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Marijuana Ban Could be repealed Today

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By Marivel Guzman

Update! AT 2:40 pm PCT
The Los Angeles City Council reversed course Today October 02, 2012 and repealed a ban on pot shops that it passed just two months ago to shutter hundreds of medical marijuana storefronts.

Council members voted 11-2 to negate its July decision to rid the nation’s second-largest city of pot dispensaries. The repeal came after opponents gathered enough signatures to place a referendum on the ballot seeking to undo the ban.

Many cities have struggled with medical marijuana ordinances, but none has had a bigger problem than Los Angeles, where pot shops have proliferated.

Los Angeles City Council today will be forced to vote on the Ban on Medical Marijuana. They have two options on the table: they repeal the ban today or they let the voters decide on it.

The Cannabis Union who attended the meeting to present the council with two proposals that they say could help regulate dispensaries in the city:

  • The first proposal is for the city to make sure all dispensaries strictly comply with state laws, which means they could only sell and grow enough marijuana for patients and are nonproft.
  • The second proposal is that the city regulates the location of all dispensaries, with new rules for signage and security. Union members say that by doing this, the city can focus on the quality of the dispensaries rather than the quantity.

The city council face strong opposition from constituents that every day are more aware of the benefits of this miraculous plant.
The Jails in Los Angeles County are full of petty traffic offenders and marijuana users, and second marijuana offenders that violated paroled putting the Sheriff department in extreme stretch of its capabilities to house Serious felons.

Nearly 50,000 signature were gathered to overturn the ban, the council have to consider a repeal or a referendum election, which probably will bring thousands to support the illegal measure. The benefits of Cannabis are scientifically proven. American Medical Association and big Pharmaceuticals are substantiating this campaigns with BS and who knows filling the packets of the council men and FDA.


SECTION 1.  All political power is inherent in the people.
Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit,
and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good
may require.

The cannabis industry is reaching new highs in California. Local 5 of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) is organizing pot workers at cannabis clubs in Oakland, Calif. The 26,000-member UFCW is said to be the first in the country to organize workers in marijuana-related business.

About 100 pot workers at three medical marijuana dispensaries in Oakland have joined the union, whose membership includes commercial grocery store workers, some agriculture workers and retail clerks.

The union is looking at possible new job classifications including “bud tender,” an expert who helps clients find the right type of marijuana for their ailments. UFCW News

Read All About the Science of Cannabis

Cannabis De-classified -The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth- Salem-News

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