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This is 2013 Not 1984

Posted on July 06, 2013 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

This is 2013 No 1984

Dear All:

To understand the scope of whats is going on, on “politics and in the world of government”, we must understand what really is government and the entities behind it.
The entities that manage the governments are just a bunch of leaches or parasites living out of the resources of the country they control, and for that, they set up entities or companies that exploit those resources, these entities known as corporations control every action taken by the governments, and it is really no brainier to see that the great majority of the people of every country lives under the worse conditions.
How these entities get away with the pillage of the resources? They are ghost companies with no liability or accountability on its own damage because their CEOS do not live in the countries they exploit. The corporations are set up on such way, that they can only be trace to a small boxes somewhere in the Canary Islands. They pay no taxes, they follow no laws. The governments pretend they control them, but the truth is, that corporations control the governments.
This is no news at all, had happened all the times, people had complain all the time, but people was not organized with the speed that they do now, with the use of the social networks.
An analysis of the social networks was done by Professor Zeynep Tufekci- She is a fellow at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University and an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hillthat explain how the process works, and why it works. You can read her article explaining with surgical eye the behavior of people and government in the internet and social networks era.

Corporate World

Every government has a groups of “workers”, namely government officials that are in charge of deliver every action agreed behind the doors of these corporations.
In the US, the executive, the legislative and the judicial each one of these wing of government are in charge of the policies set up by the corporations.
So, when Edward Snowden leaked or better said, told the world, -not just the American public,- but the whole world, that The US is spying on everyone of us, it did open a door for the world to see what in reality our governments are and what they are capable of.

If you see the commotion caused in other government’s countries by this leaked information, you saw that was minimal, but the “People, We the people were and still outraged, but the other governments just showed a little bit of distress, not really a big deal for them, Why? because they all know about it, they also spy on their own people. But, the US spy on E V E R Y B O D Y, INCLUDING THE OTHER GOVERNMENTS OR GROUP OF LEACHES.

Follow every step this whole affairs has taken. The moment Snowden revealed the information to us, immediately every one in position of power grabbed their microphones and say that they all agree with the behavior of the government, meaning that they do not care if the government is spying on them. Well they might not care now because they are on the other side of the fence, but as soon as they end their term, I want to see them supporting the surveillance on them.
If we analyze the history of men kind, we see that since there is written history we clearly see that since the beginning there has been the top class and the bottom and off course the Class that plays the role of government, which is the one that protects the interest, and the well being of the top class.
And off course, once we know what this group of leaches are doing, of course every one is a potential enemy, because the Government do not know how each of us is going to react.

These images were taken in both  Cairo and Alexandria
Images from Paul Zholdra, Sally Zohney and D.L Mayfield via Twitter
Biggest Protest Egypt History

Egypt protests 3

Protesters opposing Egyptian President Mursi shout slogans and make fireworkes during a protest in Tahrir square in Cairo

There is really a concern for the governments of the world since the Arab Springs started to flourish. It does not matter that the Government spread information or better say, spread misinformation telling the world that is not the people that is outpouring into the streets by the millions on their own will but  the US who is controlling the revolutions.

NO way, The Governments are really scare of the people, they might control few hundreds thousands but they can not control millions. It is impossible with 100,000 thousands soldiers to control 33 millions angry, starving people.
If the time comes that the whole world stand up in their feet and demand justice and equality, there is the possibility that the same army personal will raise with the people. There are just a little number of high ranking army, and navy people that make enough to have a relaxed life, but the great majority are living on a very stretched income.
And the governments would be suicide if they even thinking on using weapons of mass destruction to control millions of people protesting on the streets, they would be shooting their own feet, because wanted or not, the arm forces of the stronger governments of the world are men of honor and they would not commit to murder their own citizens.

Alexandria University Corruption

Posted on October 11, 2011 in Akashma News

By Marivel Guzman

In Collaboration with a Student of the University of Alexandria Omar Shalaby

Alexandria University Students Takes to the Streets

(Alexandria Egypt) Students from the University of Alexandria, march in the streets of Alexandria to stop corruption in the University Campus.

Students are demanding the purge of the old guards of Mubarak, 8 months after the thrown out of the Dictator Mubarak the University was still running with the old rules of repression and oppression of the students.
“Hanafy announced that student union elections would be regulated by Guideline 79, which bans political activity on campus.”

  • The youth of Egypt still demanding the institution of the liberties for the population, smooth transition to the new government,

  • Clean elections where all the population get to decide in the election of their leaders, without coercion

  • Without tumbling in the freedom of speech of the people,

  • The release of the protesters, the bloggers, the journalist and any person that was arrested during the Egyptian Revolution.

  • The elimination of the Military Courts for Civilian Matters

The students protesting in front of the Building of the University of Alexandria, have very specific demands: End of The Corruption at The University.

Omar Shalaby, Alexandria University, faculty of Engineering, Petrochemicals major, SSP

Omar Shalaby: “You should say that I am protesting for the corruption in the   University here at Alexandria. Hend Hanafy takes 250 000 LE every month, we want to fire all the Managers of the University, the old Mubarak guards.

I do not know what it is happening in Egypt right now, I know what is happening here at the Alexandria University Building because I am protesting all days and nights in front of the University building that’s, that why I do not know what’s going on in Cairo.”

  • Marivel Guzman: How is the situation in there? I heard many bad things
  • 14 hours ago

    Omar Shalaby, we are receiving many threats to be killed, but we are here like one hand. yeah very bad things, just pray for us.
  • Omar Shalaby: Now I g2g and feel free to mention my name and put my pictures I am not afraid, google all info u want to know, I will be happy to see my name and pictures in your article, WOW I am too happy .. And that will increase my strength to keep fighting ;)🙂

“Demonstrators and continue to quarrel with police and military forces on the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities, demanding democratic elections and protesting against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for nearly 30 years:. January 11, 2011

Nine months later the population is taking to the streets again, the situation have not changed in Egypt, the Dictator is gone, but the Tyrannical rule of the all Tyrant still in place. The Mubarak undercover Elite police paid and trained by the US, was to blame for the criminal and inhumane practices exerted in the population, the many cases of torture and the disappearing of opposition leaders, the economic oppression that was asphyxiating Egypt all thought to be gone with Mubarak but as the past and no real change is seeing, the people knowing the power they have, they will be taking to the streets again.

In an Attempt to curve the growing resistant to the new military regime, the interim forces in power instituted a curfew in Cairo, but the people do not care for old practices of repression, and they are taking to the streets again.

Omar Shalaby: We are not afraid, (my friend Omar tells me that they are not afraid of be shown in the News, he wants their message to be known by the whole world).

Omar Shalaby: We need better education, we don’t need any of Mubarak supporters

Marivel Guzman; Better Education, more budget?

Omar Shalaby; Our University was from the best 100 Universities all over the world, now it is out, now we do not even meet higher education standards. We have genius that finish in Alexandria University, but they do not have, good changes to get a well paid job.
Marivel Guzman; I hear that before. How Sad.
Omar Shalaby: Yeah, mention this point as well, No Corruption in Alexandria University.
From Cairo to Aswan, higher education institutions in Egypt have been hit by a series of sit-ins staged by students protesting against the presence of university leaders and administrators associated with the fallen government of Hosni MubarakMarch 27, 2011
The protests have not really stopped since the ending of the Egyptian Revolution, we can say that the Revolution has not been won yet, Mubarak is gone, but Egyptian wants  all his rules, all his practices, all his Men, OUT, they want a new Egypt, fresh born out of the Revolution. The people that offered martyrdom  for a better future for Egypt, they need to be honored with a New Egyptian society, free of all corruption.

Official numbers talk of close to 1000 deaths, but having known the practices of Mubarak Secret Elite Police, they talk of the Thousands Disappear right at the beginning of the Revolution. So the people want all the thugs of the old regime out. There is no other way they will continue, the protests will continue, there are talks of Tahir Square to be Occupied Again.

The Following Statement is found on the Website of the University. Even thought that it sound all Nice and call to restrain, which I advise also, the Non Violent Movement is most important. But also lets not forget that this same people are part of the Old Mubarak Regime, and they still have in place the same oppressive tactics against the student body of the University.

AU Statement

Egypt is now going through a crisis, the language of wisdom and reason prevail over the language of feelings to prevent disturbance and unrest.

Greetings to Egypt’s conscious, promising, intellectual, esteemed, and committed youth, which calls for the right to a dignified life in all measures, a legitimate right of the people of this beloved homeland for a secure and stable life, bearing in mind the security and safety of the country under the discipline that govern all individuals without distinction between race or religion, protected by our armed forces which proved their respect and appreciation to the legitimate demands of the people of the nation.

We call on our young people, conscious of the intellectual investment pros of this situation to maintain the security of this nation and the stability of the belief that this is their homeland and that they are the future and the main sponsor of the country.

God save this nation. God save Egypt.

President of Alexandria University office

Prof. Hind Mamdouh Hanafi

22, El Gueish Str., El Shatby, Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: 002 03 5910096 – 002 03 5911152
Fax: 002 03 5910720

“Alexandria University , جامعة الإسكندرية‎, is a university in Alexandria, Egypt. It was established in 1938, in 1942,It was known as Farouk University until the or ongoing research.Egyptian Revolution of 1952 when its name was changed to the University of Alexandria. Taha Hussein was the founding rector of Alexandria University. It is now the second largest university in Egypt and has many affiliations to various universities

It was ranked between the best 100 Universities, but is not the case anymore, the Students Protest also want to help their University to back in the rank they enjoin before, and only after all the University is clean up of all the corruption that is part of its history for the past 30 years. Share The Message to the world, they want to be Free to study, to have the educational tools that they deserve. Egypt being so rich country it has the means to provide the University with all the resources an Institution of this Importance should have.” Wikipedia source.
To allow the students to have their students bodies and to be managed by the students, without coercion from the University Director. Peaceful demonstrations have always proven to be part of any changes, and they want to be Free to exercise their rights to free speech and demonstrate. The youth is the future of any Nation, they have the capacity of decide, to plan, to revolt if is needed, to protest when needed, the youth is smartest and capable cell of any society and should not be oppressed or repressed, and the youth is the bigger cell in ANY Nation of the World. We should honor them, and respect them, they are our hopes for better future.
Egypt do not forget what make you a great Nation, The Union of your people are what make you strong. Say never again to oppression
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