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Gaza Siege become Global Affairs; The World Against Israel

Posted by Marivel Guzman

The world saw with outrage and disbelief how the gangs got together to enforce an illegal blockade even by United Nations standards.

And we are taking in consideration the double standards of the body of Shame that the world have suffered since 1945 when its charter was officially signed, but the real world mess started back in 1916 when a few globalists decided to formed what was known as the League of NATIONS. Which is the same clown with different make up.

In September, 1916, Robert Cecil, a member of the British government, wrote a memorandum where he argued that civilization could survive only if it could develop an international system that would insure peace.

We have to give ourselves a pad on the back to the citizenry of the world that by our resistance to the take over and annihilation of our human race we have survived against the organized powers of the War Complex Machine, do not let yourself fool that the regional conflicts staged by the Mafia War around every country in the globe was to bring peace or harmony. Every conflict ever suffered for a group of people, towns, city, country, or continent was always brought upon the people by the same powers that praise themselves to be the saviors, but in the back of the stage they have been brewing the plots to kill the resistance, to kill the dreams of freedom, or independence or and most of the time merely the dreams to live a simple life without the burden of the “Civilized World” as did happen to every indigenous group in the world.

Fools Fools all the armies in the world that lend themselves to raise their hands against their brothers, their sisters, their mothers, their fathers, their land. Fools all the minds that with their soft talking and speeches instill the seed of violence in weak peoples minds. Fools all the people that let themselves be pawns of the Selfish, gluttony of the Mafia Wars. We will be FOOLS if we don’t ACT.

Have you seen your backyard? full of thorns, ravaged by wars, chaos fueled by invented religious conflicts that do not exist but in the flashing silver screen of your TV Set and your History books. There is no such religious intolerance in our world. That was hatched down from some clever evil minds, and fueled by the weakness of the simple people’s mind. All the rhetoric used against us, the ordinary citizens of the world.

We have been played out since immemorial times and time and time again, the resilient force of the people to survive have save us of complete annihilation, Resisting the most cruel forces our world has raised to see. Every time the People have won against their oppressors, their tormentors. Even with the blood shed that our world has seen at the end, we have won every battle, because always the seeds of deception have been exposed.
We can glorify our generals of war, the Presidents, dictators or any official character ever been in power in our History books, but the Heroes that made possible the survival of the race throughout the resistance are the ones that will survive time, and their memories will live forever. We own to them that we still exist. The Seed that was planted in human hearts is compassion, that can not be lost to a bullet, can not be lost in time. We win every time that we survive a battle. The resistance is the wheels that hold our world from being stopped.

We see now ourselves again in the verge of annihilation and again like a bad dream we are waking up to recognize the deception, and we are uniting as a great force against this Monster that have poisoned the minds of few generations, The Zionist Movement Globalist-Elitist Group that sprout like a poison Evvy hydra around the world is watching its demise thru Israel spoil child, that with her tantrums fooled the world for 60 years. But the real culprits the ones that raised this little monster that used the people’s hearts, with victimization of their own race, and portraying a religious intolerance that really never existed but in the books and the TV.

The ones still under the spell of the Zionist Power will realize sooner than later how foolish they were. There is no surprise that great number of Israel own citizens are backing up the Palestinian Resistance, and there is no crime in doing so, because once again the People is raising against the oppressor. There is no crime in dissenting the ugliness of the State of Israel dress up as a sheep, we all can hear the howls of the wolf, we can be fool one time, but not all the time.

Israel abused the leverage she had on the world, and played with the intellect of the people for long time, and she created her own destruction. Israel is dying and swimming in her own mud of deception and lies. She can not control the PR Propaganda any longer, is too late to savage her theater of powerful bully. What it took Israel 63 years to built with Lies and Deceit. The Gaza Strip Illegal and Inhumane siege has to be remember by the Zionist as the spot in the mirror that blur the fake glory of Israel, the 4 years of siege imposed in Gaza Population showed to the world what a sadistic minds were behind Israel creation and imposition to the world.

The own backers of this monster the United Nations Club can not look the other way, when the world is forcing them to do their job, at least in paper, but these reports on the erratic behavior of Israel will be the ones that officially will take her to the bench to respond for her crimes.

In the light of resolution S-9 adopted by the Human Rights Council at its ninth special session,
this report focus on the main international law and human rights issues raised by Israel military
operations commencing on 27 December 2008 and ending on 18 January 2009. It challenges the
widespread emphasis on whether Israeli force was ‘disproportionate’ in relation to Palestinian
threats to Israeli security, and focuses on the prior question as to whether Israeli force was
legally justified at all. It concludes that such recourse to force was not legally justified given the
circumstances and diplomatic alternatives available, and was potentially a crime against peace.

February 18, 2009
United Nations
Human Rights Council
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights
in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Richard Falk
/ Read the Report

The Representative of this Body of Shame can pretend doing their job and Israel can even laugh at what she thinks is another blow to our Intelligence, but we are all taking note and getting together. The impunity can not last much longer that it has.

We seen millions of people adding themselves to the resistance to the destructive forces. Do not let yourselves be convinced that Resistance to the war is a crime, don’t be fooled to believe that dissenters are criminals. We all are one voice against violence, against intolerance, against hate, against the Status Quo that was sold to us.

The moment has come to stand up against the enemies of peace. We all want peace. We are fighting against the War. The only enemies of the People are the armies that are brain washed. The soldiers that are thought to fight us, when in reality they are fighting against them selves. Because they are pawns in the game. They are defending the king that do not care for them, and without blinking an eye, the king will sacrifice 6.5 billions souls to himself, even if he knows that he will be the only survivor. What a shame. Forfeit your game, get out while you can. Save yourself, and by doing so, you safe your family, and your world.

Do not allow to be the pawn any more. You are human, forget the tactics of war, that taught you to obey without thinking. You are human and you deserve also to live in peace. All the world in these critical moments are taking charge of our destinies. You see it, be alive to live it.

The Jasmine Revolution is not an accident in time, or the Egyptian Revolution is not the continuation of the people madness, but the contrary, that was the beginning of the global awareness, that is sweeping our world. How many more brothers we want to see death before we all WAKE UP once and for all. How many more Earth destruction we want to see before we all STAND UP FOR US.

Israel may think she is winning this battle, she is wrong. She already LOST. And you saw it in the NEWS..running around like a little brat, making tantrums calling the attention of the people, but no one listen to her anymore. Only the numb and deaf few leaders that think that they will hold to the chair. They also are digging their graves. Do you really think that Greek Prime Minister will survived and stay in power? Absolutely not..according to the NEWS:

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou survived a confidence vote in parliament early Wednesday, winning a gamble on his government’s survival and the danger of a devastating debt default that could spark a financial maelstrom around the world.

Papandreou had called the vote, which passed early Wednesday morning, to face down an internal party revolt and help him pass deeply disliked austerity measures that have provoked strikes, protests and a slump in his popularity.

Lawmakers voted 155-143 for the motion, with two abstentions in the 300-member legislature, sticking strictly to party lines after a heated debate that saw sections of the opposition briefly walk out of the chamber.

Outside, several thousand protesters chanted “Thieves! thieves!” and other anti-austerity slogans, shining green laser lights at the parliament building and into the eyes of riot police protecting it.

Do you really think that even this vote of “Confidence” that he won will apace the people outside? Do you really think that the storm that The Greek government created stopping the Humanitarian Mission to Gaza flotillas will end up just there with a few protests. NO! NO!, is the beginning of the end. Seems that another head is about to fall. The invisible revolution is taking shape stronger by the minute.

Do you wonder WORLD!, why Israel was running around sending memorandums, sabotaging the flotillas, sending fake reports, I mean all the trickery that Israel knows, she used them all at once, when she knew that she could not do the same as last time. So she thought that cleaning her hands will save her from the shame.

Wrong again, this just prove again how low the State of Israel has fallen if it could have been lower. Allow me to laugh. Now she is seeing her being laugh of, is as if the world played a bad joke on her. Because compassion of the world is something she was not thinking of it, she has no heart or think on that feeling. We Win, PALESTINE WIN AGAIN, GAZA WIN ISRAEL LOSE, just watch the unfolding of her destruction by her own hands. We the resistance win again, I know is not over yet, she will fight as a cat feet up, scratching anything and everything that cross her claws, but Israel is sinking.

Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defense Minister, on May 16. Responding to non-violent protests at Israeli borders and military posts, he said,

“The Palestinians’ transition from terrorism and suicide bombings to deliberately unarmed mass demonstrations is a transition that will present us with difficult challenges.”

Even the CIA that shadow of the world, had pronounce her death, CIA gives 20 years. LOL..that is too good to be true for Israel. I give her less than 10, her own citizens the that see the boat sinking are jumping out, they are reclaiming their second citizenship, to have it ready to flee the scene. Go Figure. And you must listen to the Shadow as is she who has been behind the deaths of more than 200 millions people around the world since its creation.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says the idea of “Greater Israel”– the main motto of the Zionist founders of the Israeli regime– is dead.
“‘Greater Israel’ is finished. There is no such thing as that anymore. Whoever talks in those terms is only deluding himself,” the prime minister admitted at a cabinet meeting. Sep 14, 2008

UN was Formed, April 25, 1945, 15 months later

CIA was Formed, September 18, 1947, And 8 months later

Israel was founded, May 14, 1948, 11 months later

NATO was created, April 4, 1949

These 4 entities since its creation they have created more terror in the world, and killed more people than the two Wars Combined.

And United States of North-America, July 4, 1776 sadly is behind all the 4..

Not all the leaders are numbed by the sickness of corruption, fear, greed and power some have stood up against the giants adding their efforts to that of the People.

Audacity of Hope” bound for Gaza early Saturday, July 2. The boat was stopped at gunpoint by the Greek coast guard Friday, July 1, and forced to move to a Military Compound in Athens. Below is her statement.
It was truly inspirational for me to speak to the people at the Boat who had just been faced with death if they would not turn back to port as ordered by the Greek Military. I managed to speak to many of the people on board who were shaken by the events the night before. Despite the setback, all of them felt determined to carry on with the mission of aid and solidarity with the people suffering in Gaza.
This project is the embodiment of hope and it is a powerful attempt to expose the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. At the boat I met people of all ages, backgrounds and colors. All of them had in common a beautiful and strong urge to take selfless action for the greater good of humanity.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir Before Birgitta Jonsdottir became a member of the Icelandic Parliament in April 2009
she worked as a writer, artist, activist, web developer, designer.

We only have one hope to save ourselves once again. STAY HUMAN.

  1. July 14, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    الأستاذ أكشم المحترم
    طابت ايامك وكانت كلها افراح ومسرة
    أتوجه بأصدق التحيات وأحلى الأماني إليك مع تمنيات خالصة بأنك في صحة وعافية تامة وبعد
    اتمنى ان تكون بخير اينما كنت.
    هنالك بعض الاخبار تتعلق بمعارضة الايرانية و مناصريهم اتمنى ان تعجبك.
    يسعدني ان استلم ردك حتى اطمئن لوصول الاخبار
    مع كل الود
    أخوكم المخلص مجيد

    Landmark House Hearing Probes Massacre at Camp Ashraf and U.S. Responsibility, Urges De-listing of MEK

    WASHINGTON, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On Thursday July 7, 2011, a landmark hearing, entitled ‘Massacre at Camp Ashraf: Implications for U.S. Policy,’ was held by the Oversight and Investigation Sub-Committee of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Among those who provided testimony in the hearing were: Ms. Neda Zanjanpour, a survivor of the massacre at Camp Ashraf; Michael Mukasey, former Attorney General of the United States; Col. Gary Morsch, M.D., Chief medical liaison between Camp Ashraf and the U.S. military, Colonel Wes Martin (Ret.), Former Base Commander of Camp Ashraf; and Ray Takeyh, Senior Fellow, Council of Foreign Relations. The hearing was chaired by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA).
    In addition to the Ranking Member Russ Carnahan (D-MO), the Subcommittee members Ted Poe (R-TX) and David Rivera (R-FL), Representatives Bob Filner (D-CA), Co-Chair of Iran Human Rights and Democracy Caucus, Brad Sherman (D-CA), and Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) also took part in the hearing. Representatives of the U.S. Committee for Camp Ashraf Residents (USCCAR) and relatives of the residents also attended the hearing.
    A brief video clip showed scenes of the April 8th massacre at Ashraf by the Iraqi Army operating under the direct order of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. It was followed by a briefing in which Ms. Zanjanpour, responded, via a live video link from Ashraf medical clinic, to questions by Members.
    A Canadian citizen who studied at York University, Zanjanpour went to Ashraf in 1999 at the age of 20. She testified that she had been wounded ‘when an Iraqi soldier threw a grenade at me, which exploded between my legs.’
    ‘The day before the attack, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad told us that the Iraqi forces were going to launch an operation. Despite our pleas to the commander of U.S. forces – which had been at Ashraf since April 3rd – to stay, his unit was ordered out of the Camp at 9:20 p.m. on April 7th. That left us completely defenseless in the face of a massive assault by the Iraqi forces.’
    She said Ambassador James Jeffrey’s comments that the MEK should be relocated inside Iraq amounts to ‘asking Ashraf residents to submit to the demands of the Iranian regime… We will never surrender to the Iranian regime by going to concentration camps in Iraq where we could be murdered away from international spotlight.’
    In his opening remarks, Rep. Rohrabacher said, ‘Why was a U.S. unit deployed at Camp Ashraf ordered away just hours before the attack? We would have liked to have asked State Department officials these questions, but we were told no one was available to testify today at this hearing. This stonewalling can only go so far before it becomes a cover up. … U.S. appeasement of this crime is part of the story.’
    He noted that the continued blacklisting of the MEK ‘is used to justify actions like the April attack.’ ‘The United Kingdom and the European Union have removed the MEK from their terrorist lists. We should quit playing games and also remove the MEK from the terrorist list before it results in another massacre,’ Rohrabacher added.
    ‘During our trip to Iraq last month, we met with numerous people regarding the slaughter at Camp Ashraf on April 8th. Not surprisingly, we heard a lot of different and conflicting stories. What is not in dispute is that over 30 Camp Ashraf residents were killed, over 300 wounded by Iraqi security forces. These killings have been widely condemned, and I concur… A full, fair and independent investigation will provide for the best means of finding a final determination of what happened and will allow anyone found responsible to be brought to justice and help prevent future attacks,’ Subcommittee Ranking Member, Russ Carnahan added.
    Congressman Ted Poe said, ‘To date, the administration has done nothing to hold Iraq accountable for the attack.’ He added that he also opposes the proposal to displace Ashraf residents in Iraq.
    With regards to MEK’s designation, Congressman Poe said, ‘I have seen the classified evidence and it is unconvincing. The State Department has not made its case that the MEK should stay on the FTO list. The MEK should not be used as a political tool to appease brutal dictators.’
    Congressman Filner stated that ‘The MEK and its leader have come up with the one legitimate policy that is best for us as Americans. They call it the third way. That means we do not invade Iran, but we do not appease the existing mullahs. We get out of the way and let the resistance do what it can and should and wants to. The listing of the MEK as a terrorist organization is getting in the way, so we ought to de-list.
    ‘After all our treasure of money and men and women who have died and been injured there, do we want the Iranians to take over? And yet that is a potential. Ashraf is a symbol of what we need to prevent. After all this intervention in Iraq in a decade, the Iranians come in. The MEK favors a non-nuclear, democratic, secular regime. I think that’s something we can all agree to,’ the Californian Democrat added.
    In part of her remarks, Rep. Jackson Lee said, ‘Nowhere should we tolerate the heinousness of the attack on the residents of Camp Ashraf. And no matter how deep the friendship is or the recovering history of Iraq, it should not be tolerated.
    ‘If the ambassador of Iraq can hear my voice, he needs to come to Congress. He owes this Congress an apology… He owes both an apology to the people in Camp Ashraf, to the people of Iraq who will suffer as well because they are diverse, and he owes an apology and explanation to the world family, and particularly the United States of America, for the treasure that we lost attempting to provide democracy there,’ the Texas Democrat concluded.
    The former Attorney General Michael Mukasey in his submitted testimony outlined the steps the sub-committee should take to remedy the ‘terrible situation’ at Camp Ashraf. He said: ‘The committee should first seek explanation from the State Department about the current and future policy towards Ashraf and oppose their displacement inside Iraq; it should try to assure that a UN force will protect Ashraf residents until their safe resettlement.’
    He also raised questions about the removal of an American unit before the attack and called for the committee’s investigations into that and the failure to provide adequate medical care after the fact.
    Third, he said, ‘the committee should seek an answer from the State Department about its review of the MEK’s designation in accordance with a July 2010 court of appeals ruling. And, fourth, the committee should look into what the State Department has done to enforce what is known as the Leahy Amendment that bars assistance by the U.S. to any military unit that has committed human rights violations. ‘
    Colonel Wes Martin (Ret.), Former Base Commander of Camp Ashraf, said, ‘The terror and torment that is being cast upon the [MEK] and Camp Ashraf needs to stop. I know from experience, the [MEK] is not a terrorist organization. My recommendation in this effort is for the People’s Mojahedin to be immediately removed from the State Department terrorist list.’
    ‘They do need protection of U.S. military forces,’ he added while strongly dismissing the U.S. Embassy-Baghdad proposal to relocate Ashraf residents inside Iraq. Col. Martin also debunked allegations by the Iranian regime that the residents of Ashraf were being held against their will. ‘One perpetual rumor worthy of specific address concerns members of the MEK being held against their will. I was able to validate through specific occurrences anyone wishing to leave has that choice,’ Col. Martin added.
    The third witness, Dr. Gary Morsch, who served as the Battalion Surgeon at Camp Ashraf, stated, ‘There were no findings of any terrorist activities, disloyalty to the mission of the U.S. military in Iraq, illegal activities, coercion of MEK members, hidden arms, or any evidence that the MEK were not fulfilling their agreement with the U.S. Military to fully cooperate with and support the goals of the U.S. in Iraq…’
    He said Ashraf residents were highly educated and ‘had come to Ashraf to voluntarily serve with the MEK to establish a free and democratic Iran, and were now working with the U.S. to promote democracy in Iraq.’
    Referring to the siege on Ashraf, he said the residents are being denied basic security and other necessities. ‘It was with great sadness,’ he said, ‘that I have now witnessed the abandonment of the residents of Camp Ashraf by the very government that had asked me to risk my life to defend these same people.’
    He said relocation of the residents within Iraq, ‘in my judgment, would be a recipe for disaster.’
    Takeyh emphasized, ‘It would be wrong and immoral to forcefully repatriate inhabitants of the camp back to Iran. Given the fact that the Islamic Republic lacks even the basic rudiments of an impartial justice system, they are likely to be met with certain death. Nonetheless, the international community under the auspices of the United Nations should begin to search for new homeland for the MEK personnel…’
    ‘There will be a list of questions offered to the State Department concerning the massacre at Camp Ashraf, including when they knew about what and who gave orders for our military to leave, etc., etc… And we will expect an answer. If we do not get an answer, I will proceed with making sure that we have a follow-up hearing until those questions are answered,’ Subcommittee Chairman, Rep. Rohrabacher said in his closing statement.
    ‘Let’s just make sure that no more of these people [Ashraf residents] who are friends of freedom are murdered by the mullah regime in Tehran or by their stooges who now control the government of Iraq,’ he added.
    Camp Ashraf is home to 3,400 members of Iran’s principal opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), including 1,000 women.
    SOURCE U.S. Committee for Camp Ashraf Residents (USCCAR)

    Camp Ashraf Military Occupation – No. 125
    With temperatures at 50 degrees of Celsius, forces under Maliki’s command prevent fuel tankers to enter Ashraf

    Camp Ashraf
    No kerosene or gasoil has entered Ashraf for the last two months and no gasoline for the last six months
    NCRI – In an anti-human measure, forces under command of Maliki have prevented any gasoline to enter Ashraf for the last six months and since two months ago, no other kind of fuel has been allowed to enter Ashraf. Under a 50 degree Celsius heat (about 148 degrees of Fahrenheit) and at a time when there are repeated power outages, lack of fuel and failing generators have caused many serious problems in vital services whose dimensions reach new heights every day. Many cooling units, freezer rooms, refrigerators, and medical equipment are rendered nonoperational and many difficulties are created for the residents, especially for the ailing and the wounded people.
    On May 29, the Iraqi forces stopped a fuel tanker, which was purchased by the residents, to enter Ashraf and forced it to return and since then they have not allowed a single tanker to enter Ashraf.
    The last gasoline tanker entered Ashraf last February after many months of obstruction, and since then, no other gasoline tanker has been allowed to enter.
    Although during the last two and a half years Iraqi forces were regularly obstructing entry of fuel tankers to Ashraf, since the criminal attack of April 8, the Committee for Suppression of Ashraf at the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister has completely stopped any fuel to enter Ashraf in order to further pressure the residents.
    This atrocious blockade is happening while a large portion of Ashraf’s electric power, which is paid for by the residents, is used by the Iraqi suppressive forces and by the agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and their [hundreds of] loudspeakers surrounding Ashraf.
    The full ban on fuel entry into Ashraf has been repeatedly reported to the American and the UN officials and the UN representatives have inspected Ashraf’s fuel reserves and have closely witnessed the fact that Ashraf’s fuel reserves are quite low and about to finish.
    Prevention of fuel to enter, as well as obstruction in accessing medical services, is obvious violation of Geneva Conventions and many other articles of the international humanitarian laws and international human rights laws and is considered crime against humanity and those responsible for it should be tried and punished.
    The Iranian Resistance asks the American government and forces, and the United Nations to fulfill their international and legal obligations and bring an end to this anti-human siege and do not allow the Iranian regime to continue such atrocities against its opponents through its proxies in Iraq.
    Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
    July 12, 2011

    Maryam Rajavi holds U.S. responsible for protection of Ashraf

    Maryam Rajavi At Italian Parliament
    Kuwaiti al-Qabas Daily wrote on July 10 that Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) emphasized that the Dutch court’s decision clarifies that the Iraqi government and the American Forces are responsible for protection of Ashraf residents and that nothing eliminates this responsibility until Ashraf residents’ final disposition.
    Al-Qabas quoted Rajavi as saying that following crimes against humanity in July 2009 and April 2011, nothing justifies United States’ refusal to interfere and pointed out that the non-interference of U.S. is far worse and unacceptable than what the Dutch forces did in Srebrenica tragedy.


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