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My other half – Akashma poetry

Updated June 18, 2020, at 01:30

My Other Half

by Marivel Guzman

Where were you love?
I knew you’d come!
I heard your little soft steps next to my bed,
I felt your fairy wings
dancing to the tune of my breathless hope

I sensed you getting ready for the dance of love. I saw you in the sparkles of the rain, I saw you halo curling in the mist.
I know was you who touched my shoulder in the night, right when I was feeling all broken down.
I knew you’d come, It is you
who saved me from the darkest dream.

Where were you love?
I smell the aroma of your shadow
breathing next to me.
I knew you’d be, it was you
courting my silhouette
inhaling every drop of my sleep.

Where were you love?
I needed your warm presence next to me,
I wanted to hear the whispers of your voice.
I missed your presence in my life.
I tried to forge in other hopes,
I tried to call in other names,
but love is not a costume dress that I can change.

Where are you love?
I need you tonight,
the piercing shout of my pain
will keep me awake if you don’t come,
your absence cut right through my soul.

Where are you love?
I need to embrace your name again,
I want to snuggle up
against your heart next to mine.

I know you come,
I know you miss my voice touching your ear.
I know your life is half without my touch,
I knew you’d come,
I’m feeling warm again tonight. ♥

Love is not love,
if it does not have its other half.

First Published on March 15, 2020, at 20:14

Marivel R Guzman © 2020

Akashma Poetry

Marivel Guzman, is an American poet, and fiction writer. (photo and graphics by Marivel Guzman)

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