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Egypt clossing Gaza Tunnels-Hunting “terrorists” in the Sinai Peninsula

Published on July 07, 2013 by Akashma Online News

by Marivel Guzman

Egypt army ‘preparing for Sinai operation’

According to Ma’an News, Egypt’s army is preparing for a large-scale military operation in Sinai, an army official said Sunday, as forces sealed more smuggling tunnels along the Gaza border.
An Egyptian military official told Ma’an the army was preparing for a major operation in Sinai “to clean it up from terrorist and criminal cells.”

The army official said “coordination is ongoing between the Egyptians and the Israelis to bring military vehicles, troops and jets into Sinai to fight terror.”  Ma’an News Agency
I am really sad for the situation of Gaza, we know that part of their life line comes from the tunnels, but analyzing Egypt situation, we need to understand their position.
They somehow depend on US military and economical aid, wanted or not, they are on a short leash.
Adding to that the “peace agreement of 1979, Camp David which is another rope hanging on their neck.

President Sadat was the focus of Islamic extremists primarily for his dealings with Israel. Though he had become a national hero in 1973 for springing a surprise attack against Israel in the Sinai Peninsula, the eighth anniversary of which was being celebrated in the parade, his decision to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979 had turned him into a pariah in the Arab world.  New York Times

You know that Egypt lost control control of the Sinai Peninsula, (supposedly Israel gave back to Egypt, but not really) and unfortunately some of the Bedouins had transformed the Sinai in a porous illegal trade of arms, drugs, and human trafficking to Israel.
We understand that also it is used to bring military equipment to Gaza, and of course all the products blacklisted by Israel but, some radical groups not controlled by the central government of Hamas also make use of the tunnels to bring materials to make rockets, off course they do on their understanding to liberate Palestine, but sometimes that undermine Gaza’s government and ability to reach political agreements.
Of course I m not agreeing with their policies of closing the tunnels before to opening completely the Rafah crossing, and guarantee that Israel opens the other crossing to the West Bank, but Prof. how can we blame Egypt?, they are a crippled apparatus of corrupt military old generals from the old regime and under paid security guards.
They want to assure their peace with the stronger neighbor -Israel- and apace their stronger financial supporter-The US.
Egypt is trapped between its moral support for their Arabs’ brothers, the Palestinians, and US money, and Israel’s military might.
They play the cards to better serve their masters, and lately they succumbing to the might of the Egyptian people.
We have to be honest with ourselves, The Egyptian people with so many ties with Palestine they do not support the Palestinian struggles, actually grand part of the Egyptian population had the wrongly programed idea that Palestinians are the cause of all their problems. They are neighbors and they have not organized a great coalition to push their government to open the Rafahs’ border once and for all.
In the big scale they do not support the Palestinians. They see them as ignorant Americans do, that blame the Mexicans for United States economical problems

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