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Palestinians in Israel Jails Since Before Oslo

Posted On October 14, 2011 Akashma Online News
By Marivel Guzman

If Israel clams that the Occupied Territories are war anexations (which by International law it’s illegal), they should at all the times respect the Geneva Convention on the rights of the Non combatants and on the prisoners that should be considered political prisoners of war.

The US State Department shows in its report of 2003 that the rights of the prisoners were not respected at all and that Some security prisoners were sentenced on the basis of coerced confessions by both themselves and others.

Laws and administrative regulations prohibit the physical abuse of detainees. During the year there were credible reports that there was an increase in the number of allegations that security forces tortured detainees, including using methods prohibited by a 1999 High Court decision.

The total number of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, which was 1,854 at the beginning of the year (2003), reached 4,672 by year’s end. The Government stated that it held 1,007 persons from Gaza and the West Bank, and no Israeli Arabs in administrative detention (without charge or trial) at year’s end. The Government detained approximately 10,000 prisoners at some point during the year

October 2011 the situation have worsen for Palestinians detainees and prisoners.

More than 750,000 Palestinians have been detained by IOF in Palestine.

The Geneva Convention defines the rights and protections of non-combatants, thus:

Protected persons are entitled, in all circumstances, to respect for their persons, their honour, their family rights, their religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs. They shall, at all times, be humanely treated, and shall be protected, especially against all acts of violence or threats thereof and against insults and public curiosity. Women shall be especially protected against any attack on their honour, in particular against rape, enforced prostitution, or any form of indecent assault. Without prejudice to the provisions relating to their state of health, age and sex, all protected persons shall be treated with the same consideration by the Party to the conflict in whose power they are, without any adverse distinction based, in particular, on race, religion or political opinion. However, the Parties to the conflict may take such measures of control and security in regard to protected persons as may be necessary as a result of the war.
Mohammed Salama Hammad Abu
Jabalya 3/6/76
Nael Saleh Abdullah Al-Barghouti Ramallah 4/4/78
Fakhri Asfour Abdullah Al-Barghouti Ramallah 6/23/78
Ekram Abdul Aziz Said 1948 8/2/79
Fuad Qasim Arafat Ar-Razim Mansour 1/30/81
Ibrahim Fadl Naji Jaber al-Quds 1/8/82
Hassan Ali Nimr Salma Hebron 8/8/82
Othman Ali Hamdan Musleh Ramallah 10/15/82
Sami Khalid Salameh Yunus 1948 1/5/83
Maher Abdel Latif Qadir
1948 1/18/83
Salim Ali Ibrahim Al-Kiyal Gaza 5/30/83
Karim Fadel Yunus 1948 1948 5/1/84
Hafiz Nimr Muhammad Qandas 1948 5/15/84
Mohammed Abdul Rahim Said
Tulkarm 1/27/85
Ahmed Farid Mohammed Shehada al-Quds 2/16/85
Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Nasr Ramallah 5/11/85
Rafi’ Farhood Mohammed Karajeh Ramallah 5/20/85
Talal Youssef Ahmad Abu al.-Kabash
Ziad Mahmoud Mohammed Ghneimat Hebron 6/27/85
Mustafa Amer Mohammed Ghneimat Hebron 6/27/85
Othman Abdullah Mahmoud Bani Hussein
Hazza Mohammed Hazza Sadi Jenin 7/28/85
Bashir Suleiman Ahmed Al-Maqt Golan 8/12/85
Asim Mahmoud Ahmed Wala Golan 8/23/85
Sidqi Suleiman Ahmed Al-Maqt Golan 8/23/85
Hani Badawi Mohammed Said Jaber
Mohammed Ahmad Abdel Hamid At-Tus
Nafez Ahmed Talib Harz Gaza 11/25/85
Fayez Matlou’ Hamed Al-Khour Gaza 11/29/85
Ghazi Juma Mohammed An-Nims Gaza 11/30/85
Mohammad Musbah Khalil Ashour Ramallah 2/18/86
Ahmad Abd Al-Rahman Abu
Gaza 2/18/86
Walid Nimr Asad Diqqa 1948 2/25/86
Mohammad Abdel Hadi Hassani Gaza 3/4/86
Tawfiq Ibrahim Mohammed AbdallahSalfit
Mustafa Mahmoud Musa QrawishSalfit 3/10/86
Ibrahim Nayef Hamdan Abumekh 1948 3/24/86
Rushdi Hamdan Mohammed Abu
1948 3/24/86
Ibrahim Abd Ar-Razzaq Ahmed
1948 3/26/86
Ibrahim Mustafa Ahmed Barud Jabalya 4/9/86
Ali Bader Raghib Maslamani al-Quds 4/27/86
Fawaz Kazim Rushdi Bakhtan al-Quds 4/29/86
Khalid Ahmed Daoud Muheisin al-Quds 4/30/86
Essam Salah Ali Jandal al-Quds 4/30/86
Wasfi Ahmed Abdullkadir Mansour 1948 5/15/86
Alaeddin Ahmad Reza Albazian al-Quds 6/20/86
Ahmed Ali Hussein Abu
1948 7/8/86
Abdul Latif Ismail Ibrahim
Nablus 7/23/86
Ofer Mubah Nufel Shqeir Nablus 7/24/86
Saleh Mohammed Youssef Al-Abd Ramallah 8/22/86
Tariq Mustafa Daoud Alhalisy al-Quds 10/16/86
Abd An-Nasser Daoud Mustafa
al-Quds 10/16/86
Ibrahim Hussein Ali Alyan al-Quds 10/19/86
Samir Ibrahim Mahmoud Abuna’ma Ramallah 10/20/86
Hazem Mohammed Sabri Asilah al-Quds 10/21/86
Hamza Nayef Hassan Zayed Jenin 11/15/86
Samer Essam Salem Al-Mahroum Jenin 11/15/86
Abdel Rahman Fadl Abdel
Rafah 12/18/86
Khalid Mutawi’ Muslim Al-Ja’bri Rafah 12/24/86
Ahmed Abu Sud Abdulrazzaq
Nablus 5/23/87
Mueed Abd Ar-Rahim
Ṭūlkarm 6/14/87
Mohammed Mansour Abd al.-Majid
1948 9/10/87
Mukhlis Ahmed Mohammed Burghal 1948 9/11/87
Hilal Mohammed Ahmed Jaradat Jenin 9/24/87
Omar Mahmoud Jaber al-Ghoul Gaza 10/13/87
Mohammed Mohammed Shehadeh Hassan Gaza 10/13/87
Mohammed Adel Hassan Daoud Qalqilya 12/8/87
Yassin Mohammed Yassin Abu
al-Quds 12/27/87
Yunus Youssef Abdullah Hussein 1948 12/31/87
Basheer Abdullah Kamel al-Khatib 1948 1/1/88
Khaled Mohammed Shafiq Taha al-Quds 1/18/88
Amer Ahmed Mahmoud Al.
Hebron 1/22/88
Jihad Ahmed Mustafa Abidi al-Quds 1/22/88
Nader Mohammed Hassan Al-Ja’ba Ramallah 2/3/88
Nasser Musa Ahmed
al-Quds 2/9/88
Rawhi Jamal Abdulnabi Mushtaha Gaza 2/13/88
Osama Sulaiman Fayyad Abu
Jabalya 2/17/88
Jamal Hammad Hussein Abu
al-Quds 2/21/88
Samer Ibrahim Wadd Abusser al-Quds 2/22/88
Mahmoud Salim Suleiman Abuharbish
Ramallah 3/11/88
Yasser Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Khawaja Rafah 7/8/88
Hisham Muhammad Yunus Shaath Gaza 8/4/88
Thaer Mohammad Jamil Al-Kurd Jabalya 8/8/88
Hassan Mahmoud Abd
Nufal Jabalya 8/9/88
Jihad Jamil Mahmoud Abu
Jabalya 8/10/88
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Jabareen 1948 10/6/88
Mahmoud Osman Ibrahim Jabareen 1948 10/8/88
Aweidah Mohammed Suleiman Klab Gaza 10/12/88
Ahmed Rabah Ahmed Amira al-Quds 10/25/88
Ahmed Jibril Osman Tkruri Ramallah 10/31/88
Jum’a Ibrahim Juma Adam Ramallah 10/31/88
Samir Saleh Taha Sarsawi 19481948 11/24/88
Ala Abdullah Salim Amriya 1948 11/24/88
Abd Ar-Rahman Rabi’ Shehab Jabalya 12/16/88
Bilal Ahmed Youssef Abu
al-Quds 12/20/88
Osman Mohammed Atta Maragha al-Quds 2/15/89
Hani Mohammed Awni Jaber al-Quds 2/17/89
Ibrahim Lutfi Hilmi Taqtouq Nablus 3/3/89
Samir Nayif Abdulghaffar An-Naishi Nablus 3/5/89
Iyad Ahmed Mustafa Abu
Rafah 3/15/89
Mohammed Abd Ar-Rahman Mohammed
Jabalya 3/23/89
Nidal Abd Ar-Razzaq Azat
Ramallah 5/3/89
Mohammed Youssef Hassan Sharatha Jabalya 5/9/89
Yahya Ibrahim Hassan Sinwar
Younis 5/14/89
Tawfiq Abdullah Salman Abu
Dir Al-Balah 5/14/89
Hassan Ahmed Al-Khaled Al-Muqadama Dir Al-Balah 5/18/89
Emad Mohammed Jamil Shehadeh Gaza 6/7/89
Jamal Issa Abed Rabbo
Rafah 6/13/89
Bilal Ibrahim Mustafa Damrah
Fahim Ramadan Sarahna Ibrahim
Mustafa Othman Omar Al-Hajj
Abdelhadi Salman Rafi Ghneim Dir Al-Balah 7/6/89
Mohammed Mahmoud Awad Hamdieh Gaza 7/14/89
Nihad Yusuf Radwan Jundiya Gaza 7/14/89
Raed Mohammed Sharif al-Saadi Jenin 8/28/89
Ahmed Hussein Mahmoud Shukri Ramallah 9/9/89
Ayed Mahmoud Mohammed Khalil Ṭūlkarm 10/6/89
Majdi Attia Suleiman Ajuli Ṭūlkarm 10/17/89
Abdel Man’am Othman Mohammed
Ṭūlkarm 10/28/89
Wael Makeen Abdallah Abu
Gaza 12/12/89
Jamal Amr Mohammed Arqiq Gaza 12/22/89
Hassan Youssef Mahmoud Ghafri Ramallah 2/3/90
Abdel-Halim Mahmoud Hassan Abdullah Jabalya 12/5/90

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