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Israel Wants to Take Hamas Out-Israel Motives?

Posted on April 11, 2011 by Marivel Guzman
Originally Posted BY OMAR KAREM
The news below is all across the internet just in google 1030 News Online Outlets are distributing it. In Yahoo 2080 News Online Outlets are distributing it.
Do you wonder why? Can this be a psychological campaign to sent to the leaders of the world, and to the compassionate people of the world to push for a change of government in Gaza. Thinking that with this Israel will stop the slaughter in Gaza?. Forget about that, Israel is not looking for peace, never had.
There is always an excuse for killing of civilians, an excuse for target assassinations, an excuse for extrajudicial detentions, an excuse to bombing civilian structures, an excuse to bomb hospitals, schools, mosques, ambulances, and civilian cars. Always an excuse and every time there will be a leader from the UN Club to say. “Israel has the right to Defend itself”…
Next time that you read the “NEWS” please search and research the source, the writer the “Between the Lines” message.
The Propaganda machine is the best weapon Israel has to continue with her killings of Innocent. They are cleaning the population of Palestine, they are driving their inhabitants to move out, they are doing all in their bloody hands to rid Palestine of Palestinians.
The Numbers of births of Israelis are against Israel plans, and the Number of births of Palestinians are the worse contra weapon that Israel has against her. So they resource to assassination of civilians and pounding their air, water and land with chemicals to make them infertile, the reports and facts need to be investigated–The Stream Media have completed overlooked and shadowed the reports of DIME
More to the story can be found Richard Lightbown

Israel should not settle for a truce with Hamas in Gaza, and should instead seek to topple the Islamist rulers of the coastal strip, Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said .

“The goal that we have settled on, of seeking a return to calm, is a grave error because it will allow Hamas to reinforce along the lines of Hezbollah,” Lieberman told public radio, referring to the Lebanese militia with which Israel fought a 2006 war, killing 1,200, mostly civilians.

“The objective must be to force Hamas out of power,” said Lieberman, who heads the ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beitenu party.

“To return to calm accepts a war of attrition in which Hamas can determine when there is a lull and when the front is heating up,” he said.

A tense truce appeared to be taking hold between Hamas and Israel early Monday, after both sides stepped back from the brink SUNDAY.

The calm came after several days of confrontation between Israel and the Islamist group, which have raised tensions to their highest levels since Israel’s 2008-2009 war on Gaza.

The fighting, which has left at least 18 Palestinians dead, came after an anti-tank missile fired from Gaza hit an Israeli school bus on Thursday, wounding two people, one of them a teenager who was critically injured.

Hamas said the attack was in response to an earlier Israeli assassination of three senior members of the Islamist group, but claimed school children were not targeted, citing heavy use of the road where the projectile landed of military vehicles.

Israel responded to the bus attack with air strikes across the Gaza Strip, as Palestinian militant groups fired a barrage of rockets and mortar rounds into southern Israel, causing no further injuries.

But both Israeli and Hamas officials expressed interest in a truce by Sunday, and the rate of rocket fire dropped off significantly as a period of calm took hold. Hamas had offered a truce on Thursday evening, an hour ahead of a series of air strikes that hit targets across Gaza, killing four residents of The Gaza Strip.

Lieberman’s opposition to the truce is at odds with the support expressed for a ceasefire by other Israeli officials including Defense Minister Ehud Barak, but he ruled out a coalition breakup over the issue.

“I don’t want a government crisis, or to quit the coalition. We can influence much more from the inside than from the opposition,” he said.

Others within Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitenu party, including National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau, expressed support for a new campaign of assassinations targeting Hamas members.

The statements came as Israel’s daily Haaretz newspaper reported that the country’s attorney general was expected to announce that he intends on filing an indictment against the official on charges of fraud, money laundering, and breach of trust.This case dates back to 2009, I think is time that Israel clean house

A draft indictment will be handed to Lieberman’s attorneys and he will be granted the right to a hearing to try to prevent the indictment, Haaretz said.

If indicted, he would be the latest in a string of Israeli leaders including a former prime minister to be brought up on corruption charges. In December, a former president was convicted of rape.

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