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Public Notice: Notice to Catherine Myles to return the Trade Not Aid 18 ton Truck – reg # V97 DBA

Posted on August 10, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

Notice to Catherine Myles to return the Trade Not Aid 18 ton Truck – reg # V97 DBA
by Ken O’Keefe on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 4:00pm

To: Catherine Sarah Myles

From: Ken O’Keefe

Subject: Demand for return of property

Date: August 9, 2011

Let is be known that the pictured 18-ton truck has been fraudulently registered in the name of Catherine Sarah Myles and taken to a destination unknown and against my expressed will. The registration of the vehicle in Catherine Myles name has been verified by the Metropolitan and Swansea Police Departments. Upon legal advice and the advice of the Police I am hereby making a public demand to have the truck in question, reg # V97 DBA, handed over to me with the log book so it can be returned the mission it was intended for. This vehicle shall be registered as an asset of Aloha Palestine CIC, a trading company to which I am the Managing Director and which was set up to conduct trade with Palestine. It is also demanded that all cargo on that truck, cargo that includes trade items and aid, including medical aid, be protected and returned as it was when the vehicle was taken away from my charge. The property value of the cargo has been valued at £20,000+.

Stolen property of Trade Not Aid mission

Let it be know that there is a paper trail that includes a bank transfer, emails and a third party witness that will all verify that the funds used to purchase this vehicle were raised by myself, Ken O’Keefe, and that these funds were held by someone other than Catherine Myles until I directed this person to transfer said funds to Catherine Myles. This witness verifies the fact that this vehicle was never to be registered in the name of Catherine Myles, instead it was to be registered for the Trade Not Aid mission, of which Aloha Palestine is a partner.

Let this also be known, Catherine Sarah Myles has absolutely no legal claim to this vehicle, the registration of the vehicle in her name is fraudulent as it was always to be used as an asset of the mission that I created and which was endorsed by the Samouni Family in Gaza. The formation of a “committee” that rubber-stamped a hijacking of the Trade Not Aid mission, along with the subsequent slander campaign by Catherine Myles is the only basis of her holding the property of the Trade Not Aid mission. Never did Catherine Myles have any ownership rights to this vehicle and taking this vehicle with the cargo was done in direct opposition to my direction as the leader of the mission.

Having reported this matter to the Police, having consulted with legal counsel, it has been verified to me that should this go to court, with the facts as they are, especially upon public notice being served in an attempt to recover said vehicle, that Catherine Myles will be subject not just to civil liability and financial compensation, but criminal charges for fraud and theft.

The only way for this matter not to result in a legal process in which I will pursue criminal charges is for the vehicle, the cargo, and the monies raised on the Trade Not Aid UK Tour (approximately £4000) to be returned to me within three days (by Friday August 12, 2011). If this demand is fulfilled I am willing to consider not pursuing libel charges in response to the charges made by Catherine Myles and the “committee” she heads. In these spurious charges Catherine Myles and her partners state that I am a thief, a Nazi and that I attempted to lure young women into my apartment in Gaza. The latter charge has subsequently put peoples live in Gaza in danger and all three of these claims, among many others made, are completely false and according to UK law constitute libel and defamation of character.

To date, the Trade Not Aid mission has lost two fund raisers in August due to the hijacking of the mission. Property worth considerable money that would have seriously enhanced this mission has been withdrawn until this matter is remedied. These are provable damages that are intended to harm me, but they also harm Palestine and the Samouni family.

The longer this hijacking continues, the less chance there is of me not pursuing criminal charges to the fullest extent of the law. The libel charges are absolute and the theft charges are likewise should this public notice be ignored. A hard copy of this notice is also being served to Catherine Sarah Myles legal address so as to satisfy the requirements of the law in attempting to recover stolen property should this notice be ignored.

I request that friends of Catherine Myles post this on her wall and also spread this notice far and wide.

I shall repeat one last time, in the interest of the mission, I will consider not pursuing libel and criminal charges, charges that can be proven beyond any doubt, if all demands are met within three days. Let it be known as well that I have continued contact with the Samouni family in Gaza and they are now fully aware of this hijacking and the attempt by Catherine Myles to steal property used for the benefit of the family. The Samouni family have also retained legal counsel and I am acting in cooperation with their solicitors.


Ken O’Keefe

Stolen Property From Trade Not Aid Mission, and fraudulent register in Catherine Sarah Myles

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