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Improbable Cause; The Libyan Suspect can’t be guilty

Posted on Jun 16, 2011 by Marivel Guzman over Archive Libya

Improbable Cause; The Libyan Suspect Can not be Guilty But the biggest reason for questioning the validity of the “Libya-did-it” scenario is the sheer improbability of placing a bomb on a plane in Valetta, Malta, bound for Frankfurt, Germany, there to be offloaded on a second plane bound for London, where it would be offloaded on a third plane bound for New York, to explode 38 minutes later. Common sense would dictate a far more simple scheme: load the bomb aboard a plane in London with a simple pressure mechanism to go off when the plane was safely out to sea 38 minutes after takeoff.

In his Dec. 27, 2007 e-mail, Swire discussed the “timer fragment” supposedly found at the crash site, part of a device made in Switzerland and supposedly sold to Libya. If true, this could mean that Megrahi theoretically could have set the bomb to go off 38 minutes after takeoff. But the Swiss timer turned out to indict the Lockerbie court rather than Megrahi. Edwin Bollier, the owner of MEBO which manufactured the alleged bomb trigger device, revealed that he had turned down an FBI offer of $4 million to testify that he had sold the device to Libya.

In the aforementioned e-mail, from which I am free to quote, Dr. Swire said the Lockerbie court heard of a “specialized timer/baroceptor bomb mechanism” made by the PFLP-GC in the Damascus suburbs. This device would explode within 30 to 45 minutes after takeoff, but was stable indefinitely at ground level. The court heard that these devices could not be altered. “Yet the court believed,” Swire wrote, “that Megrahi ”˜happened’ to set his Swiss timer in such a way that it went off in the middle of the time window for the Syrian device, surviving changes of planes at Frankfurt and London.”

Dr. Swire told the BBC News of Aug. 20, 2009 that the prosecution at the Lockerbie trial failed to take into consideration the reported break-in of the Pan Am baggage area at Heathrow in the early morning hours of the day of Pan Am 103’s doomed flight.

Many of the British relatives of Pan Am 103 victims have come to believe that the bomb was loaded in London, and thus that Megrahi could not be guilty. These relatives and Dr. Swire were opposed to Megrahi’s withdrawing his second appeal on the grounds that further evidence would come out that might have pointed to the real culprit.

In a Jan. 4, 2008 e-mail, Dr. Swire warned that “there is some deep secret hidden in this tragedy which evokes virulent responses…when questions are raised.”

In an Aug. 20, 2009 e-mail response to this writer’s inquiry, Dr. Swire said “that it appears that the Iranians used the PFLP-GC as mercenaries in this ghastly business.” According to this theory, held by many who doubt Megrahi’s guilt, including CounterPunch’s Alexander Cockburn, Iran hired the PFLP-GC to avenge the July 3, 1988 shooting down by the USS Vincennes of an Iranian Airbus passenger plane, killing 290 passengers, including 66 children. The U.S. ship’s officers later received medals for heroism in combat.

Having lost his daughter in the Pan Am crash, and as an expert in explosives, Dr. Swire is uniquely qualified to examine the Pan Am tragedy. America and its mainstream media did not reflect credit on themselves by refusing to acknowledge questions about Megrahi’s guilt.

Dr. Swire may well be right in blaming the PFLP-GC for the tragedy. But this writer still has his doubts—because the ineptness of the trial and Washington’s fanaticism in pushing such a flimsy case against Libya leave an impression that it must be covering up for the real criminals. Somehow it seems unlikely that the U.S. would go to such lengths to protect Iran, much less the PFLP-GC.

The article below is the classic follow up of Stream Media reporting, the use of the word terrorist is the best example of the Bias reporting style. This article is making sure the perspective over the innocence of Al-Megrahi don’t even be question. Reality is that after 20 years of cover ups, sudden deaths of witnesses, tampering with evidence, new evidence and other more complicated issues make the case of Mr Al-Megrahi difficult to dissect again in the media. If you follow the trial reporting you will see that there was so much inconsistency in the Trial, the witnesses from the prosecution were of shaky character. The involvement of the CIA and FBI make still more unbelievable.

When the new evidence was presented to the court, by pressure of US and UK was not accepted because they have already built the case against Libya, not against Mr Al-Megrahi but against Libya. For more than 20 years Gadhafi was pressured to give up his support for the Palestinian resistance and the IRA and he never gave up in his intent of maintain the financial support for these two important groups. Gadhafi knew that stopping the money line to the two movements will die easily and the popular support for his dreams of an Africa United as one block will dissipate.

Washington Report Archives (2006-2010)

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Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Probably Not Guilty—So Who Is the Real Criminal? – With the Death of Gadhafee the truth will never will be known, the suppose Deal of BP and Lybia was a secret that Gadhafee and his son took to his grave. The deal to release Al-Maghrahi on humanitarian grounds was just a cover up so the Truth will never resurface with an appeal that was in the go due to new evidence found. Now the victims will be showing up in expensive lawyer to collect more money. And other suppose victims of Libyan involvement in the Lockerbie accident will show up in the same way, like the IRA victims.

The Missing Link “Lockerbie” Libya Not Involved

President Mandela of South Africa has strongly urged Britain to allow two Libyans accused of bombing an American airliner over the Scottish town of Lockerbie nine years ago to be tried in a neutral country.

Mr Mandela is campaigning for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Libya after it refused to hand over the two men to the United States and Britain.

Speaking at a news conference in Scotland — where he’s attending the Commonwealth summit — Mr Mandela said justice would not be seen to be done if the men were tried in Britain; no country should be complainant,prosecutor and judge.

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