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Shtayyeh Decries Israeli Unilateralism as West Bank Raided

Posted on September 14, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

Palestine News NetworkAfter a night of Israeli raids and settler attacks in the West Bank, senior Palestinian official Mohammed Shtayyeh released a statement condemning Israeli unilateralism on the 18th anniversary of the Oslo Accords.


(PNN Archive)

“Today we commemorate 18 years since the launch of a process that was supposed to lead us to freedom and independence,” he said. “It was meant to last only for a transitional period of five years.  Unfortunately, almost two decades later, the Israeli occupation of Palestine is entrenched and Israel’s occupation has turned into de facto annexation.”

Early on Wednesday morning, Israeli forces raided the village of Masliya, south of Jenin in the northern West Bank. Secure local sources told official Palestinian news wire Wafa that the troops used flash grenades as they invaded the home of Abdurraziq Abu al-Rab. No one was arrested in the raid, but al-Rab told Wafa his three children were terrified.

Other villages in the Jenin area, such as al-Arq, al-Hashimiya, and Kafr Qadum, were also raided. In the central West Bank, the village of Deir Istiya reported a nighttime Israeli raid and the mayor, Nazmi Salman, said that troops blocked off access to the village from the West.

“Together with the colonization of Palestinian land, other unilateral Israeli policies, including home demolitions, evictions, ID revocations, killings, the illegal exploitation of natural resources, and closure of Palestinian institutions in occupied East Jerusalem have threatened the prospect of a two-state solution,” Shtayyeh continued.

Settlers from Itamar burned a car near the northern West Bank city of Nablu and injured three Palestinians on Wednesday morning.

The car was transporting 50-year-old Jihad Thuwabiteh, 30-year-old Mu’atiz Yusef Dayriya, and 21-year-old Mohammed Khaled Taqataqeh from Nablus to their village of Beit Fajjar, near Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.  All three ended up with bruises and other injuries and their car was burned, though it was unclear how. The three Palestinians were taken to a Nablus hospital.

After noting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s self-proclaimed desire to “kill the Oslo Accords,” Shtayyeh reiterated his support for the Palestinian statehood bid to be presented to the UN in one week.

“We are approaching the moment of truth. After years of Israeli unilateralism and illegal policies aimed at sabotaging a bilateral peace agreement, Palestinians will take their struggle back to where it all began—to the assembly hall of the United Nations.”

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