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Requiem for a Dream, A Sad Day for Africa

Posted on October 20, 2011 by Akashma News

By Marivel Guzman
Black Africa today mourn the killing of a dream with Muammar Gadhafee death,  the dream to be independent from the Wrath of the Western Powers is buried today as the illegal forces of NATO backed mercenaries  “interim forces” carry the crime to humiliate the only men that have successful defied  the US and Israel and have survived the tribulations.

During Ghadafee years in power Libya saw an economic 360 turn around, he brought Libya from the age stone to be one of the most modern educated and civilized societies in Africa.

Gadhafee like Hugo Chavez Venezuelan President and Fidel Castro have stood up to the tyrannical orders of the International Monetary Mobsters, he never gave up the rights of the people to determine their own future.
Like any other leader in modern history he did have his opponents, but only the ones fueled and funded by The Western Powers.

He took power in a bloodless military coup in 1969 when he toppled King Idriss, and in the 1970s he formulated his ‘Third Universal Theory’, a middle road between communism and capitalism, as laid out in his Green Book.

See: “The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System” by Peter Dale Scott; “Bombing of Libya – punishment for Gaddafi for his attempt to refuse US dollar” as cited by Ellen Brown in “Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking.” For this and other points see also: “Euro-US War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions of Critics” by James Petras and see other articles on the subject

If he has Libyan blood in his hands  which probably he did, he did have also millions of Libyans that will be mourning his death, and much more millions of African that will be swallow by the wolf IMF, that will appear with sheep cloths to save their already ransacked economies. I know that Gadhafee image is now tarnished by the 40 year continual western propaganda, for many years to come will be  impossible to see him in any other way but on the dictator that he was or he was portrayed to be. Because regardless of all the good things he did, once you hold to the power you are a dictator, even if the power that you keep is do do the greater good, without discontinuing that he did murder people in his 40 years in power. We can say that he was not a good man, not a bad men, but someone that did raise Libya from the grounds to be economically stable, socially and politically ahead of all his African friends and enemies.

Gaddafi-Central Bank used $33 billion, without interest rates, to build the Great Man-Made River of 3,750 kilometers with three parallel pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water.

“In 2010 Gaddafi offered to invest $97 billion in Africa to free it from Western influence, on condition that African states rid themselves of corruption and nepotism. Gaddafi always dreamed of a Developed, United Africa and was about to make that dream come true – and nothing is more terrifying to the West than a Developed, United Africa.” – Source: Reuters

The Truth Behind the Opposition The Idriss Monarchy – The uprising in Libya, which has been portrayed by many in the west as a democratic movement, has been symbolized by the tri-coloured rebel flag. The flag is in fact the flag of the oppressive, undemocratic, monarchy of Idris. At the start of the conflict elements of the rebels in Benghazi held aloft pictures of King Idris. The Truth behind Libya Unrest.

In the recent NATO operations in sovereign soil of Libya, the so called peace forces terrorized entire towns, and killed thousands of innocent civilians under the disguise of liberating Libya. Plenty of evidence is documented by official diplomats, human rights groups, and thousands of ordinary citizens on the massacres perpetrated by NATO and their “Rebels”.

A chapter is closing on a long journey of conspiracy, murder, deceit, theft, of western propaganda. Now there is no covert up anymore, the coffers of Libya are open to be ransacked by the International banking mobsters. The richest country in Africa in a few months, will be deep on forced debt. The guardian of the Oil and sovereign soil of Libya is been caught in another paraded western show. Requiem for a Dream and Rest in Peace the Dreamer.

They tried to assassinate his character and structured the same show of hiding in a hole story that was done to Saddam Husseim the former Iraqi leader, this will be the last sting propaganda that will be played against Gadhafe.

“There are reports that Gadhafe was hiding in a hole, possibly a sewer or drainage ditch, like former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein before he was captured. It doesn’t seem like Gadhafe’s M.O. What do you make of this?

Ben Wedeman: We understood when he left Tripoli in August that he left with a large entourage, with lots of cash … and a lot of weapons. And for him to end up basically in the same sort of spider hole that Saddam Hussein did seems a bit odd, a bit out of character.”

“Why they want Gadhafe Dead”

“Wrong Gaddafi criticised Israel and wanted gold for his oil instead of dollars, that why they wanted him dead. 500 Million is neither here nor there in global terms and certainly isn’t worth a war. The AMF and central bank are part of creating an African Union, which will like all unions, North American and European Union etc, will eventually be joined to creat a world government. So there is no way this war is to stop the African Union happening, this is want is wanted, this is their plan.”

“Regardless of whether he is dead or alive, colonel Gaddafi will go down as one of the greatest men in human history. A great revolutionary leader who defended his continent, country and his people against bloody Western imperialism. A great military strategist who resisted and fought against the strongest, and the most evil military machine the Earth has ever known. His name and legacy will live for ever.
VIVA GADDAFI!” (via Aden Abdullahi)

heatflash888“I feel MG was a new threat due oil trading, i.e. his threats to trade oil with the emerging and comepting industrial nations. i.e China and India etc. Further, the nation is not within the orbit of international banking and demand and recieves payment for oil in their Dinar and/or gold. Sounds crazy? What nation started demanding the Euro currency for oil trading, a dangerous president for the USD if adopted by OPEC….Iraq! The statments in this video are, in my view, accurate!”

8corporal“Yes, thank you for this information. We are being lied to about everything through our media. This invasion of Libya is one more crime that we can add to the long list. When will people in the West wake up and realise what is going on? It is a crime of complicity to do nothing. Thank you for your good work!

pooth27“Gaddafi is neither a good guy or a bad guy,But in my opinion,if Gaddafi admit western countries to take African resources,human civilization will develop faster and it will be good for Africans and their offsprings.Now we can know who is the justicial and who is evil.Who is more important?Current Africans or Africans’ offspring?Current Africans or human civilization?

huangjun4“Now Europeans have most of daily goods and perfect infrastructures,so their economy become bad because no one have jobs.If Africa can make other people to get cheap resources and then make other people’s economy grow faster,it will help African offsprings when all industries will have moved to Africa”.

huangjun4 1 month ago “Now China is like a building site.Chinese want to buy a lot of products and build a lot of infrastructures and they can export products to America,so a lot of industries and factories move to their country and their economy is good.However if America fall,China will have to be greedy of resources and foods for African resources.”

huangjun4 1 month ago “If western countries don’t have enough money to buy Chinese products,it will become WW3.Chinese will start WW3 to snatch foods and oil to raise their hungery people.In the future,when western countries fall,China will become robbers and India will become thieves.So they are not ever good guys.After China fall,India will become robber and Africa will become thieves.This is like a game.”

huangjun4 1 month ago,”For example if robbers don’t snatch resources and money from Africa any more and then they won’t have enough money to buy Chinese thieves’ products and research new technologies that will be stolen by Chinese thieves.So who will be the loser?China,Japan,Korea,Isreal­,Italy,Britain,India,France and Germany will be the losers because they don’t have enough resources to raise their too big population.American workers can dig up own resources and go back to farms,but front countries are not able to.

1969 – The al Fateh Revolution The Overthrow of King Idris


On December 21 1988, a Pan Am plane mysteriously exploded over Scotland causing the death of 270 people from 21 countries. The tragedy provoked global outrage. In 1991, two Libyans were charged with the bombing. In the event, only Abdulbaset Ali Mohammad Al Megrahi, a Libyan agent, was pronounced guilty by a panel of three judges, who based their decision on largely circumstantial evidence. Al Megrahi and the Libyan government have protested their innocence all along.

Nevertheless, after suffering punitive UN sanctions which froze overseas Libyan bank accounts and prevented the import of spare parts needed for the country’s oil industry, Tripoli reluctantly agreed to pay $2.7 billion to victims? families ($10 million per family), on condition the pay-out would not be deemed as admission of guilt.

Lockerbie Not Guity – On Aug. 21 Scotland freed Libyan intelligence officer Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi—convicted under Scottish law at a special court in The Netherlands of destroying Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on Sept. 21, 1988. Killed were 259 persons, including 189 Americans on board and 11 people on the ground. The terminally ill Megrahi, after dropping his second appeal, was released on compassionate grounds. Back in Libya, he continues to protest his innocence.

The Missing Link, “Lockerbie” Libya Not Involved – Mandela told Gaddafi: “My brother leader, my brother leader. How nice to see you.”

Shortly afterwards, he told reporters he remained unimpressed by U.S. opposition to his mission, adding: “Those who say I should not be here are without morals. I am not going to join them in their lack of morality.”

Mandela said he had spent 27 years in jail rather than abandon his principles under pressure and said he felt the same way about his debt to Gaddafi and the Libyan people for their support in the struggle against apartheid.

“This man helped us at a time when we were all alone, when those who say we should not come here were helping the enemy (South Africa’s white government),” Mandela said.

He reiterated South Africa’s policy on the sanctions imposed by the United Nations to force Libya to hand over two suspects in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland — saying a way should be found to lift them.

Qadhafi Defiance after 20 years of UN and US Sanctions: Who Benefits from it?.  Libyan  get a Rotten deal

Lt Col Al-Muammar Gaddafi Photography History – The Libyan Leader had a dream for Africa whether he compromise his own reputation to achieved is not in question, because he did. He did not care much of what the Media will say about him, Gaddafi had a straight forward goal for Africa. To Make an Independent Block of African Countries, where they can rely one another economically. He did used billions of dollars to support his country first, and brought Libya out the stone age, how some writers like to call it, reality is that he spent billions of dollars to built a strong economy, he invested in Education, Housing and infrastructure for the main cities.

90 % of the Libyan population was living in the 3 main cities, and they were developed and modern cities. His most famous project was the 33 billions dollar invested in the water project to serve potable water to the cities.

  1. Malcolm Vitsch
    October 22, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Don’t worry Mugabe…. You don’t have any oil and your country has nothing left that they want. You’ll be safe for now………..


  2. Alf de Hombre
    October 22, 2011 at 1:41 am

    The greedy west (corporates and governments) need to wake up, to realise that we are all (on this earth) human and all have equal rights, and to at least set a just example by practicing humility, love and understanding.
    Africa, should be liberated just like every other country and people.
    Alf de Hombre


  1. October 22, 2011 at 9:46 am

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