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Photographers Under Siege

Posted on September 15, 201 by Marivel Guzman

By Omar Karem

Gaza Strip, Palestine/Pictures talk more than a thousands words, and in Gaza it could be the only evidence to mark history with the struggles of its people. For more than 65 years Israel has managed to control the media, what is written about the conflict is always been filtered of any bad image that could potentially be used against Israel in the event of International Crimes being filled against her.

Lately for Gaza its been like a roller coaster with  the attacks from part of Israel all it could have not been possible to record if it wasn’t for the brave photographer that armed with their cameras wander the streets of Gaza to snap that image that will cross the world for all of us to see.

A group of 30 young photographers has taken to the task to form a compact team to organize trips around Gaza and form a life Virtual Album with the everyday images of Gaza Life.
Gaza is a vibrant community of close to 2 millions people, and life is not always about bombs and conflict, Palestinians in Gaza have a busy life, like any other people in the world. Most of these young photographers have divided their time between photography and their morning jobs, or their studies.

The dynamics of Gaza for their unique circumstances make the profession very attractive for them, the continuous coming of the convoys is an entertaining and interesting pass time for many of these young guys. Photography is almost part of the life in Gaza, freelance photographers and photojournalists have multiplied in the last 4 years. Many reason for this, the most important is the lack of jobs in Gaza, and the necessity to share with the world their struggles. Most of the photographers in this group, are also very active peace activists and for them is double the task.

It is not easy for them as the photographic equipment is hard to come by, the siege has made almost impossible the acquisition of photographic equipment, having to pay high prices due to scarily of the equipment, but never the less they manage to make their profession and hobby as nicer as possible.

These group of freelance photographers have taken the task to form a strong group to work as a team and through out their photography share with the world, their culture, their art, their monuments, everything that encompasses their life under siege. Life in the making will be their work.
Remember the Port in Gaza is one of the oldest spots on earth, it has not been easy for Gaza to survive time, but they have and these group of brave young people will enlighten us with their findings.
Today was their first trip together, where they used to greet each other, to meet and to capture the first images taken as a team. I introduce to you

Photographers Under Siege.

A Dreamer is a winner; Stay Human

Life is continuous come and goes, the reflection of our reality is in our acts, our deeds, our karma. Life goes

on. But the lenses of the camera captures that special moment that will live for ever. Stay Human!

In our existence we go, looking always for big things, sometimes forgetting that little things

matter more. It is in the detail that we find the most amazing things in life.

Discussing the events in Gaza is matter of life and Death. But for these Gasawans Photographers another

day of struggles is another day of life, tomorrow is expected   Inshallah !

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