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Struggles that unite the Nations

Published by Akashma Online News

by Marivel Guzman in collaboration with Omar Karem from Turkish/Syrian border

Omar Red Crescent May 31 2013

Three convoys converged in Turkey to deliver much needed aid to the people of Syria suffering a three years internal violence.

Omar Karem, 30 years old from Gaza with an uncertain future. He it is a refugee himself but regardless of his precarious situation, his humanitarian heart does not allow him to stay idle, he is adding his helping hands around in the Aleppo Halab Syrian Refugee Camp. He is stranded without visa, but this does not stop him from helping others in need.

Syrian Refugee Camp

Refugee Camp set up by UN on the border of Turkey/Syria receiving every day people running from the violence inside Syria.

It is very difficult to be Palestinian, he said. You have no rights in your land, and you have no rights in other people’s land.
The Palestinian Nabka since 1948 had left Palestinian without rights. They are denied visas to work, or to visit other countries on the ground of  being Palestinian. Omar said, that most of the times they refuse to grant them visa just because they are Palestinians.
The word refugee is not new for Palestinians. The refugee status of Palestinians, it is wore as stigma. A painful one, that follows them every where they go.

“All Arab governments  and specially the ones called national government are unchanged. Omar, said. They filled history with revolutionary slogans.  They said that they will liberate Palestine, they set up thousands of festivals. Printed millions of posters and after 65 years of Nakba, nothing changed one meter of Palestine’s land, he said.

Omar, that victoriously broke Gaza siege last year had seen the end of his triumph. Now stranded in the border of Turkey/Syria in Aleppo Syria in a refugee camp for displaced people forgetting his own struggles and his uncertain future, he moves around in Halab refugee camp helping and documenting the atrocities of the war.

He better than anybody knows the horrors of the war, he lived the Israel occupation all his life. He knows the terror in the eyes of a child after a bomb had destroyed half of his home. Israel did not spared the terror of the bombs, the white phosphorous, the sonar bombs, the drones flying every day above their heads. Omar knows the aftermath of war, now he sees himself as a refugee in a foreign land, but still hoping for a better tomorrow, and helping Syrian refugees to cope with the lost.
What to do, when you are Palestinian?  Add your voice to the Palestinian Struggle, he said,  let’s help to end the Israeli Occupation of Palestine.  Now witnessing the horror of the Syrian violence that does not forgive, women, children and elderly, he said, “Syria will be free.”

Omar Karem and  Ebrahim Musaji

thousands miles away from their Land, Omar Karem and Ebrahim Musaji Aleppo Syrian Refugee Camp

From all the oddities of life, Ebrahim Musaji, 27 Mavi Marmara survivor and humanitarian peace activist from the UK comes to Syria in a convoy to bring Aid, and find Omar Karem from Gaza, Palestine, stranded yet in another no man’s land. When Ebrahim went to Gaza 2 years ago, Omar still in Gaza was part of those in need, now circumstances had changed. They both meet in another country, with conditions similar to Gaza. Undoubtedly the times changed but the situation is the same.
In a skype interview,  Ebrahim Musaji, speaks of his many humanitarian enterprises. He has been in Gaza in three occasions, With Viva Palestine convoy, Road to Hope, and the attempted Mavi Marmara organized by İnsan Hak ve Hürriyetleri İnsani Yardım Vakfı – İHH. He had been in Syria as volunteer 2 times, the first time he stayed 3 months inside Syria helping displaced people. This would be his third time in a convoy from UK delivering aid to the people inside Syria.

UK convoy members Libyan Red Crescent Omar Karem and Ebrahim Musaji

Ebrahim Musaji, Omar Karem with members of the Libyan Red Crescent delegation arriving to Istanbul in their way to Syria.

Syria Refugee Camp Border Turkey

Ebrahim spent 3 months in Syria on January, delivering the ambulances and donated aid and cash to school inside Syria and in the refugee camps.

Ambulances arriving to Istanbul ready to depart to Syria

25 ambulances from Libya crossed  Thursday Turkish territory, loaded with tools and medical supplies, to the Syrian territory. The Ambulances were accompanied by 14 people, including three doctors, that crossed the Syrian-Turkish border from the crossing Gelovaguzo the “Gate of fancy”, in Rihaniyya area city Turkish Hataa. The coordinator of the Red Crescent in Libya, “Nasser Mohammed Dou,” said, that Libya provided so far 235 ambulance to Syria since the start of the crisis, and to support the Libyan humanitarian aid will continue on an ongoing basis to the Syrians. He explained, “Dou” that three doctors came with the delegation, in order to provide medical services to the Syrian refugees who were forced to leave their homes and stay in tents and camps inside Syrian territory.

Omar Karem and Ebrahim Musaji meet in Aleppo refugee camp on May 27, and made their way back to Istanbul to welcome the Libyan Red Crescent delegation arriving with 25 ambulances, and the group from IHH, once they all meet they started their journey to Syria.
Circumstances unite people more than they can imagine.

New Forensic Evidence Reveals that Megrahi Not Guilty After All

Posted on February 27, 2012 by Marivel Guzman

Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Probably Not Guilty—So Who Is the Real Criminal?

US and UK pushed the courts to release Megrahi on humanitarian grounds, rather that allow him to present his evidence in his appeal. At the Lockerbie trial so-called “key witness” Abdulmajid Gauci would identify Megrahi as the purchaser of certain items of clothing found at the crash site that Gauci claimed were purchased at his shop in Valetta, Malta. But on the witness stand Gauci proved to be a flop at identification. An FBI officer, Harold Hendershot, called to the witness stand to bolster Gauci’s testimony, also appeared to lack credibility.
Megrahi was released and received hero welcome in Libya by Col Muamar Gadhafee.
Gadhafee denied that he was pressure to give up his claim that Libya did not have anything to do with the Pam 103. The economical sanctions were lifted right after Gadhafee allowed the extradition of the two suspects. One of them was found innocent, only Megrahi was found guilty.

Lockerbie bombing: Forensic evidence ‘casts fresh doubt on Megrahi guilt’

The wreckage of Pan Am 103. Picture: APThe wreckage of Pan Am 103. Picture: AP

Published on Monday 27 February 2012 00:00

NEW forensic evidence claiming to destroy key pillars of the case against the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing will be revealed today.

Forensic examination of a small fragment of circuit board, cited as critical evidence linking Libya to the atrocity that claimed 270 lives on 21 December, 1988, does not originate from the source identified by prosecutors, it is claimed.

The new evidence is detailed in two documentaries on the case against Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, 59, screened today on BBC Scotland and the Al Jazeera network. They coincide with the launch of a book telling the story of Megrahi and featuring extensive interviews with him, released by the Scottish company Birlinn.

The book, too, is said to probe deeply into the forensic evidence in the case.

In the BBC Scotland documentary, Megrahi, a former Libyan intelligence officer, says he “forgives” Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci, who identified him as purchasing clothes which were found packed around the bomb, on a day Megrahi admitted he was in Malta.

“Forgiving him, I am facing my God very soon,” Megrahi says. “I swear I have never been in his shop or buy any clothing from his shop. I swear with my God, which is my God and his God as well, I swear I have never been in his shop or buy any clothing from his shop.

“He has to believe this, because when we meet together before the God, I want him to know that before I die. This is the truth.”

The circuit board, found at the crash site, was linked to the bombing because the fragment, labelled PT35b by investigators, was identified as coming from an MST-13 timer made by the Swiss firm Mebo. Megrahi had regular dealings with the firm. The Crown also claimed the timers had only ever been supplied to Libya. Megrahi was described at his trial as a member of the Libyan intelligence services who worked in Malta at the Libyan Arab Airlines office. He was accused of helping to place the bomb on an Air Malta flight, from which it was transferred to the doomed Pan Am 103.

Megrahi’s defence team was not able to secure access to the fragment to conduct its own expert analysis before the trial, or his first unsuccessful appeal, the documentary is said to claim.

But in preparation for the second appeal, which Megrahi abandoned when he was released on compassionate grounds after a cancer diagnosis, his defence team was able to examine the fragment and other key pieces of evidence.

Their experts claimed it contained no trace of explosive residue. But, more importantly, defence experts also claimed it was made of a different combination of materials to the MST-13s, meaning it did not originate with the Mebo device.

The BBC confirmed yesterday that their documentary explored forensic evidence.

The two programmes feature an interview Megrahi gave in December to his friend George Thomson, a former police officer and criminal defence specialist who was part of his legal team for four years.

Today also sees the publication of John Ashton’s book, Megrahi: You Are My Jury – The Lockerbie Evidence, published by Birlinn. Mr Ashton, an investigative journalist, was also in Megrahi’s defence team and worked closely with him to produce the book.

BBC Scotland insisted last night that, while the interview in the documentary was conducted by Thomson, the programme itself “was produced in accordance with our guidelines on impartiality”.

The Rev John Mosey, a British parent who lost his daughter in the bombing, said he expected both the book and the documentaries to launch a major re-examination of the Lockerbie case.

For those sceptical of the trial and conviction, it “promises evidence of things that we have been saying for many years”, he added.

He had closely followed the circuit-board evidence at Megrahi’s lengthy trial, he said. “It was extremely, extremely dodgy. It was very, very suspicious.

“The way it suddenly appeared, embedded in a shirt collar, with the information on the page overwritten and changed, all police procedures were thrown out of the window.”

But Susan Cohen, an American whose daughter also died in the bombing, said: “None of this sounds any different from what I’ve heard before. With these documentaries, is there going to be a panel afterwards, someone who is representing someone who is not the voice for Megrahi propaganda?

“This is simply allowing this conspiracy theory to flourish. In all these years nothing has ever, ever come out that really shows any significance.”

Megrahi, the only man convicted in the Lockerbie bombing, was said to be three months from death when he was released from a Scottish prison in August 2009 following a decision by justice secretary Kenny MacAskill. He remains alive in Libya, but in the December interview clearly considers himself close to death.

The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC), which investigated Megrahi’s 2001 conviction, found six reasons why it may have been a miscarriage of justice and sent the case back to the Appeal Court. The appeal ended when he was released.

Among the SCCRC’s reasons were inconsistencies in Mr Gauci’s statements and controversy surrounding an identification parade in Kamp van Zeist at which he identified Megrahi. It is understood the documentary makers gained access to the SCCRC’s investigations into the case.

Megrahi was interviewed in his bed in his home in Tripoli. Looking frail and straining to make his words audible, Megrahi laments that he will die while still branded “the Lockerbie bomber”.

Asked by Mr Thomson what he would say to Mr Gauci if he were in the room, he says: “I’d say he dealt with me very wrongly. I have never seen him in my life before he came to the court. But I do forgive him.”

• Many believe convicted killer Mohammed Abu Talb is the real Lockerbie bomber.

Talb was freed from prison in Sweden in 2010. He was serving a life sentence for terrorist attacks in Copenhagen and Amsterdam using explosive devices.

He was the original suspect for the attack on Pan Am Flight 103 until 1990, when attention switched to Libya.

At the time of the Lockerbie trial, Talb admitted he and members of his family were involved in the fight to liberate Palestine. But he denied he was “a murderer and a liar”, and claimed he had given up the military struggle before the Lockerbie bombing.

The trial in Kamp van Zeist heard Talb had used many aliases as a member of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, including one that translated as “he who takes revenge”.

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Lockerbie bombing: New book claims Megrahi was ‘innocent victim of dirty politics and judicial folly’

Scottish publisher Birlinn launches into the Lockerbie controversy today with the publication of a book that promises the fullest account yet of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi’s story in his own words.

Libya In The News: Old Libya

Targeting of Christian Syrians and Black Libyans: The “Clash of Civilizations” is on the march
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
21 NOVEMBER 2011
Divide and conquer stratagems are back with a vengeance throughout the Arab world, fanning the flames of discontent and undermining national sovereignty. The stage is being set for a contrived “clash of civilizations,” closely following the 1982 plan of Israeli strategist Oded Yinon, for which any form of peaceful coexistence among the various ethnic and religious groups living in Arab countries spells disaster and must be stamped out. Nazemroaya analyses the process already underway.

Armed business in Libya
by Manlio Dinucci
The “new Libya” is a mirror for larks, with entrepreneurs scrambling for mega-deals. However, the current state of instability makes any construction project extremely risky. The oil and food supply sectors are the only ones that offer long-term guarantees. Provided of course that businessmen are protected … this is where the private military companies come in.

Bob Powell: ’We’ve been lied to by every media outlet in the world about Libya’
13 NOVEMBER 2011
Upon recently uncovering information that the “revolution” in Libya was anything but a popular uprising, Bob Powell, host and producer of “The Truth Is Viral” on Above Top Secret decided to share it with his audience in the latest episode of his show.
In an efficiently packaged presentation, he exposes the real reasons behind the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi without leaving any stone unturned, from the CIA trained and equipped al-Qaeda terrorists assisted by Qatari Army soldiers, to the (…)

Libyan humanitarian activist vs. NATO
13 NOVEMBER 2011
Setting a momentous precedent, 34-year old Khaled K. El-Hamedi filed a lawsuit against NATO after his entire family was killed in a bombing raid on 20 June 2011 at 2:30 a.m. While in Libya, Voltaire Network’s Thierry Meyssan reported on the “The Sorman massacre”, denouncing NATO’s strategy of deliberately targeting the family members of Libyan leaders, aided by undercover agents who marked the targets for the strikes. Khaled K. El-Hamedi brings us his personal testimony of the barbarism that destroyed his loved ones, his life and his entire country.

Allied forces deployed in Libya since mid-February
10 NOVEMBER 2011
According to Nathalie Guibert of Le Monde, the French and British military General Staff negotiated the division of Libyan waters between their respective submarines a month before NATO’s intervention, that is when the Benghazi disorders erupted.
The French daily further reported that four nuclear attack submarines (SNA) were deployed off the coast of Libya during Operation “Unified Protector”. One of them allegedly started running intelligence missions by end of February.
Such reports (…)

In 1978, Imam Sadr was indeed Muammar Gaddafi’s victim
10 NOVEMBER 2011
Muammar Gaddafi’s former personal aide, Ahmad Ramadan al-Asaibie, gave an interview to journalist Jenan Moussa, released by the UAE-based television channel Al-Aan on 8 November 2011.
In the 80’s, Colonel Ahmed Ben Ramadan had coordinated the pro-Libyan forces in Chad, before taking command of the Libyan Revolutionary Guard. In the 90s, he headed the “Guide”’s Intelligence Bureau.
He claims to have witnessed the arrival at Muammar Gaddafi’s Headquarters of Iman Mosa el Sadr and his two (…)

5 000 Qatari troops helped to colonize Libya
Having long claimed that it participated in the fighting in Libya by only sending a few planes, Qatar admitted some ten days that it actually deployed hundreds of ground troops.
However, Voltaire Network has consistently reported a massive presence of Qatari ground forces (and to a lesser extent, Jordan). Qatar had built a small airport in southern Libya and used the one in Cyrenaica to transport its troops. It disembarked reinforcements in Tripoli when the capital was taken.
Moreover, (…)

General Bouchard acknowledges that NATO’s informants in Libya were journalists
In a 31 October 2011 interview on Radio Canada, Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, who led Operation Unified Protector in Libya, revealed that an analysis unit was set up at NATO headquarters in Naples. It’s mission was to study and decipher what was happening on the ground, that is to say both the movements of the Libyan Army and those of the “rebels.”
To fortify the unit, several information networks were created. “The intelligence came from many sources, including the media who were on (…)

Al Qaeda takes possession of emblematic Benghazi Courthouse
Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the former Justice Minister of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya who became chairman of the National Transitional Council, announced the rebels’ intention to turn Libya into an Islamic state and implement Sharia as the only law.
From the first month of NATO’s bombing campaign in Libya, Voltaire Network highlighted Al Qaeda’s role in the destabilization of the country to justify foreign military intervention.
According to journalist Elhelwa Sheriff, the Al Qaeda flag is (…)

NATO Secretary General statement on end of Libya mission
by Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Today, we confirmed the decision taken by the North Atlantic Council a week ago. Our operation for Libya will end on October 31. Until then, together with our partners, we will continue to monitor the situation. And if needed, we will continue to respond to threats to civilians.
We have fully complied with the historic mandate of the United Nations to protect the people of Libya, to enforce the no-fly zone and the arms embargo. Operation Unified Protector is one of the most successful in (…)

Libya’s former UN ambassador fears for life in jail
27 OCTOBER 2011
Libyan ex-PM Abuzed Dorda has suffered broken legs and other injuries following what relatives claim was a murder attempt by guards. The Libyan, meanwhile, says his wounds were sustained during an escape bid.
Dorda’s son-in-law, Adel Khalifa, wrote to the UN Security Council’s Nigerian president, U. Joy Ogwu, according to a web report by Foreign Policy magazine, which has a copy of the email.
“Most of you may have known and dealt with Mr. Dorda during his tenure as Prime Minister of Libya,” (…)

Libya and Gaddafi: setting the record straight
26 OCTOBER 2011
The following video, by an anonymous author, has circulated virally on the internet. It presents irrefutable facts which paint an image of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime diametrically opposed to what has systematically been conveyed by the NATO-subservient media.
Eloquently entitled “Libya & Gaddafi: The Truth you are not supposed to know,” the enormous attention galvanized by this video is a sign of the mounting outrage as public opinion opens its eyes to the fabrications and lies foisted (…)

An African perspective: “Three reasons why Gaddafi has to die”
25 OCTOBER 2011
Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi overthrew the repressive Libyan monarchy of King Idris in 1969, nationalised the oil and banking industry and with the profits oversaw Africa’s first communication satellite in 2007, free health care and education for the Libyan people. He was working towards the unification of Africa to create a single African trading bloc and a single African currency based on gold and dinar, along with a united African military force.
In the following video, taped before (…)

Gaddafi’s son: ‘We continue our resistance to full revenge. I am in Libya, alive and free’
23 OCTOBER 2011
The son and heir apparent of the late Colonel Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, is still in Libya. He is free and will go on with resistance, he reportedly claimed in an address to supporters aired by Syria’s Arrai TV Channel, loyal to the Libyan ex-leader.
“We continue our resistance. I am in Libya, I am alive, free and intend to go to the very end and exact revenge,” Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency quotes Saif al-Islam as saying on the Syrian Channel on Saturday night.
Earlier contradictory reports (…)

Chávez: Gaddafi’s assassination will not be the end of Libyan resistance
23 OCTOBER 2011
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez condemned the killing of Libyan head of state Muammar Gaddafi as an “assassination” and “a disregard for human life”.
Chávez stated that Gaddafi would be remembered as “a fighter and a martyr” and opined that the conflict in Libya isn’t finished, because in the North African country “there is a people, a dignity, and the Yankee empire will not be able to dominate”.
“The most lamentable thing is that in its [the US] determination to master the world, and its European (…)

Clinton: “We came, we saw, he died!”
21 OCTOBER 2011
Paraphrasing Emperor Julius Caesar following his victory over Pharnaces II (“Veni, Vedi, Vici”, meaning “I came, I saw, I conquered.”), US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, chortling before CBS cameras, reacted to Muammar Gaddafi’s death and the end of the war on Libya by declaring “We came, we saw, he died!”

The lynching of Muammar Gaddafi
by Thierry Meyssan
The death of Muammar al-Gaddafi was hailed with an explosion of joy in all the government palaces of Western countries, but not by the Libyan people. For Thierry Meyssan, this militarily useless murder was perpetrated by the Empire not only as an example, but also to deconstruct Libya’s tribal society.

Barack Obama on Announcement of Death of Libya’s Qadhafi
by Barack Obama
Good afternoon, everybody. Today, the government of Libya announced the death of Muammar Qaddafi. This marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of Libya, who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic Libya.
For four decades, the Qaddafi regime ruled the Libyan people with an iron fist. Basic human rights were denied. Innocent civilians were detained, beaten and killed. And Libya’s wealth was squandered. The enormous potential of the (…)

Mali: Masses March in Support of Muammar Gaddafi
18 OCTOBER 2011
Mass demonstrations took place Friday in Mali against the European-American aggression on the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and the leader of the Libyan revolution, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.
The protesters wore T-shirts and placards bearing the image of Colonel Gaddafi and chanted their readiness to die to save Libya. International brigades are being formed to stand up against the re-colonization of Africa.
The Jamahariya devoted part of its oil revenues to the development (…)

Lybia: Human rights impostors used to spawn NATO’s fraudulent war
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
17 OCTOBER 2011
The names change but the methods remain the same. In Iraq the imperial war facilitator was Ahmed Chalabi. In Libya he goes by the name of Soliman Bouchuiguir, a shadowy human rights figure whose baseless allegations against Gaddafi were endorsed by the UN system and its affiliated human rights agencies without the slightest verification. Each one in his own way, Nazemroaya and Teil shed light on a failed system of international law and justice, which has made itself complicit in NATO’s war crimes in Libya.

Sirte martyred by NATO
15 OCTOBER 2011
The religious leaders of Sirte (Libya) have issued a fatwa authorizing the surviving residents to eat dogs and cats.
About one month ago some 3 000 soldiers and 80 000 civilians were trapped in the city, besieged by the forces of the National Transitional Council, overseen by officers of the International Coalition, and bombed by NATO.
Sirte no longer receives food supplies. Electricity and water are cut off. Hospitals stopped functioning. The city is in ruins.
Only 10 000-20 000 people (…)

Testimony by Lizzy Phelan: “The war on Libya is a war on Africa”
14 OCTOBER 2011
Back in the UK, after several months spent in Libya covering NATO war crimes and uncovering mainstream media lies, freelance journalist Lizzie Phelan continues to fight for truth and justice on behalf of the Libyan people. Her testimony below is a gripping example of her commitment.
Lizzie Phelan spent her last days in Libya – where she was reporting for PressTV – trapped in the Rixos Hotel, together with Thierry Meyssan, Mahdi Nazemroaya and two other members of the Voltaire Network (…)

Rebel Claims of Libya ‘Mass Graves’ Come Up Empty, Again
9 OCTOBER 2011
The NTC loses yet more credibility!
Since the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi, the rebel claims that the former dictator had killed some 50,000 people in the civil war began to be scrutinized, and suffered from a major lack of actual bodies.
The above photo, taken in March 2011, shows a row of empty graves but no victims.
The rebels acted quite vindicated yesterday, announcing some 900 bodies were found in a “mass grave.”
The problem is once again, it never happened. The rebel National (…)

Washington targeting China’s Achilles heel
by F. William Engdahl
While nervously watching China edging closer to becoming the predominant world power in the 21st century, Washington has also been keeping a keen eye on China’s heavy reliance on foreign oil to meet its growing energy needs. Engdahl analyses the oil trap that Washington has laid for China in Libya and through AFRICOM’s deployment across Africa.

Witch hunts in “free” Libya
by Lizzie Phelan
While NATO’s mandate enjoins it to protect civilians, the Alliance allows the forces of the Libyan National Transition Council to continue their abuses. After hunting down black Africans, the summary executions now extend to members of the Qadhadhfa tribe, that of the fallen Leader. Hundreds of thousands of African workers have already fled the country to escape death; the time has now come for certain Libyans to take the road to exile if they want to survive.

Walter Fauntroy, Feared Dead in Libya, Returns Home—Guess Who He Saw Doing the Killing
by Valencia Mohammed
Former US Congressman Walter Fauntroy had traveled to Libya as a goodwill negotiator to try to stop the war. Trapped inside the Rixos Hotel together with the team of Voltaire Network journalists, he narrowly escaped death: we can testify that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had personally given the order to execute him. He owes his salvation to his faith and the intervention of a high-profile US military official. Back in the U.S., he gave an interview to “Afro” magazine.

Muammar Gaddafi: “Jamahiriya Government Can Never Be Defeated”
Summary of leader Muammar Gaddafi’s statement made in an audio message broadcast on Syria’s Arrai television on Tuesday, 20 September:
“All should be aware that the government of Libya is the Jamahiriya government, that the power belongs to the men and women of the Popular Conferences and the People’s Committees in Libya. This Government by the People will never fail nor fall. It embodies the millions of Libyans and for that reason it can’t fall. Anyone who says Qaddafi’s government has fallen (…)

Civilian deaths in Libya: who’s killing who?
In Libya, where NATO-backed NTC forces are attempting to wipe out the last remaining pro-Gaddafi strongholds, civilians are still being killed but normally-vocal countries backing a UN resolution to protect them have gone strangely quiet.
British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid a visit this week to survey their handiwork. The first heads of state to visit Tripoli since the city fell to rebel forces say their countries’ work in spearheading the NATO (…)

NATO’s War Crimes in Libya: Sanctions against defiance
by James Petras
Faced with the deteriorating global situation and a wave of popular uprisings breaking away from Western hegemony, NATO powers counter-attacked in the most resolute manner. According to James Petras, the destruction of an independent and secular regime like Libya was meant to send the following unequivocal message “to whom it may concern”: any independent Third World regime can be overthrown; colonial puppet regimes can be forced upon a devastated people; colonialism is still thriving; and imperial rule is here again.

Special Declaration by ALBA-TCP Countries on Libya and Syria
Caracas, Venezuela
12 September 2011
The Foreign Affairs Ministers of the member states of ALBA (the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America) gathered in Caracas on September 9 and condemned the NATO intervention in Libya and the illegal military aggression carried out under a UN Security Council resolution, saying that it opportunistically takes advantage of the internal political conflict in that country. This follows two prior ALBA statements on the issue this year: the (…)

NATO’s War on Libya was an Attack on African Development

Posted On October 28, 2011 Akashma Online News

african union logo

To prevent this ‘threat of African development’, the Europeans and the USA have responded in the only way they know how – militarily. Four years ago, the US set up a new “command and control centre” for the military subjugation of the Africa, called AFRICOM. The problem for the US was that no African country wanted to host them; indeed, until very recently, Africa was unique in being the only continent in the world without a US military base. And this fact is in no small part, thanks to the efforts of the Libyan government.

Before Gaddafi’s revolution deposed the British-backed King Idris in 1969, Libya had hosted one of the world’s biggest US airbases, the Wheelus Air Base; but within a year of the revolution, it had been closed down and all foreign military personnel expelled.

More recently, Gaddafi had been actively working to scupper AFRICOM. African governments that were offered money by the US to host a base were typically offered double by Gaddafi to refuse it, and in 2008 this ad-hoc opposition crystallised into a formal rejection of AFRICOM by the African Union.


The Missing Link “Lockerbie” Libya Not Involved

October 22, 2011 2 comments

Posted on October 22, 2011 on Akashma News


RESUME      22-29.OKTOBER 1997

Mandela’s Visit to Libya to Discuss Lockerbie-affair

 October 22-23 TRIPOLI (Reuters) – South African President Nelson               Mandela,  sternly dismissing U.S. reservations about his mission, arrived in Libya on Wednesday for a visit described by diplomats as the most important for Muammar Gaddafi since the United Nations clamped sanctions on his nation in 1992.

Mandela, his Mozambican companion, Graca Machel, and Foreign Minister Alfred Nzo arrived at the Libyan border town of Ras Adjir by helicopter from the nearby Tunisian resort island of Djerba and drove across the frontier and 160 km (100 miles) to Tripoli. The trip was made by road because of an air embargo imposed on Libya by the United Nations.

Mandela’s 50-vehicle convoy passed under a series of welcoming banners, including one that set the tone for his visit saying: “Mandela’s visit to Libya is a devastating blow to America.”

After a triumphant cavalcade around downtown Tripoli, Mandela, 79, was greeted by Gaddafi outside the ruined home in which the Libya leader’s daughter, Hana, was brutally killed in a U.S. air raid more than 10 years ago.

Greeting Gaddafi with a hug and a kiss on each cheek, Mandela told him: “My brother leader, my brother leader. How nice to see you.”

Shortly afterwards, he told reporters he remained unimpressed by U.S. opposition to his mission, adding: “Those who say I should not be here are without morals. I am not going to join them in their lack of morality.”

Mandela said he had spent 27 years in jail rather than abandon his principles under pressure and said he felt the same way about his debt to Gaddafi and the Libyan people for their support in the struggle against apartheid.

“This man helped us at a time when we were all alone, when those who say we should not come here were helping the enemy (South Africa’s white government),” Mandela said.

He reiterated South Africa’s policy on the sanctions imposed by the United Nations to force Libya to hand over two suspects in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland — saying a way should be found to lift them.

Mandela said South Africa supported the Organisation of African unity’s call for a trial in a neutral third country.

He said he would seek to promote a resolution of the stalemate between Libya and the United States and Britain at the Commonwealth summit in Edinburgh next week.

“It would be premature now to say exactly how we are going to search for a solution. (We) feel that to maintain these sanctions is to punish the ordinary people of Libya and that is why there is now great concern that the remaining sanctions must be lifted,” he said.

Diplomats in Tunisia said Mandela was Gaddafi’s most significant guest since the U.N. banned air travel to the North African state. “Colonel Gaddafi receives a regular stream of African leaders in Tripoli, but it would be fair to say that with his international stature, Mr. Mandela is the most significant visitor he has received since 1992,” said an African diplomat. The United States has branded Libya a terrorist state and, in line with its policy of discouraging trade or diplomatic relations, on Monday renewed its objection to Mandela’s visit. “We would be disappointed if he decided to make such a trip. To give(the Libyans) any solace at a time like this would be unfortunate,” said U.S. State Department spokesman James Rubin.

Ebrahim Saley, South Africa’s ambassador to Tunisia and Libya, told Reuters, however, Libya had offered Mandela’s ANC consistent moral support throughout the 30-year armed struggle against white rule in South Africa, including training and financial backing that helped the party to sweep apartheid into history.

Mandela visited Libya twice between his release from jail in 1990 and his election as South Africa’s first black leader in 1994, but has not been to Tripoli since becoming president.

Abdalla Abzubedi, Libya’s ambassador to South Africa, told Reuters the visit would focus on regional peace-making efforts and bilateral trade. Asked whether the Lockerbie issue could be raised, he said: “President Mandela always makes a difference to any international issue – especially in Africa.”

Mandela not to mediate for Libya in Edinburgh ?

24 October 1997

South African President Nelson Mandela said Friday he would not use his visit to a Commonwealth summit in Edinburgh to mediate in a four-year stand-off between Libya and the governments of Britain and the United States.

He did say he would meet relatives of those Britons killed in a 1988 bombing of a Pan Am airliner over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, an attack which is blamed on two Libyan agents.

Mandela arrived in Edinburgh after talks with Libyan Revolution leader Muammar Gaddafi on the protracted row with the West, which is demanding the extradition of the two suspects.

“I am not here to negotiate on Libya. I am not here to negotiate with anyone at all, I am not here on behalf of Gaddafi,” he told reporters.

Mandela supports Gaddafi’s call for the two suspects to be tried in Libya or a neutral country. Mandela said he planned to meet Dr. Jim Swire, head of an organization which groups the relatives of the British victims.

“My officials are arranging a meeting with Dr. Swire and the families,” he said, but declined to give further details.

Mandela Speaks On Lockerbie in Edinburgh 26. October 1997

President Mandela of South Africa has strongly urged Britain to allow two Libyans accused of bombing an American airliner over the Scottish town of Lockerbie nine years ago to be tried in a neutral country.

Mr Mandela is campaigning for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Libya after it refused to hand over the two men to the United States and Britain.

Speaking at a news conference in Scotland — where he’s attending the Commonwealth summit — Mr Mandela said justice would not be seen to be done if the men were tried in Britain; no country should be complainant,prosecutor and judge.

“I have never thought in dealing with this question that it is correct for any particular country to be the complainant, the prosecutor and the judge at the same time,” .

President Mandela said some of the victims’ families had come round to the idea of a trial in another country.

Read the official statement from Nelson Mandela in Edinburgh (ANC-news-archive)

Mandela Gives Gadhafi Award

Wednesday, October 29, 1997; 7:16 p.m. EST

ZUWARAH, Libya (AP) — Returning to Libya for his second visit in a week, Nelson Mandela presented South Africa’s highest award for a foreigner to Moammar Gadhafi on Wednesday, praising the Libyan ruler as “my dear brother leader.”

The meeting, coming so quickly on the heels of the last one, prompted speculation that the South African president was trying to mediate an end to the 5-year-old U.N. sanctions against Libya.

Mandela was accompanied by foreign reporters, so his visit gave Gadhafi a platform to heap scorn upon the United States. As with his previous stop in Libya, and earlier visits to Cuba, the trip demonstrated Mandela’s willingness to risk U.S. wrath in maintaining close relationships with old friends.

Libya and Cuba were among the countries that provided early backing to Mandela’s African National Congress in its struggle against apartheid in South Africa.

At a brief welcome ceremony with bagpipes, a guard raised a red Scottish tartan-plaid umbrella over Mandela’s head Wednesday to shield him from the sun. The two leaders linked hands as they walked toward a tent for a five-minute meeting.

Libya used the gathering to lash out at Washington.

“Down, down U.S.A., the enemy of the peoples!” said one banner, in English, at the sports center where the ceremony was held in the seaside town of Zuwarah, 60 miles west of the capital, Tripoli.

At Wednesday’s ceremony, a crowd of some 3,000 burst into rhythmic applause as Mandela draped a sash across Gadhafi’s chest and presented him with South Africa’s Order of Good Hope, that country’s highest honor for foreigners.

“Increase the struggle!” the crowd chanted.

A 21-gun salute and military parade greeted Mandela and Gaddafi when they arrived at a sports stadium in a cavalcade of limousines. Three of Gaddafi’s women bodyguards, their gold bracelets glinting in the sun, smiled for the cameras while clutching their guns.

Libyan tribesmen on camels mingled with dancing, ululating women whose patriotic songs were punctuated by police sirens and the shouts of officers prodding people into line with machineguns.

“Welcome Mandela, the tough rebel and the stubborn resister who was not threatened by challenges and threats,” the TV announcer said as Mandela greeted guests. At times, the crowd chanted in English, “Long live Mandela!”

Mandela, however, made no direct references to Lockerbie in his brief remarks and said he was only in Libya to present the award.

For his part, Gadhafi remained defiant. “Asking Libya to hand over its citizens to America or Britain is a silly matter that makes us laugh, especially after the price we have had to pay,” he told a news conference after the awards ceremony.

In Washington, U.S. officials said the Clinton administration position on Pan Am flight 103 and on maintaining sanctions against Libya remain firm. They also said they were unaware of any initiative led by Mandela to mediate the issue.

At one point, Mandela referred to Gadhafi as “my dear brother leader.”

Gadhafi said the United States and its allies were “punishing the whole world” with sanctions against Libya.

Respectable delegations are forced to come by  road, like a man Mandela who spends 27 years in prison,’ I He said.  “America enjoys seeing him come by road.” respectable.

The 79-year-old Mandela arrived by car from neighboring Tunisia so as not to violate the U.N. sanctions.

Pictures of the South African leader were plastered on shops and houses lining the 40-mile road from the Tunisian-Libyan border to Zuwarah. South African and Libyan flags adorned the sides of buildings.

Reaction from the USA:

Growing opposition to sanctions against Libya

By Lisa Macdonald

Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn’t Fit

source: Green Left Weekly #296 11/5/97

In response to US State Department criticism of his visit to Libya on October 23, South African President Nelson Mandela has accused the US administration of racism and condemned its “arrogance to dictate” where South African leaders should go.

US officials had attempted to pressure Mandela into cancelling the visit, arguing that “governments should have the lowest possible diplomatic contact with the government of Libya” and proclaiming that they would be “disappointed by any ratcheting up of South African-Libyan relations”.

Mandela said his visit fulfilled a moral commitment to Libya, which “supported us during our struggle when others were working with the apartheid regime”. The US government said Mandela’s response to its warnings was “unfortunate”.

This is just the latest attempt by the US to force South Africa to cede to US policy in relation to governments it considers “troublesome”. Libya, along with Cuba, Iran and Syria, is top of that list.

In 1995, a proposed deal involving the storage of Iranian oil in South Africa was scrapped under pressure from the US. Soon afterwards, “concerns” were raised in the US Congress about South Africa’s relations with Cuba. The following year, discussions about a possible arms deal between South Africa and Syria were cancelled after strong condemnation and threats from the US.

The US campaign against Libya began when the September 1, 1969, revolution overthrew the US puppet King Idris, refused to renew foreign base agreements and nationalised US, French and British oil interests. Since then, the US and its allies have waged a covert and overt war against Libya, including a series of CIA-orchestrated assassination attempts, provocative incursions into Libyan territorial waters and the bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi in April 1986.

In 1992, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Libya which prohibit arms sales and flights to and from the country. These sanctions were ostensibly to punish Libya for so-called terrorist activities and to force it to extradite two Libyan agents accused by Britain and the US of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland, which killed 270 people.

Libya, supported by the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), has proposed that the Lockerbie trial be held in a neutral country, conducted under Scottish law. In the words of Mandela, who has been mandated by the OAU to mediate between Britain and Libya on the issue: “You can’t have a country like Britain, which is the complainant, the prosecutor and the judge at the same time. For a country to combine the three roles, there can be no justice there.”

The British families of those killed in the Lockerbie disaster have welcomed Mandela’s call and endorsed South Africa as a suitable venue for a trial.

The South African government has further angered the US by supporting the OAU’s demand that the UN lift the sanctions against Libya.

South Africa’s State’s lawyer backes Mandela over Lockerbie

31-October 1997 A TOP Department of South Africa’s Foreign Affairs lawyer has backed President Nelson Mandela’s controversial stance on Libya, advising him to support Moammar Gadaffi’s refusal to hand the Lockerbie bombing suspects to Britain and the United States.

The department’s chief legal adviser, Albert Hoffmann, told Mandela’s office that according to international law, Libya was right to refuse to hand over the suspects accused of the bombing of a PanAm jumbo jet in 1988.

Hoffman said of the use of the security council by Britain and the US: “They are both permanent members of the council, I presume they were the main architects of the resolution. I don’t want to pass judgment but bigger powers can afford to use the security council mechanisms for their own purposes, which they say is in the interests of fighting international terrorism. Legally speaking, both sides are correct. The US and the UK can demand and may demand extradition, but at the same time Libya is also fully entitled under international law not to extradite. That’s why there is this impasse …

“The United Nations is deliberating on a permanent international criminal court and were this in place, it would have provided a way out.”

Hoffmann said Libya had complied with the 1971 Montreal Convention to Suppress Acts of Violence against Civil Aviation, by arresting both suspects in Libya and setting up a local investigation. He said the US and the UK had rejected international treaty obligations in favour of security council resolutions to try to pressure Libya to hand over the suspects.

Hoffmann, in his advice to Mandela, suggests solutions that include pursuing negotiations beyond the impasse. He suggests setting up a special ad hoc criminal tribunal to prosecute the suspects. The parties in the dispute would then agree to the composition of the tribunal and it would adopt its own rules of procedure.

South African Mail&Guardian, October 31, 1997.

Al-Gadhafee Human Rights Prize Fund Centered in Swiss Soil

Gadhafee Defiance After 20 years of Sanctions– Gadhafi defiant after 20 years of not bending to US-UK-Israel rule. The man that stood alone against the giants with the dreams of creating a Unifying Greater Africa. The African Puppets made kings exchanged their dignity for crowns, and a bad society.

These clowns were the laughing stock of the media for years, but Gadhafi with his dialect that refuse to change for English and his very peculiar speeches never gave up to the West.

He used billions of dollars over the years to support the resistance around the world, he knew that without resistance his dreams will die with the fighters. Palestine, Scotland and other countries received great support from the coffers of Libya, the African countries got hands full of Libya money but they never appreciated the gift.

Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Probably Not Guilty—So Who Is the Real Criminal? – Edwin Bollier, the owner of MEBO which manufactured the alleged bomb trigger device used in the explosion, revealed that he had turned down an FBI offer of $4 million to testify that he had sold the device to Libya.

Who will have benefited from this operation?  Israel, United States and United Kingdom, and other small players in the Oil Industry, taking one competitor out of the game.

According to US Department of State; “Much of Libya’s income has been lost to waste, corruption, conventional armament purchases, and attempts to develop weapons of mass destruction, as well as to large donations made to “liberation” movements and to developing countries in attempts to increase Qadhafi’s influence in Africa and elsewhere.” being Palestine Resistance in the list of “liberation movements” a lower blow to Israel, and western allies.

Requiem of a Dream, A Sad Day For Africa – Black Africa today mourn the killing of a dream with Moammar Gadhafee death,  the dream to be independent from the Wrath of the Western Powers is buried today as the illegal forces of NATO backed mercenaries  “interim forces” carry the crime to humiliate the only men that have successful defied  the US and Israel and have survived the tribulations. During Ghadafee years in power Libya saw an economic 360 turn around, he brought Libya from the age stone to be one of the most modern educated and civilized societies in Africa.

Requiem for a Dream, A Sad Day for Africa

October 20, 2011 3 comments

Posted on October 20, 2011 by Akashma News

By Marivel Guzman
Black Africa today mourn the killing of a dream with Muammar Gadhafee death,  the dream to be independent from the Wrath of the Western Powers is buried today as the illegal forces of NATO backed mercenaries  “interim forces” carry the crime to humiliate the only men that have successful defied  the US and Israel and have survived the tribulations.

During Ghadafee years in power Libya saw an economic 360 turn around, he brought Libya from the age stone to be one of the most modern educated and civilized societies in Africa.

Gadhafee like Hugo Chavez Venezuelan President and Fidel Castro have stood up to the tyrannical orders of the International Monetary Mobsters, he never gave up the rights of the people to determine their own future.
Like any other leader in modern history he did have his opponents, but only the ones fueled and funded by The Western Powers.

He took power in a bloodless military coup in 1969 when he toppled King Idriss, and in the 1970s he formulated his ‘Third Universal Theory’, a middle road between communism and capitalism, as laid out in his Green Book.

See: “The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System” by Peter Dale Scott; “Bombing of Libya – punishment for Gaddafi for his attempt to refuse US dollar” as cited by Ellen Brown in “Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking.” For this and other points see also: “Euro-US War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions of Critics” by James Petras and see other articles on the subject

If he has Libyan blood in his hands  which probably he did, he did have also millions of Libyans that will be mourning his death, and much more millions of African that will be swallow by the wolf IMF, that will appear with sheep cloths to save their already ransacked economies. I know that Gadhafee image is now tarnished by the 40 year continual western propaganda, for many years to come will be  impossible to see him in any other way but on the dictator that he was or he was portrayed to be. Because regardless of all the good things he did, once you hold to the power you are a dictator, even if the power that you keep is do do the greater good, without discontinuing that he did murder people in his 40 years in power. We can say that he was not a good man, not a bad men, but someone that did raise Libya from the grounds to be economically stable, socially and politically ahead of all his African friends and enemies.

Gaddafi-Central Bank used $33 billion, without interest rates, to build the Great Man-Made River of 3,750 kilometers with three parallel pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water.

“In 2010 Gaddafi offered to invest $97 billion in Africa to free it from Western influence, on condition that African states rid themselves of corruption and nepotism. Gaddafi always dreamed of a Developed, United Africa and was about to make that dream come true – and nothing is more terrifying to the West than a Developed, United Africa.” – Source: Reuters

The Truth Behind the Opposition The Idriss Monarchy – The uprising in Libya, which has been portrayed by many in the west as a democratic movement, has been symbolized by the tri-coloured rebel flag. The flag is in fact the flag of the oppressive, undemocratic, monarchy of Idris. At the start of the conflict elements of the rebels in Benghazi held aloft pictures of King Idris. The Truth behind Libya Unrest.

In the recent NATO operations in sovereign soil of Libya, the so called peace forces terrorized entire towns, and killed thousands of innocent civilians under the disguise of liberating Libya. Plenty of evidence is documented by official diplomats, human rights groups, and thousands of ordinary citizens on the massacres perpetrated by NATO and their “Rebels”.

A chapter is closing on a long journey of conspiracy, murder, deceit, theft, of western propaganda. Now there is no covert up anymore, the coffers of Libya are open to be ransacked by the International banking mobsters. The richest country in Africa in a few months, will be deep on forced debt. The guardian of the Oil and sovereign soil of Libya is been caught in another paraded western show. Requiem for a Dream and Rest in Peace the Dreamer.

They tried to assassinate his character and structured the same show of hiding in a hole story that was done to Saddam Husseim the former Iraqi leader, this will be the last sting propaganda that will be played against Gadhafe.

“There are reports that Gadhafe was hiding in a hole, possibly a sewer or drainage ditch, like former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein before he was captured. It doesn’t seem like Gadhafe’s M.O. What do you make of this?

Ben Wedeman: We understood when he left Tripoli in August that he left with a large entourage, with lots of cash … and a lot of weapons. And for him to end up basically in the same sort of spider hole that Saddam Hussein did seems a bit odd, a bit out of character.”

“Why they want Gadhafe Dead”

“Wrong Gaddafi criticised Israel and wanted gold for his oil instead of dollars, that why they wanted him dead. 500 Million is neither here nor there in global terms and certainly isn’t worth a war. The AMF and central bank are part of creating an African Union, which will like all unions, North American and European Union etc, will eventually be joined to creat a world government. So there is no way this war is to stop the African Union happening, this is want is wanted, this is their plan.”

“Regardless of whether he is dead or alive, colonel Gaddafi will go down as one of the greatest men in human history. A great revolutionary leader who defended his continent, country and his people against bloody Western imperialism. A great military strategist who resisted and fought against the strongest, and the most evil military machine the Earth has ever known. His name and legacy will live for ever.
VIVA GADDAFI!” (via Aden Abdullahi)

heatflash888“I feel MG was a new threat due oil trading, i.e. his threats to trade oil with the emerging and comepting industrial nations. i.e China and India etc. Further, the nation is not within the orbit of international banking and demand and recieves payment for oil in their Dinar and/or gold. Sounds crazy? What nation started demanding the Euro currency for oil trading, a dangerous president for the USD if adopted by OPEC….Iraq! The statments in this video are, in my view, accurate!”

8corporal“Yes, thank you for this information. We are being lied to about everything through our media. This invasion of Libya is one more crime that we can add to the long list. When will people in the West wake up and realise what is going on? It is a crime of complicity to do nothing. Thank you for your good work!

pooth27“Gaddafi is neither a good guy or a bad guy,But in my opinion,if Gaddafi admit western countries to take African resources,human civilization will develop faster and it will be good for Africans and their offsprings.Now we can know who is the justicial and who is evil.Who is more important?Current Africans or Africans’ offspring?Current Africans or human civilization?

huangjun4“Now Europeans have most of daily goods and perfect infrastructures,so their economy become bad because no one have jobs.If Africa can make other people to get cheap resources and then make other people’s economy grow faster,it will help African offsprings when all industries will have moved to Africa”.

huangjun4 1 month ago “Now China is like a building site.Chinese want to buy a lot of products and build a lot of infrastructures and they can export products to America,so a lot of industries and factories move to their country and their economy is good.However if America fall,China will have to be greedy of resources and foods for African resources.”

huangjun4 1 month ago “If western countries don’t have enough money to buy Chinese products,it will become WW3.Chinese will start WW3 to snatch foods and oil to raise their hungery people.In the future,when western countries fall,China will become robbers and India will become thieves.So they are not ever good guys.After China fall,India will become robber and Africa will become thieves.This is like a game.”

huangjun4 1 month ago,”For example if robbers don’t snatch resources and money from Africa any more and then they won’t have enough money to buy Chinese thieves’ products and research new technologies that will be stolen by Chinese thieves.So who will be the loser?China,Japan,Korea,Isreal­,Italy,Britain,India,France and Germany will be the losers because they don’t have enough resources to raise their too big population.American workers can dig up own resources and go back to farms,but front countries are not able to.

1969 – The al Fateh Revolution The Overthrow of King Idris


On December 21 1988, a Pan Am plane mysteriously exploded over Scotland causing the death of 270 people from 21 countries. The tragedy provoked global outrage. In 1991, two Libyans were charged with the bombing. In the event, only Abdulbaset Ali Mohammad Al Megrahi, a Libyan agent, was pronounced guilty by a panel of three judges, who based their decision on largely circumstantial evidence. Al Megrahi and the Libyan government have protested their innocence all along.

Nevertheless, after suffering punitive UN sanctions which froze overseas Libyan bank accounts and prevented the import of spare parts needed for the country’s oil industry, Tripoli reluctantly agreed to pay $2.7 billion to victims? families ($10 million per family), on condition the pay-out would not be deemed as admission of guilt.

Lockerbie Not Guity – On Aug. 21 Scotland freed Libyan intelligence officer Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi—convicted under Scottish law at a special court in The Netherlands of destroying Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on Sept. 21, 1988. Killed were 259 persons, including 189 Americans on board and 11 people on the ground. The terminally ill Megrahi, after dropping his second appeal, was released on compassionate grounds. Back in Libya, he continues to protest his innocence.

The Missing Link, “Lockerbie” Libya Not Involved – Mandela told Gaddafi: “My brother leader, my brother leader. How nice to see you.”

Shortly afterwards, he told reporters he remained unimpressed by U.S. opposition to his mission, adding: “Those who say I should not be here are without morals. I am not going to join them in their lack of morality.”

Mandela said he had spent 27 years in jail rather than abandon his principles under pressure and said he felt the same way about his debt to Gaddafi and the Libyan people for their support in the struggle against apartheid.

“This man helped us at a time when we were all alone, when those who say we should not come here were helping the enemy (South Africa’s white government),” Mandela said.

He reiterated South Africa’s policy on the sanctions imposed by the United Nations to force Libya to hand over two suspects in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland — saying a way should be found to lift them.

Qadhafi Defiance after 20 years of UN and US Sanctions: Who Benefits from it?.  Libyan  get a Rotten deal

Lt Col Al-Muammar Gaddafi Photography History – The Libyan Leader had a dream for Africa whether he compromise his own reputation to achieved is not in question, because he did. He did not care much of what the Media will say about him, Gaddafi had a straight forward goal for Africa. To Make an Independent Block of African Countries, where they can rely one another economically. He did used billions of dollars to support his country first, and brought Libya out the stone age, how some writers like to call it, reality is that he spent billions of dollars to built a strong economy, he invested in Education, Housing and infrastructure for the main cities.

90 % of the Libyan population was living in the 3 main cities, and they were developed and modern cities. His most famous project was the 33 billions dollar invested in the water project to serve potable water to the cities.

Libya; Iraq, Afganistan, The Balkans is repeated again

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NATO clears Sirte to the ground

August 29, 2011, 10:34 [“,” Alexander Grigoriev ]

NATO clears Sirte to the ground

“The third day in a row, NATO aircraft causing massive missile and bomb strikes on the city of Sirte home Gaddafi. All the perimeter of the City is surrounded by rebels checkpoints, behind which there are special units of the UK, France, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. They Left the city completely blocked. No one is allowed to flee for refugee, no women or children.
Men who were detained while trying to flee with his family, were detain killed. Families were sent back under the bombs. There is no time to Remove and bury the corpses “, – The source stated in a letter that was received ” by this morning from one of those close to Colonel Gaddafi.

A former officer in the Soviet Union, then Russian special forces colonel, retired Ilya , which we called “source” and which is now close to Gaddafi, has allowed in this open letter to his name.

“Living in the city of the enemy force until you came. Several small units of rebels tried tonight to reconnaissance, but were destroyed. At the same time in the air at that time was a remote-controlled reconnaissance aircraft (UAV), which exposed the city’s defense. After an hour on these points were plotted air attacks. However, defenders of the city have already left their positions, “- writes a lieutenant colonel.

According to him, “the situation resembles the Terrible Winter 95, when the bombing everything that moves. No avianavodchikov without accurate coordinates. Only when the Russian aviation goryuchku was a bit – the intensity of attacks was much lower. Now, NATO aircraft in the air almost around the clock. ”



NATO Special Forces Illegally Clear Paths For Rebel Forces Attack

August 27, 2011 – NATO Special Forces Illegally Clear Paths For Rebel Forces Attack On Sirte Sirte, Gadafy’s birthplace, lies 130km away. British special forces have been on the ground in Libya for several weeks, along with special forces

Sky News: Rebels look to Gaddafi’s hometown

August 28, 211 – Libyan rebels are prepared to sweep into Sirte, the hometown of the ‘Once NATO clears the way, the revolutionaries will advance on Sirte,’ he added. capital could be where Gaddafi and his family have gone to ground.

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