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Heroes Coming Home

Posted On October 14, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

It is more valuable one ONE FREE Men than A THOUSANDS SLAVES

Ahlam Ahmed Ared Tamimi, a Palestinian Fighter, arrested in 2001, according to Israel Judges she should spend 1584 years in Israeli Jail. A Zionist soldier was provoking her every day day that she is going to to die in prison, but she was keeping the hope alive, knowing that one day she will be free because there were heroes behind her.

She is now one of the prisoners included in the deal between Hamas and Israel, she will be free Next Tuesday October 18, 2011, but she is one of the person that will be exiled to other countries.

From the list of 27 Female, Ahlam Ahmed Ared Tamimi, she will be the only one to be sent to the exile. We wonder what are her feelings at this moments,  the Odds have changed in so short time since a harsh sentence of 1584 years was handed to her, she never lost the hope to be released. A dreamer is a winner Vik used to say and now for Ahlam she is a winner, let’s hope that in the next few weeks and months that the UN sort the legal issues with the Palestine UN Bid for Statehood more good things keep coming for Palestine.

This is a triumph for many in Palestine because the crimes of these Palestinians was to fight for their home land, for the protection of their families, their livelihood, their honor, their respect as a human beings. In this unequal “war’ that Palestinians have been fighting, “freedom” from Jail is a prize they can not refuse, if that give them the hopes to fight for a bigger prize that is to Liberate Palestine and Gaza from the bigger Jail that have been placed.

Both Israelis and Palestinians have been celebrating a deal between Israel and Hamas that will see 1,000 Palestinian prisoners set free in return for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held for five years.

In Jerusalem, young people took to the streets to sing and dance, and in Gaza City, crowds attended a Hamas rally.

Is more valuable ONE Free Man than a Thousands Slaved – 1027 Palestinians will be release from Israel Jails, but from the first 450 that will be freed next October 18, 2011 more than half will be exiled, or deported. There is celebration in the streets of West Bank and Gaza, but also there is anger that these resistant fighters will not be allowed to return to their families and lands, some are calling part of the ethnic cleansing Israel has been doing since its creation.

Gaza Families Wait for the Release of their Love ones -Electronic Intifada-Mothers and wives of Palestinian prisoners rapidly gathered outside the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) this week, after they heard news about a swap deal between Israel and Hamas. These women have not seen their loved ones for five years.

For the past five years, the families of 950 Palestinian prisoners from Gaza have been protesting weekly outside the ICRC’s headquarters, demanding their right to visit their sons, husbands and relatives inside the Israeli jails, a right denied to them by Israel.

Palestinians Prisoners Since Before Oslo – Male family members of Palestinian prisoners who were between 16 and 40 years of age and any family members with security records generally were barred from visiting relatives in facilities in Israel. Following the outbreak of violence in 2000, the Government banned all family visits for Palestinian prisoners in jails.

United Nation General Assembly- October 2007 Identical letters dated 23 October 2007 from the Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council

More than 11,000 Palestinian civilians, including more than 400 children and more than 100 women, are being held in the prisons and detention centres of Israel, the occupying Power. The majority of Palestinians being illegally imprisoned or arbitrarily detained by Israel are subject to extremely harsh living conditions and constant physical and mental ill-treatment, including coercive interrogations and humiliation, and many of them are subject to torture. The inhumane treatment of Palestinian prisoners at the hands of the occupying Power has been the cause of widespread suffering and trauma among the prisoners and has led to the death of at least 190 Palestinian prisoners over the many years of this prolonged and bitter foreign occupation of the Palestinian land and people.

More than 750,000 Palestinians have been detained by Israel since 1967 The Bureau of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People expresses its grave concern at the situation of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel, who have joined an open-ended hunger strike since 27 September 2011 in protest against the latest deterioration of their conditions of detention and the systematic violation of their fundamental human rights by the occupying Power, including the imposition of solitary confinements and restrictions on family visits. The Israeli prison authorities have regrettably responded with additional punitive measures against the hunger strikers.

The Bureau recalls that, since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1967, at least 750,000 Palestinian civilians have been arrested, detained and imprisoned by Israel. Currently, thousands of Palestinians are held in political detention by Israel, including children, women and elected officials. The Bureau is alarmed by credible well-documented reports of the systematic abuse; mistreatment; medical neglect; denial of due process, legal assistance and visits; arbitrary detention; humiliation; and torture to which Palestinian prisoners are subjected on a daily basis at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces, in blatant contravention of international humanitarian and human rights instruments, including the Geneva Conventions.

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