drugs in society. We have a war dedicated to keep war at all cost. Our politicians that run as front offices for the War Complex Industry are in charge of keeping the drug as a problem. When you think in drugs, you immediately think in guns, MK47, politicians, corruption.
So we do have a health issue, but it will be easily work out if we dedicate our efforts to help drug addicts to overcome their problem. Instead to make criminals out of them and put them in jail, and separating them from their children and start a battle against the state.

Mitt Romney Video certified by CIA and FBI

Released on April 13, 1989, the Kerry Committee report concluded that members of the U.S. State Department “who provided support for the Contras were involved in drug trafficking… and elements of the Contras themselves knowingly received financial and material assistance from drug traffickers.”

The Prosecution of an American President

September 17, 2012 2 comments

Posted on September 16, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Bush it is responsible for the murder of millions innocent around the world.

They said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They didn’t. They said Saddam was an imminent threat to our national security. He wasn’t. They convinced us Iraq was involved in 9/11. It wasn’t. And yet America, still reeling from the September 11th attacks, launched a full scale invasion of Iraq. The destruction was unimaginable: over 4,400 American soldiers, dead. Over a hundred thousand innocent Iraqis, dead. Millions displaced. A nation destroyed. Cost to U.S. taxpayers…almost a trillion dollars.

When we didn’t find anything they simply said the intelligence was bad. But what if the intelligence wasn’t bad? What if the entire Iraq war was based on a calculated lie?

It would make every American soldier’s death a murder.

We owe to our world to bring the criminals to justice. We owe to the victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, US. We owe to our world to stop the mad machine. We owe to the victims of 911. This movie was done with almost no money, it needs all the support of the people to collect the funds to be world wide distributed. People need to know that the aim of this Film/ Documentary/Petition, is not about profits, but about Justice and Truth.
Independent Film The Prosecution of An American President Support, Share and Donate. The Prosecution of An American President the first of its kind Movie. Has been in the making for more than 5 years, finally ready to be distributed. It is a movie/documentary exposing George Bush jr lies to lead to the invasion of Iraq and subsequent murder of more than 1,000,000 Iraqi innocent civilians. Help to make this movie the movement that stop the mad machine, the movement to will lead to the prosecution and conviction of the First American President

This electrifying film documents the efforts of Vincent Bugliosi, one of our nation’s foremost prosecutors, as he meticulously presents his case that former president George W. Bush is guilty of murder for deliberately taking our nation to war in Iraq under false pretenses. Based on Bugliosi’s New York Times bestseller, the movie discloses shocking hidden details of how Bush and his people systematically lied to Congress AND the country.

Ignored and blacked out by the mainstream press, Mr. Bugliosi has fought an uphill battle to bring his message to the American people. To the survivors who struggle with the unthinkable possibility that their government led them astray.  To the families of veterans who have taken their own lives in record numbers. To the outraged citizens who have organized and protested, but who haven’t yet found a way to bring a strong case.

Vincent Bugliosi – born August 18, 1934 – is an American attorney and author, best known for prosecuting Charles Manson and other defendants accused of the TateLaBianca murders, and for defending Stephanie Stearns in the Sea Wind murders of 1974. His most recent books are Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (2007), The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder (2008), and Divinity of Doubt: The God Question (2011).

It was only to be expected that Vincent Bugliosi, the man who prosecuted Charles Manson, would turn his attention to George W. Bush. And, doing so, he asks: Why do so many people think impeachment is the proper response to Bush’s crimes and corruption?

Perhaps the most amazing thing to me about the belief of many that George Bush lied to the American public in starting his war with Iraq is that the liberal columnists who have accused him of doing this merely make this point, and then go on to the next paragraph in their columns. Only very infrequently does a columnist add that because of it Bush should be impeached. If the charges are true, of course Bush should have been impeached, convicted, and removed from office. That’s almost too self-evident to state. But he deserves much more than impeachment. I mean, in America, we apparently impeach presidents for having consensual sex outside of marriage and trying to cover it up. If we impeach presidents for that, then if the president takes the country to war on a lie where thousands of American soldiers die horrible, violent deaths and over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, including women and children, even babies are killed, the punishment obviously has to be much, much more severe. That’s just common sense. If Bush were impeached, convicted in the Senate, and removed from office, he’d still be a free man, still be able to wake up in the morning with his cup of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice and read the morning paper, still travel widely and lead a life of privilege, still belong to his country club and get standing ovations whenever he chose to speak to the Republican faithful. This, for being responsible for over 100,000 horrible deaths?* For anyone interested in true justice, impeachment alone would be a joke for what Bush did. Democratic Under Ground

As to what Bugliosi would do, take note that the title of his upcoming book is The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Anybody out there ready to make this dream a reality?

Vincent Bugliosi walk you to the process to prosecute George Bush. The first American President that was prosecuted and convicted by various courts around the world. Now justice needs to be served and George Bush and his Allies need to be brought to prosecuted.
This film Documentary and Petition expose George Bush lies that lead to the invasion of Iraq. 911 Crime considered the crime of the century by its covert prints that pointed somewhere else except to be the perpetrators of the crime.

author Vincent Bugliosi has written the most important and thought-provoking book of his prolific career. In a meticulously researched and clearly presented legal case that puts George W. Bush on trial for murder after he leaves his presidency, Bugliosi delivers a searing indictment of the President and his administration.

With what he believes is overwhelming evidence that President Bush took the nation to war in Iraq under false pretenses–a war that has caused great loss of life, cost this nation close to $1 trillion, and alienated most of our allies in the Western world–Bugliosi argues that it is George W. Bush who must be held accountable for what Bugliosi considers to be monumental crimes.

In this groundbreaking book, Bugliosi, in his inimitable style, presents a powerful case against the man in the oval office.

If you were never satisfied with the official story, well you are in between the millions and hopefully few billions soon to be. Being part of the group of minded people that does not believe the dopey story that Bush told us about  911. The story was incredible since the first day that we watched in national television THREE building disintegrate to DUST after being hit by TWO planes. It is a matter of simple first grade Maths, 1 + 1  is not equal to 3, isn’t it?

The Fallujah Project is about raising awareness on the use of depleted uranium in warfare. Iraq was used as experimental grounds of US nuclear illegal arms. Bush needs to respond to the use of depleted uranium in Iraq.

Read some of the information being collected in the last 10 years by Jeff Prager, download DUST and take the doubt once and for all about the events that took place on September 11, 2001.

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