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Five Questions Netanyahu needs to Answer

Posted on January 05, 2013 by Akashma Online News

Source PLO -Negotiations Affairs Department

There is also a Security Non-paper issued on 2010 with singular statements like :
“Based on reciprocity, Palestine will not enter into alliances with parties hostile to Israel.
The only reason most of the Arab countries are hostile to Israel is because the Palestinian issue, so why, the PLO goes to promise such things. Or maybe they are talking of new alliances? Because the wording is talking into future, not past or present alliances. “Palestine will not enter into alliances” Security Non-Paper 2010

1. Why  does  Netanyahu  refuse  to  define  which “compromises” he will make?

Mr. Netanyahu said in his speech to the U.S. Congress in 2011 that ‘painful compromises’ will be neccesary to ensure a lasting peace. Neither in that speech nor in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly last year did Prime Minister Netanyahu give any indication of which positive initiatives or agreed to any concessions during meetings arranged by the U.S., Jordan and the Quartet over the last two years.

2. Why does Netanyahu never acknowledge that the PLO has long recognized Israel’s right to exist?

The Declaration of Principles of 1993 were based on  a  historic  compromise  in  the  exchange of letters by which ‘the PLO recognizes the right to the State of Israel to exist in peace and security.’

The Palestinians have genuine and legitimate interest in establishing a Palestinian state that will be recognized, that acts as an independent state and is able to exercise its full rights and responsibilities as a sovereign nation.The Palestinian state needs also to be able to govern and exercise authority effectively, and maintain a responsible self-defense capability with no interest in establishing an offensive military threat to its neighbors. The main aim, after all, is to establish a national homeland for the Palestinians living in peace and security with all of its neighbors.

3. How  could  Palestine  be  a  sovereign  country without  East  Jerusalem  as  its  capital  and  with Israeli  occupying  forces  controlling  every  one  of its borders? 

The Israeli Prime Minister told the U.S. Congress that he is in favor of a Palestinian State, while saying that ‘Jerusalem must remain the united capital of Israel’ and that ‘it is vital that Israel maintain a long term military presence along the Jordan River.’

“Tonight, another Palestinian family from Sheikh Jarrah in Occupied East Jerusalem will be expecting to be evicted from the home they have inhabited for decades. The Shamasneh family – made up of10 members including two elderly and three children, are victims of the cruel behaviour of the Israeli occupation aimed at ethnically cleansing the city of its Palestinian inhabitants.”  Occupied East Jerusalem
“The Palestinian negotiators are not willing to sign an agreement that does not include Jerusalem or one which does not preserve our rights in the city as they were in June 1967. Israel’s proposal on Jerusalem, if we had accepted, would have cut the city in many forms and placed on it many different legal characterizations, some thing we rejected.” Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen): No Peace Agreement without Jerusalem, 2003

4. Is it not the truth that – judged by his unrelenting annexation  of  Palestinian  land  –  Netanyahu  is committed  to  making  a  viable  Palestinian  state impossible?

In  last  year’s  speech  to  the  U.S.  Congress, Netanyahu  also  claimed  that  Palestinians  should have  a  national  life  of  dignity  as  a  free,  viable  and independent  people  in  their  own  state’.  Yet he refuses to stop the expansion of Israeli settlements, continues to construct a massive and illegal wall that denies Palestinians freedom of movement, and refrains from committing to 1967 borders. In other words, he insists on building on the land that is supposed to make up the future state of Palestine.

Settlements: Since 1967, Israel has colonized the Occupied Palestinian Territories by systematically transferring parts of its Jewish civilian population into the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in violation of international law. Today, more than half a million Israeli settlers, including over 190,000 in and around East Jerusalem, live in settlements established on land illegally seized from us in the OPT. These settlements range in size from nascent settlements or “outposts,” consisting of a few trailers, to entire towns of tens of thousands of settlers. Colonizing the Occupied Territories

5. When  will  he  admit  that  by  setting  non‐negotiable  pre‐conditions  on  all  issues  and unilaterally  acquiring  Palestinian  land,  his support  for  a  negotiated  solution  is  a  cynical pretense?

The  Israeli  Prime  Minister  repeatedly  calls  for negotiations  without  pre‐conditions,  while  setting pre‐conditions  and  extra  demands  of  his  own  and undertaking  aggressive  and  illegal  actions  to predetermine  the  outcome  of  negotiations. These include rejecting any compromise on Jerusalem, pre-emptively denying Palestinian refugees their right to return, demanding that Israel control the Jordan Valley area, and accelerating the theft of Palestinian land for the construction of Jewish-only settlements.

Paris Protocol, Oslo and David Accords  need to be scrapped out of the Palestinian Compromises, and a new set of rules have to be put in place according to Palestine State sovereign new status, and  according to International Law. Anything that benefit Israel and put Palestine in disadvantage should not be honored for being Legally Unjust.

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