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Libya; Iraq, Afganistan, The Balkans is repeated again

Posted on August 29, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

NATO clears Sirte to the ground

August 29, 2011, 10:34 [“Argumenty.ru,” Alexander Grigoriev ]

NATO clears Sirte to the ground

“The third day in a row, NATO aircraft causing massive missile and bomb strikes on the city of Sirte home Gaddafi. All the perimeter of the City is surrounded by rebels checkpoints, behind which there are special units of the UK, France, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. They Left the city completely blocked. No one is allowed to flee for refugee, no women or children.
Men who were detained while trying to flee with his family, were detain killed. Families were sent back under the bombs. There is no time to Remove and bury the corpses “, – The source stated in a letter that was received ” by Argumenty.ru this morning from one of those close to Colonel Gaddafi.

A former officer in the Soviet Union, then Russian special forces colonel, retired Ilya , which we called “source” and which is now close to Gaddafi, has allowed in this open letter to his name.

“Living in the city of the enemy force until you came. Several small units of rebels tried tonight to reconnaissance, but were destroyed. At the same time in the air at that time was a remote-controlled reconnaissance aircraft (UAV), which exposed the city’s defense. After an hour on these points were plotted air attacks. However, defenders of the city have already left their positions, “- writes a lieutenant colonel.

According to him, “the situation resembles the Terrible Winter 95, when the bombing everything that moves. No avianavodchikov without accurate coordinates. Only when the Russian aviation goryuchku was a bit – the intensity of attacks was much lower. Now, NATO aircraft in the air almost around the clock. ”



NATO Special Forces Illegally Clear Paths For Rebel Forces Attack

August 27, 2011 – NATO Special Forces Illegally Clear Paths For Rebel Forces Attack On Sirte Sirte, Gadafy’s birthplace, lies 130km away. British special forces have been on the ground in Libya for several weeks, along with special forces

Sky News: Rebels look to Gaddafi’s hometown

August 28, 211 – Libyan rebels are prepared to sweep into Sirte, the hometown of the ‘Once NATO clears the way, the revolutionaries will advance on Sirte,’ he added. capital could be where Gaddafi and his family have gone to ground.

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