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“Israel Wall” Released Throughout Gaza

Posted on April 14, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

Mr. Pity are proud to announce that copies of our ‘Israeli Wall’ album have been sent to sincere Palestinians and have been granted complete authority to burn unlimited copies of the CD for free distribution throughout Gaza. Despite heavy censorship, this album will promote true Freedom to the Palestinians.
Every Musician, singer, poet, and writer have a bond with their art, and with the people they deliver their art and message. When they find that their art is inspirational, entertaining but also appreciated they have double satisfaction. More and more we seen Musicians and singers lending their art to disseminate the message of Truth, Justice and peace.
It is an honor to present you Mr. Pity a rock band that despite the risks of being openly Palestinian supporters, they Dare the world. We all know the risk to being in the Public Eye of the Zionist Media, you can be,”Ignored”, “Forgotten”, and some times destroyed, as has happened to many Public Figures. We just saw the classical example of Helen Thomas after more than 50 years of impeccable careers being destroyed at the end by telling The Truth of the Matter.
I dare you to ignored the Zionist Media and support the artists that give themselves to the Cause of Truth, Justice and Peace.
They as a musicians, need the support of the Public listening their music, but also buying their material, because unfortunately in this Materialistic World that we still live, money still the Wheel that Moves the World. For the friends that do not know them, I bring you a video clip for you to get to know this band and support them. This special album was
publicly and freely released for Gaza.

Genre -Hard Rock / Metal
Members-Harry Hamed Vocals, Yod Lead Guitar, Bryan Guitar, Gun Bass,Sticks Drums.
Hometown-Morocco / Bangkok
Record Label-Self Release
About :
No Sleep Until We Rock In Jerusalem.. Our Album is Available for download from Amazon.com

For those of you who wish to buy the hard copy please contact us direct.

Mr. Pity are a Revolutionary Rock band the brain child of Hamed aka Harry Pity, born in Morocco, raised in the UK and currently based in Thailand since 2005.


Mr. Pity do not, and never will, advocate violence but rather consider their weapons of war to be the very instruments they play and record. Mr. Pity sincerely hope that people across the world enjoy their unique ‘brand’ of music, described by some as being a rich combination of of Metal and Rock.

It is Mr. Pity’s desire and Great Wish that all peoples of the world will ultimately unite and, once and for all, put a True End to war and conflict with all it’s destructive manifestations ultimately being eradicated from the conscious memory of humanity as a whole.

Mr. Pity are currently working on their second Studio Album titled “5 Wire” – so stay in touch and enjoy the Rock!

Peace to You from Mr. Pity, Fans and Crew.

“No Sleep Till We Rock In Jerusalem” (read less)
Mr. Pity are a Revolutionary Rock band the brain child of Hamed aka Harry Pity, born in Morocco, raised in the UK and currently based in Thailand since 2005.

Mr. Pity’s debut album, Israeli Wall, is Dedicated to Peace and Justice. The album was recorded and Mixed at Morocco studio in Thailand and mastered in the UK.

“Trumpets brought down the walls of Jericho, time has come for Guitars to bring down the Israeli Wall”

Mr. Pity’s vision is to contribute their gifts and resources into helping… (read more)
Current Location-Thailand
General Manager-Harry Hamed
Booking Agent-Harry Hamed / Contact Amira Ch. for all Arab countries incl France.
Press Contact-mr.pity@hotmail.com /amira8210@yahoo.fr
Artists We Also Like-Maiden, Priest…etc..
Influences-80’s Metal
Band Interests-Peace And Justice, Anti-Zionists

  1. akeel khan
    April 17, 2011 at 7:31 pm



  2. April 15, 2011 at 7:13 am

    Mr Pity
    Respect and Love
    God Bless You
    Great Arts you do
    Great Support you give!


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