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Day of Global Non-violence

A message to Israel and to the United Nations.
On this day commemorating “The Day of Global Non-violence” learn from history — Apartheid is a way violence against the native population of Palestine.

Repression, oppression, and murder of non-violent protestors demanding human rights is a despicable type of violence.

Peace would only be achieved respecting the rights of the Palestinians.

It is time the UN enforce its own resolutions and stop entertaining the world with nonsense conferences, and non-binding resolutions.

All those “beautiful words” written for this article sound good on paper, but in reality, in all the history of this body, little has been done to stop the ethnic cleansing of the autochthonous people.

“On Wednesday, the global community marks the International Day of Non-Violence, which this year coincided with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the global peace icon who led India to independence, Mahatma Gandhi” UN press, Oct. 01,2919


Peace icon Mahatma Gandhi’s message of ‘mutual understanding, equality’ reverberates on Day of Non-Violence

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