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Ahmedabad’s Imran went to Pakistan, became ISI agent, returned with a woman spy, arrested

New Delhi, 12 December 2011 Delhi police has arrested two ISI agents including one who is originally from Ahmedabad. Both were arrested from New Delhi railway station by Delhi police’s special branch. According to primary details arriving, one Imran Chhipa(40) of Ahmedabad went to Pakistan in 1988 and settled in commercial capital Karachi. Chhipa started textile business there in 2007-08 but incurred huge financial loses .Chhipa was then approached by Pakistan’s infamous intelligence agency ISI. Chhipa was offered training and money in exchange with a deal that he would escort Pakistan’s trained spy Karachi based 38-year-old Sofia Kanwal to India and would ensure that Sofia is settled well in India to perform tasks assigned to her by the ISI. Imran too was trained for some time by ISI and accordingly Imran and a trained ISI agent Soofia entered into India through Sanouli border of Nepal/Uttar PRadesh. They boarded Gorakhdham express to reach Delhi, but halted briefly in Agra to meet other Pakistani agent working there. However police in India was keeping watch on Imran and Soofia on the basis of inputs, and ultimately they were held by Delhi police at New Delhi railway station. Police has recovered Indian Election Commission card from Chhipa. Police has also recovered pan card and old Indian passport that was issued in Ahmedabad in year 1986. On the passport Imran’s name is mentioned as Imran Yusuf Lafangjiwala. Police has also recovered a driving license issued by RTO in Gujarat from Chhipa’s possession. From Sofia Kanwal, police recovered Pakistani citizenship card and Pakistani passport without India’s visa or stamp. Delhi Police claimed to have foiled an ISI plan to ensure smooth operations by a woman spy in the country. Further investigation is on in this matter.

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