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Noor Abu Jarad left homeless and orphan

Noor Abu Jarad went to sleep at night, woke up in Al-Shifa Hospital. Then was told that her entire family of 8 members were all killed; after Israel targeted their home. She was the only survivor. I wonder how her life will continue from now on..
Noor Abu Jarad entire family killed last night.

18 hours ago the update on Gaza was 307 deaths. Now it is 345 deaths! And from 2268 injured to 2560 injured!! This is just astonishing and heartbreaking. I’m running out of words to explain Israel’s brutal, inhuman and illegal actions..
Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Kidra said the new round of airstrikes raised the death toll from the 12-day offensive to at least 342 Palestinians, many of them civilians.

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