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Money and Business

Posted On March 12, 2010 by

“I wrote this piece more than 2 years ago, regarding the crisis that the world is facing, and seems that the revolutions that we just witnessed were part of common sense prediction that I saw 2 years ago.” April 12, 2011
Are we going to hit bottom soon?, that is a question that people ask themselves, but is not a necessary scenario to get out of this mess that we all helped to create.
I do worry that it will degenerate to a more violent social crisis. The his-story book talks about social unrest, the French Revolution, The Mexican Revolution and the Russian Revolution are the best examples of social-economic crisis at least widely publicized in “History Books”, but of course there were other conflicts in every corner of the earth just not known.
But this time the crisis was premeditated long before the 1990, when the coms start raising, and falling in the same decade. The government let big corporation unrestrained, unregulated and free to predate the consumer.

So If you want to save your sheep you don’t leave them tied up in a pole, when you know there 50 packs of wolfs roaming in the vicinity, do you?(They are close to 50 corporation running this world)
All boil down to common sense, there is nothing “We the people” can not do to undo the mess, the big corporations if they want to rein in a more sane and healthy society, where they can show they’re the boss, they have to change their currentl behavior, if up to them to clean the mess, because we all know, well at least I know, that the “government”, is just a branch for these big corporations.
This branch maintains “public relations”, “security”,”network vigilance”,landscape maintenance and some other basic activities, like espionage, free technology, where a huge net of Universities are working on research in behave of the corporations, that is paid by “We the people”, but R&D will end up in the hands of the corporations, holding the patent for the R&D. You know all this activities that the “Government does is nothing more that public relations, I don’t see it any other way.
Well any way, if the big corporations want a the consumer to keep filling their packets,  they need to fix this mess, which was created globally, because they planned all this about 100 years ago, they staged the depression to gain control of local governments, this is what you know as depression of 1930’s, which by the way was global, but deployed by regions or countries, with some help with local arms conflicts ) and they come out ahead, wealthy, strong, and with strategic man in the various governments of the world, and as we know,  everything evolve in this planet, even Greed, so these man behind the stage wanted more, and they got it, now they are the government.
So as you see, presidents won’t do much unless they are part of the gang.
I don’t want to sound pessimism but I have to sound realistic, maybe my fellow citizens of the earth, you could help yourself out of this crisis unharmed, we all got comfortable at the beginning with services,like loans, credit cards and we end up uncomfortably numb so to speak, so please help us all, stop being part of their monopoly game, start buying again at you pops and moms stores, banter as much as you can, the old way of exchange of good and services, plant your own vegetables if you can if you have a patio, or do it in pots, save the seeds of anything that falls in your hands, can be apples any fruit, stop using credit cards as much as possible, help your neighbors, wake up earlier and breath deeply, start cleaning your lungs(smoking), start clearing your mind, shake out the negativity out of your body. And maybe our destiny will be in our hands again. Sound hard of course,  it is, but is impossible if we don’t even try.

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