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5.9 Earthwake Shakes Obama Golf Game; while Gaza Bombs Has Not Shaken his Support for Israel

Posted by Marivel Guzman

UPDATED May 29, 2012

The world seems busy doing something else, while the bombs fall in Gaza; for 10 straight days Israel have been pounding the Mediterranean coast of Palestine but the news are silence. 15 people death, more than 50 injured including children, women and elderly and what you see in the News? Nothing but as long as Israel create her little theater, the News are ready to spread the lies

I just heard the Flash Braking News that a 5.9 Magnitude earthquake rocked Washington DC, and Martha Vineyard the resort where all American Presidents spend their summer vacations, playing golf. “The ground shakes President Obama feet when he was about to start his round of Golf”, what a tragedy he probably have to stop his golf game.

In North America we feel ashamed that our President is vacationing, while the world is in endless war, that have killed more than 1 millions people, and while he plays golf there is hundred of injured in the various parts of the world where the US has Troops.

But also he should be ashamed to be playing golf, while the US is drowning in debt. The workers are striking with their unions, trying to grab crumbs out of the dead economy, the banks are still pillaging the Homes of the American that that took sweet years to save and “Buy” a HOUSE.

The Occupy Movement is not an isolated phenomenon of US, the Occupy Movement have evolved from the Wall Street Protest to a Global Protest against the Status Quo. The Elite “Managing” the lives of the billions of people have become a cold sore that grew from a spot of few hundreds aware/awake people to millions in every country, by now the Occupy Movement is in every spot of the world, but is not a cold sore anymore but the medicine that it curing the disease caused by the Selfish Elite of the Corporate World.

The welfare office lines get longer every day around the country, the unemployment grow as a cancer in the US, the “stronger country of the world”, “the richest country of the world”, REALLY! says WHO? ….

The only strong is the War Complex Machine, the only Rich is the Bankerst and Co, and OIL Crooks CEOs.
Last year I had a conversation with friend, and I was arguing that we are in Depression, and my friend will argue that we are in recession. It’s funny the way she was defining resession and it was painful the way I was feeling the economic depression. We lost our business, we were fighting with Bank of America to keep the house that we almost paid off. I was unemployed as some other millions around the country. But the numbers don’t match the reality.

There are more homeless in my city that never ever seen before, they line up to sleep in front of the City building, which by the way become a crime last year. It happen to be that in front of Santa Ana Civil Center, there is a nice park with a big gazebo, which it was used by the homeless to shelter themselves from the night, but the Servants of Crimes can not bear to see dirty people in front of their offices, so they made a city mandate illegal to sleep in the city property, which by official understanding belongs to those homeless, because if you live in CA for 12 months you are official resident, well I guess you are resident when they need your vote because believe or not, those officials come in election day to ask the homeless for their support.

There are several considerations one must have when

selecting a bridge to live under.

One that has

a large level

area under it

is very appealing.

Having a laundry area to hang your clothes is convenient.  Piping is a nice place to make a bed.

Putting some boards across the joists can be a nice place to put a mattress.

If you are a

restless sleeper,

you may not

want to pick one

with a steep


Next I give you a web page to check in case you become homeless, it is very useful. The most tragic is that great majority of the homeless of America are Veterans of War.

The Homeless Page and don’t laugh, don’t think that it can not happen to you, every citizen of America at least the majority is 2 checks away from being homeless.

In CA we are waiting the big earthquake every day, the one is told will submerge California, but until that day, we surprise with the earthquake in other places of the globe, this time was The Capital of the Empire that have the taste of the fear of the rumble of Earth.

5.9 magnitude earthquake that is something to worry about, not the homeless off course if they will die under the bridge of the 5 freeway where they were push to sleep, God will do them a favor, but for the residents of Washington, New York, Massachusetts and other spots was a day to be afraid, specially the residents on the areas of the Nuclear Plant. The images of Japan Tsunami still fresh int heir mind.

And Gaza Palestine still lives under Israel Bombs.

Omar Karem report from Gaza on the latest news.

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