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Life is worth living

Originally published on July 24, 2020 as Facebook post

If life is worth living; live, love and laugh.
If life is not worth living;
Count your mistakes and live in sorrow the rest of your life.

This afternoon I was tired of reading some many hateful comments in Facebook that I  wrote the above lines.

I’m pretty sure the message resonated in many of my Facebook friends. I want to believe that. I’m usually an optimistic person. I always see the beautiful side in humans. But I also understand that certain situations create mental chaos that makes people to write horrible things without thinking in the consequences.

A simple comment can enrage people, but also can create a bridge of communication that can develop into a dialogue of understanding.

Life isn’t complicated at all. We all have the same bare necessities: live, love, laugh, sing, dance, dream, play, give, and work toward your end goals. Simple as that ♥️

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