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Publicity Campaign of Israel playing the good samaritan

By Marivel Guzman

Why now that Israel is bombing every inch of Gaza it is allowing the European Donations to enter Gaza?
Do you wonder the same? When there is time of cease fire of relative calm Israel makes the food go rotten in their warehouse waiting to be transported to Gaza, the trucks  wait hours to enter, and now! all of the sudden it is allowing all these supplies into Gaza.
Now that Israel is killing every Palestinian, now that it is flattening every neighborhood, destroying entire residential buildings, with people or without it, mosques followed  the same luck, schools empty and full of refugees.
These is the most sick joke Israel plays to Gaza and to the world.
Just yesterday bomb one of United Nations Relief and Works Agency, that it knew was being used as shelter as many of 100,000 Palestinians become homeless.
The first news came to us through our friends in Gaza, Prof Abdewahed sent me a private message with the following.

“Two hours ago, in my neighborhood, Israeli drones and F16 demolished a 4 storey building. Casualties rise up dramatically. Its mid-day. 52 have been reported killed today 24 July 2014 Thousands of displaced Palestinians stay at UNRWA schools. One school in north of Gaza in Beit Hanoun village has been targeted minutes ago!!! First reports mention 10 people killed!!! Reports mention 4 artillery rockets have fallen in the yard of the UNRWA school killing 10 and injuring around 150 people. This is beyond the capacity of the ambulances available and the small hospital in the area. 60 martyr so far in today’s bombing!”

Then few minutes later he sent another message
Israeli soldiers in Khuzaa take Palestinian homes as shelters and Palestinians as human shield.
Is this considered war crime? hell it is.
Israel purposely targetted a school that it knew has refugee displaced, majority children.

“106 truckloads carrying over 1,800 tons of food, materials & agricultural supplies crossed into the strip. ” says the I@IsraelMFA  Israel Foreign Min. twitter account.

I save a status from a friend from Gaza, I sent it as a twitter for the record of history.

screen shot of Israel Foreign Minister twitt, published  1:10 PM - 24 Jul 2014

screen shot of Israel Foreign Minister twitt, published 1:10 PM – 24 Jul 2014



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