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Palestinian Killed, Three Wounded, As Army Air Strikes Khan Younis

author Sunday November 06, 2011 01:56

Palestinian medical sources reported that the Israeli Air Force fired, on Saturday evening, missiles into Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, killing one Palestinian and injuring at least three others.

The Body Of Abdullah Mhanna - Image Palestine-Info
The Body Of Abdullah Mhanna – Image Palestine-Info

Local sources reported that the army fired at least two missiles at a group of fighters on the Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, in Al Qarara town, east of Khan Younis. The army then fired rounds of live ammunition into the area.

The slain resident was identified as Abdullah Eid Mhanna, 22, member of the Al Quds briagdes; three residents suffered moderate injuries.

The Al Quds brigades stated that, contrary to Israeli army claims, its fighters did not fire shells into Israel, and did not intend to.

On Saturday morning, one resident was moderately wounded when Israeli soldiers opened fire at farmers in an area near the Nahal Oz crossing, east of Gaza.

The resident was identified as Mohammad Hamad, 23; he was shot in his right thigh; several residents suffered panic attacks.

Eyewitnesses reported that the army was not provoked in any way, and that the farmers were taken by surprise when the soldiers opened fire at them while working in their lands. Fearing for their lives, the farmers left their farmlands and went back home.

Israeli sources claimed that, on Friday at night, a shell was fired from Gaza into Asqalan (Ashkelon) causing no damages or injuries.

by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

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Youth Injured by Israel Fire in Gaza – Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces randomly opened fire at Palestinian citizens and farmers near “Nahal Oz” zone, wounding one resident identified as Mohammed Ibrahim Hamad, 23 years old; his injury was described as moderate.
“The army was not provoked, soldiers just opened fire at the farmers east of the Gaza Strip, they fled the scene fearing further attacks by the army”, an eyewitness said.
Late Friday, Israeli security sources claimed that a Palestinian home-made projectile was launched into the beach of city of Asqalan.


Hamas called on the Arab League – to break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip in response to Israeli piracy against international solidarity activists who were trying to break the siege by sailing to Gaza.
The movement said in a statement, on Friday following the Israeli navy’s action against the two aid boats, We strongly condemn the Zionist piracy against the international activists acting in solidarity with our besieged people. We consider this Zionist act a crime and a violation of international laws and conventions.”The movement added that the continued siege against the Gaza Strip and the targeting of aid convoys are crimes added to Israel’s long list of crimes against the Palestinian peopleThe movement called on the Arab League to end the siege and called on the UN to shoulder its responsibilities towards the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people and to immediately end the siege.

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