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Palestinians Coming Home Received As Heroes

Posted on October 18, 2011 by Marivel Guzman


Gaza TV News Parents of prisoners released in a feast of joy now in Gaza.

Since early in the morning on this day October 18, 2011 thousands of people started gathering in different parts of Palestine to welcome The Heroes coming home.

The Red Cross was preparing  the buses that have to be used to transport hundreds of Palestinians to 3 different spots in Palestine, Rafah Gaza Border to be officialy received by Haniyeh, Twenty-two female and 96 male prisoners are to pass through Beituniya on their way to Ramallah, where they will meet Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Rafah Egypt, Khaled Meshaal the leader of Hamas in Damascus will be arriving  in Cairo where 40 Palestinians will be welcome by him, as the first step to find their next home, there are 3 countries already confirmed to take some of them into exile; Turkey was confirmed yesterday, Qatar and Syria the other two countries.

The names still non known, as there still diplomatic conversations deciding the luck of these Palestinians.

The World Eyes are in Gaza Rafah Border, where a historic Deal is being taking place, hundreds of Palestinians were pardoned on an exchange Deal. I m so anxious to see families reuniting with their Loves ones. God help the other families to cope with their pain now, but I m sure that all Palestinians as resistant fighters that they are they all are happy because 477 brothers are being release today
Historic deal taking place in these moments, thousands of Palestinians families await for their love ones to come home.
The high court of Israel stayed out of the Deal. Israel President pardoned officially 477 Palestinians Resistant fighters, and Political prisoners.

“I’m so excited I have tears in my eyes, I just can’t wait to hug him,” said Halia Bazain, brother of Ala Adin Bazain, a resident of the Old City, who was in jail for 25 years.

“I feel so happy. It’s really good but I think that straight away there will be two or three more Schalits,” said Muhammed Isawiyeh, a distant relative of Ahaled Ahmed Muahatsi, from Issawiya.  “There are still 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in jail.”

Expectation, and anxiety around the world, as we all were ready to receive the first Photos and videos that would make history,  Palestinians that have spent their whole lives in Israel Jails are coming home to find a completely different landscape and politics, like Ala Adin Bazain, 25 years, Ahmad Abd-Al-Rahman Husein Abu-Hasira, 35 years, Mustafa Ayyad Ahmad Abu Hasana 30 years, Tayir Mahmud Jamil Kared 30 years, Jamal Amar Muhammad Arqiq 30 years with 3 months, as you can see this Deal is considered historic because have save the lives of 1027 Palestinians from the hands of Israel, before few weeks ago their life were being waste, languished in Israel  prisons know for their inhumane treatment to Palestinians prisoners.

“This deal will bring relief to Gilad Shalit and his family after an ordeal that has lasted more than five years. Many Palestinian families will feel a similar sense of relief today when they are reunited with their relatives, many of whom have spent decades under harsh conditions in Israeli detention,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, IDF Soldier Gilad Shalit and his father, Noam Shalit, after landing at Tel Nof Air Base,

In a surprise interview Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who was has been released as part of a swap deal with Hamas, has said he would be “very happy” if all Palestinian prisoners still held by Israel could be freed and return home.

Speaking to Egypt’s Nile TV, Shalit, who had been held in captivity for five years, said “I hope this deal will help the conclusion of a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians.”

Thousands of Activists around the world were joining in the celebration, and sharing the first photos taken from the Hamas run channel Al-Aqsa TV live, Al jazeera and Elahmad.com that have been intermittently transmitting the events from Jerusalem, West Bank, Rafah Gaza, Egypt and Israel.
Today is Celebration day for Palestine and around the world, it is a victory for Hamas, for the Prisoners that have been released, for the families, for we do not forget the other more than 6,000 still in Israel Jails, we don’t forget Marwa Barghouti, Ahnmad Asa’aad and other key political leaders still waiting to be release.
Ammesty Internal and other Human Rights Groups around the world still working to guarantee release of the other Palestinians Prisoners that are considered conscience prisoners and not criminals, as they were only exercising their right and duty to defend their land, their person, belongings and families.



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